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An inspiring story of love and resilience after tragedy strikes humanitarian Maggie Doyne, mother to 49 Nepali children.
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Here we go!

Posted by Jeremy Power Regimbal (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Family!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and we are still reeling in the the excitement of our Kickstarter success and the gratitude we have to each of you for helping us meet our goal. We did it! We did it! We did it! We also wanted to provide an update on where we are at with our documentary filming process. With your support, we’ve been able to keep a small film crew including a cinematographer and camera assistant on the ground at Kopila Valley in Surkhet, Nepal. The crew has been capturing the day to day beauty and magic of the home, school, and women’s center. There are often many places to be all at once between the hundreds of people that BlinkNow impacts and all the day to day action that happens between the various projects that are going on on the ground. Of course there's also the family camping trips under the stars, the epic dance parties at and Maggie's own personal journey and healing process.

This past few months 6 older children transitioned from the home in preparation for college and internships and independent living situations. It was a major “flying from the nest" and milestone for Maggie and the family with lots of emotions. We captured admissions with 200+ applicants looking for 25 scholarship spots. Meanwhile, the construction site is BOOMING! The second story is going up, as we fight a timeline to get the roofing on before monsoon. There is sooo much to capture and part of our plan is to beef up our production team a little bit to capture all the potential story lines and beautiful moments here. We’re also in the process of selecting editors and the right production partners. The massive reach we had through our Kickstarter campaign put us in a really good spot to help us make measured decisions that put the children and integrity of the project first, while making sure the film reach it's full potential.

We will continue to keep you posted as we go. Actually I (Jeremy) am traveling back to Nepal tomorrow (after a pretty grueling three months apart) we were absolutely overwhelmed by all of your support and messages, so thank you all again! We are working on new content to keep you up to date as well as putting together everyones rewards to get out to you ASAP! We will be in touch

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So much love to you all!

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      Barbara R. Wiss on

      I have been captivated by the story of Maggie and her children from the time I saw the NYT Sunday magazine picture. Being able to follow along as the family continues its journey is such a treasured gift. I saw this quote in the NYT today and immediately thought of Maggie, the children, Ravi and you. "Loved ones are never forgotten when we continue to tell their stories." Thank you for sharing the family's story. I hope one day Maggie and the children will find comfort in sharing stories of Ravi with each other.

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      ann gegelys on

      Thank you for your updates and all your music videos -- you capture Maggie's spirit in such a way that bring tears (happy ones!) to my eyes --- literally!! I've known Maggie for for many years and so happy to know she's found love with you, and that it brought her through her incredible sadness. Keep doing what you're doing and much love to Maggie and the children!

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      Robbie Raker on

      Thanks for the update. I'm so happy that this story is being told. And on a side note, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, how happy I am to know that you will be back in Nepal with Maggie and the kids! (So strange, in the nicest kind of way, how much care and love can be developed for people one has never met. I guess that's one of the wonderful things about the internet!) I wish y'all much love, joy health, and comfort.

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      Kristen A. Lawson on

      Thanks for the update! We are all here supporting you from afar! Hope knowing this lifts you up and helps keep you going.