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The Dance Party Robot is a walking six-speaker sound system with a huge smile and a passion for dancing. He lives to make people dance! Read more

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The Dance Party Robot is a walking six-speaker sound system with a huge smile and a passion for dancing. He lives to make people dance!

Chris Hirst
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The Dance Party Robot is equipped with six speakers, an amplifier, and a power source, making him a completely self-contained mobile dance party that gets nice and loud. But he doesn’t just provide the music. This robot also loves to dance. As the music emanates from his frame, the robot dances his heart out in a demonstration that’s sure to put a smile on your face (and hopefully get you dancing!) 

Confession time. It’s not a real robot, with gears and gyros and a computer brain. It’s me in a robot costume. But I designed him so that he would make suspension of disbelief as easy as possible. You know there MUST be a person in there but you can't see them so perhaps you're wrong...

I started this project because I love music and I love to dance. My goal is to amuse and entertain, but also to get people dancing. The Dance Party Robot creates a friendly and carefree environment that puts inhibitions at ease and helps people let themselves have fun. You could say he brings out the inner dancer in people through his charming smile and contagious dance moves. In a few of the robot videos that have been posted by fans on youtube you can see that even the camera operator can’t help grooving along to the beat.

I’ve been testing my prototype robot in Dolores Park, SF for several months now, and I’ve noticed that people go through a 4-step process when they first encounter the robot.

First, they smile.

Second, they realize they’ve got loud, dance party-level music coming right at them.

Third, they realize that everyone around them is dancing.

And finally, they start dancing too. Even if it’s just a little hip wiggle. Nobody can escape the allure of the robot and his dance party.

The robot presents music in a new and unique way, a dance music player that is itself dancing. The novelty warms people’s hearts and tears down the barriers around them. It fills them with the confidence to participate and pull others in until soon everyone is playing and nobody is left out. The resulting atmosphere is be light-hearted and fun. This positively charged atmosphere facilitates new connections and friendships. The robot brings people together.

What kind of music do you like to dance to? Yeah, he can play that! The robot can play whatever type of music you want, just plug in your ipod! And no matter what music is coming out of him, you can bet he will be dancing to it.

You can see in the videos that the robot dance party theory has been tested and confirmed. The Robot has consistently stirred up dance parties in both Santa Cruz and San Francisco. It has been especially popular with children, who don’t have to work nearly as hard to suspend their disbelief. People of all ages and types share in the experience. This simple new take on music has already inspired thousands of people to smile and reach out, to come together and to dance their hearts out.

But this is just the beginning. There are many improvements I want to make such as:

- lighting effects (el-wire, LEDs, etc)
- arduino hardware that would allow me to synchronize the light patterns with the music
- upgrading the sound system,
- mounting a tablet to the side with my music library so fans can pick their own songs.
- karaoke microphone + music selection and electronic sign to scroll lyrics
- adding a radio receiver/transmitter
- transport equipment to move him around more easily (so far I’ve been carrying him in my arms)
- a cooling system (it gets rather hot in there)
- a solar powered battery charging system
- spares and replacement parts, items for repair kit

I’ve been having the time of my life with this project. With your help I can take it to the next level.

Be sure to check out pictures and video on my website, There are also a bunch of videos posted by various people on youtube, just search for dancing robot dolores (for dolores park)

Thanks everyone!


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