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An inspiring story of love and resilience after tragedy strikes humanitarian Maggie Doyne, mother to 49 Nepali children.
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Family Adventures, New Team Members And... A BABY!

Posted by Taylor Schlossberg (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone! It has been awhile since our last update as we've been working hard to hire the right team and partners to make this story reach its full potential to as many people as possible around the world!

Over the last few months we've had a camera team back and forth between Nepal and the U.S. while also spending countless hours going through logging and organizing all the footage we've captured so far and beginning to craft the feature length story arc. Currently we just arrived back to Nepal to spend a couple months enjoying the kids time off from school while continuing to build one of the Greenest Campus's on earth, we of course have two camera teams over here with us capturing it all! Also for those of you who didn't hear on social media... WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! So this trip over is extra special for all of the family and we're feeling extremely blessed and happy and looking forward to sharing this journey with the world. What a rollercoaster the last few years has been that brought Maggie and I together!

The rewards are coming together beautifully and we will be traveling back from Nepal with all your T-Shirts and final gifts so we can get those all out to you before the end of the year. It took longer then expected because we really wanted to create as much of the rewards in Nepal to support the local community and economy and we've accomplished that! Just need to get them back to North America to ship them all out!

Much love to you all, still feeling so blessed that so many of you chose to support this important story.

Keep spreading love, Jeremy


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      Norina Columbaro on

      Good stuff! Blessings to you!!!