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Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
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    1. Sofia Seitchik Creator about 3 hours ago

      Hi Suzette, at NAD Conference, it will be only a sample book and it’s for pre-order books and they will have to wait to receive books when it’s officially published. You will get book first who are in the book and also backers once the book is published. Hope this will clarify.


    2. Missing avatar

      Suzette Garay about 3 hours ago

      I understand and I am patiently waiting for our own copies soon! However, I don't feel too comfortable with the idea that the books will "go ahead" with the NAD conference when none of us backers and individual Deaf Inspired Women can have their own copies yet??

    3. Missing avatar

      Tina 3 days ago

      I’m disappointed

    4. Kimberly Shuller on

      Hello I am curious when is the final date to receive our book? I am so looking forward to it! Thanks Kimberly Shuller- :)

    5. Bill Good on

      Here it is Mother’s Day weekend and no books or updates in over 2 months. Can we expect either soon? Or have you gone on another trip?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michelle Marsh

      Last update I see is from March 1...Is there any more news as to when we might see this book. I really wanted to have it for my daughter's birthday...which is today...and I know that isn't happening. I cannot even tell her about it, because we don't know when we might receive it. Please update us soon.


    7. Eva Skovli on

      I haven't recieved BackerKit survey yet. Any update on this book? I look forward to read it :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Harish Ramroop on

      Hello, we are very eager to receive the book. Last update, you said the draft is sent to publisher to publish copies and it will take 3-4 weeks. Now it has been a little over 2 months now. Any update?

    9. Missing avatar

      Diana Pryntz on

      What is the status of this book? It has been a while since you have sent us an update.

    10. Bill Good on

      It is now almost Thanksgiving. Are we at least going to get an update?

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Forestell on

      Hi Sofia,

      I am delighted to know your project has been successful! I committed to two copies of your book because I know one of the people who is featured in it, and she is a wonderful person. Can you update us with regard to the status of publication? When do you expect the book will ship to the subscribers? Thank you for any information you can provide.

    12. inVisible rEvolution on

      Congrats for successful! I can't wait read your beautiful book. �

    13. Sofia Seitchik Creator on

      @Regina Kiperman-Kiselgof: Thank you for sweet compliment, Regina! ���✨�

    14. Missing avatar

      Regina Kiperman-Kiselgof on

      You, in many ways, always amaze me and all women of the world! I am so excited for the book that came into a reality! Xo, Regina

    15. Brett Krasnov on

      Mazel Tov! on the successful campaign! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labors.
      Cousin Brett

    16. Missing avatar

      David SEITCHIK on

      Dearest Sofia,

      ��You did it along with your great team! You achieved the goal and it makes my heart beam with many happy feelings for this project to be a success! ��

    17. Missing avatar

      Adelina Yitzhakov on

      Dearest Sofia, I wish you the best of luck! Congrats! Lots of love, from Ada, Avi, David, Gabi, Johnny and Esther.

    18. Missing avatar

      Irina Normatov on


      Congrats!! You never cease to amaze me! It is incredible to see you expanding in reality of your visions. Once you create a idea, it is in reality by instant heartbeat! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

      May Light always be with you, Global Deaf Women and World!

      Love you, your sister/GDW Team, Irina!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ester Normatov on

      Dearest Sofia,

      Your mom and dad are so proud of you! We are amazed by your journey! Your book is happening now in reality! I know you wouldn't let anything stop you! Just like how I remembered you as a little girl being so curious and explorer, now a Businesswoman and Transformation Coach! Mazel Tov!!

      Good luck! We love you! <3 Ester and Ilyusha, your mom and dad!