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Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
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Update #9 The Light of Deaf Women Book Project

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Hello!  Video transcript for non-signers.  

Hello!  Hope the summer has been great to you! I would like to share the updated vlog of this the book project, "The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories from Visionaries, Artists, Founders, and Entrepreneurs."  We have been working on second book edition and submitted to get published to test the book, and we waited for almost three weeks to get the book.  The book looks so much better and improved, but some looks did come off and not calibrated well. Darn it!  Now working on the third edition to make it perfect, hopefully, submit this weekend or on Monday.  I have the feeling that the third time is the charm that workes out well with calibration. Wow, it took a lot of persistence, patience, and love!  Let you know; we will have the booth to promote the book at NAD Conference in Connecticut.  Come and stop by to check it out the book, and some of you might want to buy the book as well.  Crossing fingers, hopefully, the book will arrive on time right before NAD Conference to share with you. Thank you for your stay with us and continue spreading the Light around the world! 

Update #8 Progress of The Light of Deaf Women Book Project


Dear Backers!

I trust all is well with you!  It's good to be home again. Here's the update #8 of my video sharing my experience and journey of the book! 

Video Transcript for non-signers: 

Hello all! Now, I am back to the USA! We have been traveling for 7 months in Europe, Asia, India, Middle East and North Africa. Wow, I am very grateful for the rich experiences we all had with my family.

While I was traveling, I worked hard with the team on the book project to make it happen with stories, layout, and cover design of the book. When the sample book arrived, my team sent the pictures of a sample book via texts, for me to see what it looks like, I was excited, but it was not the same feeling, just seeing the pictures of the book until I got home to finally get it in my hand. It is a WONDERFUL goosebumps feeling in my heart to hold this book. It was amazing feeling that the team and community made it happen to have a book into reality! Much gratitude!

Now, here is the update to share the news. I was in communication with the book publisher to point out some issues with pictures in the book, the calibration and the quality of color printing did not come out well. It doesn't seem to have the right calibration and proper set up to do the mass printing.  The book publisher in return, want us to do certain steps to modify the pictures.

After I discussed with my designers and the team what the publisher wants, it was unanimously agreed that we have to find another publisher to meet our expectations in order to work with the book’s calibrations to make it aligned. So we have to wait a bit longer to get this done. You will be informed as soon as we get the right publisher.

Secondly, some of you followed up with me regarding the survey I mentioned earlier. The survey is from the backerkit of the Kickstarter (which we all raised funds to get the book published), the survey will be sent to you, when the book is officially finalized and released. The purpose of the survey is to make sure you have a correct email and mailing address or may need to update in order to receive the book or e-book. The e-book is also available for the order.

Thirdly, for those who have not ordered book or want to get one via Kickstarter, you can o pre-order the book or e-book on our website

If any of you want to invite me to be a guest speaker to lead a workshop at school, organization or university to share about the book project, and pick out an inspiring story from this book. Also, an opportunity to buy book on the premise and get signature on your new book! I also offer the workshops for secondary schools for the youth programs and students, who would want me to be their inspiration speaker. I can discuss and share the simple and basic skills and success tools to make their dreams come true. Well, that is it! Stay tuned to keep an eye out. Thank you for your support!

Once we receive more details with the book progress, we'll share it in the next post. Stay tuned and thank you! #thelightofdeafwomen #globaldeafwomen

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Update #7 for The Light of Deaf Women book project

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Hello Kickstarter Backers! I posted a video on Facebook a few days ago and I'd like to share my video here for our backers on Kickstarter website! 

From the FB post: I finally can share the good news and update of The Light of Deaf Women book project. Enjoy the video with pictures of our travels! Stay tuned for next post/email with the survey form for you to fill out for the shipping. Namaste!

Lots of love, Sofia & GDW Team 

Transcript for the hearing fans/backers:

Hello, I am here to share the update of the book in making, The Light of Deaf Women. First, I would like to say, thank you all for your support, patience, understanding and believing in our project to inspire the world with our inner Light and success.

Speaking of the challenges, Team and I really worked hard on this book project; photoshoot sessions, editing the stories, going back and forth with our wonderful women who is in our book. We finished it! That part took longer than we expected! What took us longer? We faced unforeseen challenges while traveling, I learned a lot about myself through the process as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, travel planner, researcher, supporter, teacher (homeschooling my sons), juggling between roles and traveling the world, it is like a full-time job. I realized I had to take a break from work and focus on myself getting recuperated. 

Now, I am here to communicate with you all, what is the update of the book. We finally finished it! We sent a draft of pages and layout to the publishing company and they will send us a sample book within 5-7 business days to test and make sure everything looks good. Then, they will officially print 1,000 books. It takes about 3-4 weeks to produce/print hardcover books, meaning, you shall receive the book in the time before holidays. I am so excited and can't wait for you to receive the book in your hand and spread the light with the world. Thank you for your continuous support, and patience!

Stay tuned for the survey and next announcement! May Light be with you all.

Oy Vey! Oops! Update #5: The Light of Deaf Women



I wanted to inform you guys quick! I caught a little mistake I made in the email, I said "we went with the first choice of the book front cover design." I meant to say second choice! So sorry for the confusion! I must have mixed that up.

The actual front cover design is a white page with words "The Light of Deaf Women." The pictures of women will be inside that word - Women! There were some tweaks per feedbacks and you will see it when it is out!

Stay tuned for our news! Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy Labor Day weekend!

Regards, Irina