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A new range of digitally sculpted heroic scale 28-30mm resin Sci Fi figures and vehicles for gaming. follow us on Facebook or visit; (in development);
A new range of digitally sculpted heroic scale 28-30mm resin Sci Fi figures and vehicles for gaming. follow us on Facebook or visit; (in development);
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what I have been up to

Posted by bob naismith (Creator)

Hi guys!

just checking in to say that the figs are now being printed and cast!  as each print comes through Im checking it to make sure I am happy then off it goes.

also a couple of pics to let you see where I think the next KS campaign will be going....

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    1. kontuz on

      I took a look at the image from your facebook page.

      I like the no cloak rider best.

      The fabric cloak looks better here with the added details and positioned to look more substantial. I think it would suit a special character.

      The wing closed option looks a bit off to me. Wouldn't the wind pressure cause it to deflect upward, tending to lift the rider off the seat if it were rigid?

    2. bob naismith Creator on

      Hi Guys! been working a little on some options for the Repto biker and I'd appreciate your input! basically I have three options to show - 1. No cloak 2. fabric cloak 3 wing closed design . Ill try and put an image up here but if it doesnt work then try my Facebook page or website!

    3. kontuz on

      For the record, I don't like futuristic soldiers festooned with skulls or spikes, or rivets for that matter. :)
      Just meant to say that aliens might take a different view of our common symbols, and vice-versa.

    4. bob naismith Creator on

      good stuff guys - thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark T. on

      The capes give a good sense of motion, yet I'm not sold on them either. If they come with capes, I'd likely clip them off as something that would get in the way of the machinery. I believe the floating scooters/bikes need a bit more fearsome look to the front "faces" as well, and I like the concept of having a tail to them.

    6. Damon Prisk on

      I like the cloaks and I guess they would be a seperate component so they could easily be left off for those not keen on them. To me the cloaks give the miniature a real sense of movement and i think it would be a real shame to loose that. I have to say please no skulls and spikes, for anyone that wants that just buy from GW. The fact these miniatures are not covered in skulls and spikes is a massive selling point to me. I do agree with the bike face looking a little off, however with the tail the face does make sense.

    7. bob naismith Creator on

      good point! Im looking for some texture and fabric that can attract some nice painting so the cloaks seemed like a good idea - I think that they may need some refinement!
      I take your point about the 'faces' of the bikes - again Ill have a good look at that .

      Thanks you - useful stuff!

    8. kontuz on

      Yes, the capes primarily, though the 'faces' of the mounts could use something to make them look more fearsome. Unless it's part of the backstory for the race.

      Thinking about it, who can tell what looks fearsome to aliens. Maybe our skulls and spikes look cuddly to them. :)

    9. bob naismith Creator on

      hey Kontuz! is it the cloaks do you think?

    10. kontuz on

      The mounted troops look more than a little cartoonish to me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Stewart

      Those designs are really awesome. The gesture and balance are perfect.