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A new range of digitally sculpted heroic scale 28-30mm resin Sci Fi figures and vehicles for gaming. follow us on Facebook or visit; (in development);
A new range of digitally sculpted heroic scale 28-30mm resin Sci Fi figures and vehicles for gaming. follow us on Facebook or visit; (in development);
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Christmas update

Posted by bob naismith (Creator)

Well hello everyone!

This is an update I never thought I would be writing! our plan as you all know was to have all the orders fulfilled by the end of October. As you also know that date 'slipped' and continued to 'slip' until we are now here.

about seventy percent of the orders have been fulfilled - the last product to be cast is the order of Jeip models. I am now informed that the Jeip castings will not be available until first/second week of January.

I apologise to all of you who have patiently waited while this kickstarter unfolded - frankly I am a little embarrassed!  I do hope that if I can gather my courage to try again that you wont take this delay as something that we will not aim to resolve next time around. This has been my first kickstarter and I hope its not the last - but I do want to stick to my word and this situation makes me uncomfortable.

Thats enough hair shirt wearing - in the meantime I hope that all of you who have received your orders are happy and that those of you who have not had your orders can bear to wait just a little bit longer!

So all that remains is to wish you all a very happy holiday and I shall be in touch again after the new year break.



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    1. KZ (KingZombie)

      Picked up some super cool paints that I’m excited to try. Any word on those jeips?

      Oh.... and Happy New Year everybody!

    2. Graham Platt on

      No prob here Bob. This is routine for those of us whom are regular Kickstarter backers. When third parties are involved, things are no longer within your control. You will have my backing in the future. Enjoy the festive season.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hector Heaviside

      Bob, this has been a great first Kickstarter. I've backed a lot of projects and the majority of them fall behind schedule. Even with the seasoned Kickstarter pros. Just the nature of producing quality materials. I echo the same opinions here as my fellow backers have voiced. Communication is key during any Kickstarter campaign otherwise you end up with the angry online mob. You've done a great job with this campaign. I'm excited to receive my figures and vehicles when they show up and I'm looking forward to your future projects!

      Cheers and Happy Holidays!

    4. kontuz on

      This has been a great kickstarter. I just got my order and though I won't have time to work on them until after the holidays, I can say the figures look very sharp even before any prep.

      I look forward to whatever you have planned in the future.

    5. Mark M on

      Bob, do not be embarrassed. I have participated in several Kickstarter campaigns and most had delays due to unexpected circumstances. Regular communication from the Creator is the key and kept the rank and file content with the delays for the most part. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    6. Aaron Gallagher on

      No worries Bob. Things happen, especially on first time Kickstarters. Regular updates are enough to keep most folks happy.
      I'm quite happy to not be getting anything for a few weeks. I've been getting "the look" lately every time a box shows up... :)
      Have a great Christmas Bob!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Roy Thorpe on

      Thank you for the information as I only had the two jet bike as my first Kickstarter that you again just needs painting..👍🏻✅...Happy Christmas 🎅🏼

    8. Missing avatar

      Keith Hall

      Only a month,I'm sure we'll cope. Thanks.