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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 29 2016
pledged of 100.000 $pledged of 100.000 $ goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 29 2016




We are not here to sale existing bicycles on this awesome platform, we are here to try to make a dream come true. This is a totally new concept, so new that we haven't named the bike yet. That's why we use the three letters "LFN", which means "LOOKING FOR NAME".  And yes, it is our concept, Imagine this: "Us claiming the design and development of the bike, then you find it on sale in another Country designed and developed by another company" that would be embarrassing and sad. We guaranty that our Bike is not on the market in any country, we dreamed it, designed it, developed it, patented it, and brought it to you to get your support. So...






Is not necessary to learn something new to ride LFN Bike since walking, running, riding a bike, stepping, or climbing are part of your daily routine. All those natural body motions are what you need to ride LFN Bike.

 We are very excited to bring you this beautiful and stunning LFN Bike. It was built from scratch and we worked in good faith to provide the best possible bike that we can develop. Even though; we feel 100% confident in the results, we still reserve the right to send you an upgraded version of LFN Bike. Support us to make this new machine roll on the streets of your hometown. Get your LFN Bike and start climbing the mountain without the mountain.

All funds will be assign to manufacture all different components and necessary expenses of LFN Bike. Since this is a new and unique concept the manufacture costs are more expensive then a regular bike. We are asking for enough time to develop all the custom parts and give manufacturers the time to familiarize themselves with the different components to manufacture them, test them and approve each part accordingly.
















Prototype is 100% tested and ready, now our focus is on:


Industrial design

Making small final tweaks to accessories

Negotiations with manufacturers

Developing components to upgrade final LFN Bike

We've been working on LFN Bike for years. The prototype is ready funded by ourselves. Production is getting closer and we need your support to start producing. It has taken too long, we've come a long way and done everything possible in our hands. Your support is crucial in making this dream come true. Help us spread the word, tell your friends about LFN Bike they might want to have this beautiful machine. 

-You will feel better helping clean the environment and your body will thank you. 

-You will save money on transportation. 

-You will be one of the first to get one of the very first LFN Bike in the world.


Risks and challenges

Risks are everywhere, at any time and with everyone especially producing a new product with many unique components. Below are some risks we may encounter and what we are doing to minimize them.

- Product life: We have been testing this prototype for 2 years (real testing) on the streets, uphill, bumps, weather conditions, maximum strength leg power with an over 250 lbs rider. It has been working with no problems, but you never know if there are hidden issues that could arise, that's why we are trying to find any potential weaknesses to solve them before they become a problem.

- Production: In this matter is where some issues may visit us. To try to mitigate this, we are going to invest extra time to make adjustments on possible delays.

-Manufacturer: we have chosen manufacturers that are recognized in producing bicycles and others who specialize in producing CNC parts, gearbox, and other components, but still something out of our control can occur.

-Quality and Control: A member of our team and an agent who specializes in bikes will be in China checking the quality and control to make sure production is been done the way we need it. Keep in mind that checking quality and control of all parts will start at the same time and that may bring some delays.


What does LFN Bike means?

It means "Looking For Name" Bike, Hopefully we can name the bike before the campaign ends.

What colors are available?

On this edition only black color.

What is the difference between LFN Bike and regular bikes?

Well, we see it this way; lets say that a regular bike and LFN Bike are fruits, one is an APPLE the other one is a MANGO. They are different kinds of fruits so it depends on what you crave. There is no point of comparison.
What size is the frame?

On this edition the frame is made to be a standard size to fit most from 4'11" to 6'11"

What is the maximum weight support?

Prototype has been tested with 250 lbs, we can not recommend more than that for this edition.

What are the dimensions of the bike?

Length is 74"

Height (at handlebars) is 44" and (with extensions) 49"

Width (at handlebars) is 18" 1/2"

How much is the total weigh of LFN Bike?

The prototype weights 55 lbs , the plan is to make LFN Bike lighter for the riders.

What happens if LFN Bike gets a puncture?

To fix it, is the same as a regular bike

Can this be used in NYC?

There are some restrictions on e-bikes in N.Y. State, please check with the authorities, they have frequent changes on this type of regulations.

What size are the tires?


How many watts is the motor?

350W motor for USA - 250W for other Countries

What is the range of the battery?

Electric/Pedal assist range up to 35-60 miles (it may vary with rider, speed, weight and terrain conditions).

Only Electric Power Range - up to 20 miles (it may vary with rider speed, weight and terrain conditions).

Battery is 48V 10ah

What Is the frame made of?


Is this Bike different from the regular bikes?

Yes, on the motion system and exercise results is Completely different.

How many speed?

Up to 7 speeds.

Does the bike comes with warranty?

One year, on defective parts. However, it is inevitable the normal wear of tires, bearings, brake pads and rollers those are not covered, neither altered, opened or unsealed gearbox and cassettes.

How fast is this LFN Bike?

Electric, Up to 20 MPH (level ground) Leg power, it depends on the rider strength.

When will I receive my LFN Bike?

Please check the Perk Timeline graphic.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Riders should check on bicycle States law of their Country.

Who is responsible to pay any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

The backers.

What is the shipping cost?

USA is $199 and International is $249. (Note: The buyer is responsible for all local tax/duty fees)

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Our plan is to offer replacement parts, but even better news is that most of the parts including tires, tubes, pedals, chain, brakes, and many more can be purchased at any regular bike shop.

Is TAX, VAT and duty included in the price?

TAX, VAT and duty is not included in the price.

*Up to 52 Miles With Pedal Assist

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