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This project consists of porting our existing PocketBible Bible Study App to Mac OS X.
This project consists of porting our existing PocketBible Bible Study App to Mac OS X.
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PocketBible for Mac - Navigation Features


Today I'm demonstrating what we call "navigation" features -- that is, how you move around within a Bible, reference book, or devotional. Each type of book has slightly different needs with respect to navigation. Obviously, for Bibles you want to enter a Bible reference, like "John 3:16". For dictionaries you want to enter a word to look up. For devotionals you might want to enter a date.

On PocketBible for Mac I'm taking a slightly different approach than in previous versions of PocketBible or even QuickVerse -- the Bible program I wrote before founding Laridian in 1998. I plan to implement functionality we've previously described as "look up" (as in "look up this word in a dictionary" or "look up this verse in a commentary") as part of two other related features: Search and "go to". If you enter a word into the search field in a dictionary, I not only want to search for the word, but also show you the dictionary entry for that word (assuming one exists). And normally the "go to" panel for a dictionary would just show the table of contents. But I'm going to let you type an entry word there to look up the word instead of forcing you to click your way through the table of contents.

You'll see this in the video below with respect to both commentaries and dictionaries. I have a similar feature for devotionals but it's not wired up yet so I don't demo it in the video.

This is all part of an overall approach that tries to put more (quantity) and more relevant (quality) information in front of you than we have in the past. That is, I don't want you to have to think "Am I searching for this word or am I looking it up?" I just want you to tell PocketBible what you're looking for, not how to find it. Previous versions of PocketBible on all our platforms (and QuickVerse before it) have required you to think more about how the program does what you want to do. I want you to only have to think about what you want to do.

Toward the end of the video I talk about logging into your user account. This is rather boring but the fun part about it from my perspective is that because I'm able to borrow a lot of our iOS code, it took me about 5 minutes while watching TV the other night to add full "cloud sync" capability to the program so this week I should be looking at live bookmarks, highlights, notes, and devotional reading progress.

Some of you have asked about our overall progress toward our estimated May 2014 delivery date. Let me just say you're watching our progress. We've never been more open about our development activity than we've been during the last 6 months on this project. So if we hit it or miss it, you'll be the first to know because you're getting these updates. 

I'll have a more solid estimated ship date as we get closer to the end of May. :-)

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      Edward Slater on

      It's exciting to be part of this - a small part. You've come a long way since I first discovered the MyBible Program for Palm in 2001.

      I hope your video comments will be available for review after the program is available.