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Fund the first day of filming a feature film about a Cherokee community.
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102 backers pledged $32,866 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Bob Friedman on April 23, 2011

      This is a film that can truly change the world, in the same way Wilma and Charlie changed my life and that of so many others by calling forth "the better angels of our nature." This is a great community to be connected to. Join the family and give so that Kristina can turn from her KickStarter screen and toward filming.

    2. Creator Gina Olaya on April 19, 2011

      Producing "The Cherokee Word for Water" is a goal Mom was unable to achieve during her time here on earth. Not long before she passed away, she told Charlie, (paraphrasing here) "The only thing I want you to do when I'm gone is complete the film." Charlie and Kristina Kiehl have worked tirelessly for the past 13 month to ensure one of Mom's last wishes comes to fruition. Please join Charlie, Felicia and I in supporting this film. Do it because this story deserves to be told. Do it because you want to help Charlie Soap honor Mom's last wish. Do it to honor the life and legacy of our beloved Wilma Mankiller.


      Gina Olaya