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Integrating high output lighting systems and bicycle stems.

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Founded by two young riders, StemLite LLC was created to bring innovative products to the cycling industry. Being avid mountain bikers there have been countless times when our rides went longer than expected, leaving us trapped and visually limited in the dark night. As most cyclists will understand, bulky lighting accessories can be a hassle and easily forgotten in preparation for long rides. We knew there had to be a better way. With bicycling being the second largest mode of transportation in the world, we knew this idea could drastically improve the riding conditions of cyclists on a global level. Whether it be a hobby or a mode of transportation, StemLite LLC has created an integrated bicycle “headlight” that is simple, hassle-free and highly efficient. Our goal is not only to create an aftermarket product that will increase the capability and safety of cyclists, but to set the design and manufacture standards for every bicycle type. Our products will maximize the capability of bicycles while simultaneously eliminating the commonly-known limitations associated with its various uses. No more will avid cyclists have to consider the visibility constraints associated with their transportation, hobby or exercise routine. We know this is possible and need your help to get it done!

Product Overview:

Our first stem is available in one size and tailored to fit most all bikes. It is a 100mm stem with a 10' rise and shim adapters to maximize its applications. The steer tube clamp is 1 1/8" (25.5mm) and the handle bar clamp is sized for 31.8mm bars. These dimensions were implemented in order to adhere to the new “oversized” standard for both Mountain and Road bike handlebars. This clamp diameter is taking over from the previous mix of sizes on road and mountain bikes, as the design allows for a lightweight and stiff stem feature. Handlebar shims will be included in the product package as to convert a 25.4 mm or 26.0 mm bar to a 31.8 mm stem.

Integrating High Output Lighting Systems With Bicycle Stems

            StemLite LLC's goal is to provide cyclists with a high output, high efficiency head light while eliminating cables, battery packs, and straps. We also aim to help conquer the common problem of forgetting to bring your light when your out for a day ride and the night approaches much sooner than expected. Not only will this help you navigate as if it were day but it will also protect you from dangers that may occur with limited visibility.  A stem is a necessity on all rides and with a StemLite it’s as simple as the click of a switch. No more will the night win!

StemLite’s have many benefits and features. We differ from our competitors because we offer a high powered LED lighting system built into our stems, making our 500 lumen rated light always accessible on your bicycle. The custom battery pack is located within the stem itself and is accessible through the bottom of the stem. By using an allen key you are able to simply loosen the pack as it hinges open where the 3AA’s are easily removed and replaced. We factored in the time and place of when and where the batteries might die and since our lights can be used anywhere in the world, it would be much easier ahead of time to grab 3 extra AA’s and carry them with you in case you need a quick swap. We have yet to find charging stations on a trail and a dead battery in the wilderness leads to a scary night! Trust us. Once again it is our goal to provide our customers with the latest technology as well as keeping it simple and rider friendly.

Lighting and Power:

We knew that an integrated stem with light assembly was a great idea and would help riders on a global level. What we also knew was that the light had to be very bright and efficient to perform in the cycling industry. That led us to partner up with Doug Domel MSME, who specializes in small electronics and lighting technology. With his knowledge and expertise we have been able to create a light that puts out a stunning 500 lumens and lasts 12 hrs on high mode. Yes, 12 hrs, and it runs on 3 AA Lithium Ion batteries. Regular alkaline batteries work as well but the Li Ion batteries are most efficient and each battery weighs 25% less than alkaline at 14.5g each. A rechargeable StemLite product is currently in the research and development stage, expanding the possibilities of our future stems.

We have chosen Nichia as our source of LEDs for specific reasons. These run very cool as compared to other competitors, maximizing the lights efficiency and battery life.

Our LED lights don’t have reflectors for a simple reason. There is no need. We have such high intensity lights that were able to give riders 180’ of visibility while still positioning the LEDs to focus more light in the center without compromising the peripheral view of riders, as reflectors sometimes do. Each LED is specifically angled to give the most efficient light spread.  The spread of the light at 10ft is 8ft wide by 6ft tall.

Battery Pack:

We have integrated a simple hinge battery pack on the bottom of the stem so there is no need for a cable and battery pack to strap on your bike. It takes one allen key to unlock the battery pack where it then hinges down and gives you easy access to remove the 3 AA batteries. It’s about a 30 sec swap and your light is good to go for at least another 12 hrs, and that’s on high mode too!

The overall weight of our pack is only 65g’s which is very minimal compared to a contemporary 500 lumen light bike light. The benefit of using AA’s is that you can pick them up anywhere, instead of a custom made lithium ion cell which would be hard to find. Also we recommend always carrying an extra set of three with you when your out in the mountains or any place where there isn’t a store nearby. A few extra batteries can add days to your ride!

view of batery pack from underneath stem
view of batery pack from underneath stem
L.E.D. Pitch Adjustment:

We have designed the face plate of the stem where the LEDs are enclosed to be adjustable up to 10 degrees up and down. Knowing that the angles of the front of a bike vary we have used the average steer tube to be the set angle and once put on your bike, you can adjust the pitch up or down to whatever is most comfortable for your ride. It will use a simple allen key which is used throughout the entire bike for various components.

The 3 different modes:

StemLites run on three different modes. High mode is pushing out 500 lumens and lasts 12 hrs. Low mode runs at 300 lumens and lasts 21 hours. And finally flashing, which runs 50+ hours. There are two switches on each StemLite. The first one, which sits on the top, controls on/off/flash and the second switch controls high/low. Switches are set in a groove and have custom made key caps as to keep them water resistant.

Where Were At:

We are presently in the process of obtaining our first patent. We have been using patent firm Rogitz and Associates, a highly experienced patent and trademark law firm. If anyone is familiar with the patent process they understand the time and effort it takes to get your patent granted. As we mentioned earlier, Doug Domel, one of our partners, is an expert in this field as well, owning over 20 patents personally. As of right now we are ready for production of our first model, Electron. This model is a commuter/mountain/fixie/ stem with 3 settings. High-12 hrs, Low-21 hrs, Flashing-50+hrs. The tooling costs for all parts on this model have been paid for and the funds we get from backers will go towards our initial production of 3500 StemLites. We have been working with manufactures to streamline the build process in order to make the stems most efficiently. We have decided that our products will be built and developed in house at the StemLite shop in Southern California. We are striving to make all Stemlite products in the USA.

What’s Next:

In addition to production of the Electron we have a newer model we’ve been working on which is more tailored to road bikes that will be light weight and run off two LED chips. It is very clean and more on the high end side which increases the cost of production. We have several different prototypes in progress and are almost ready to finalize the finished model, soon to be ready for production as well. We know the importance of weight to most road bikers out there and that is something we have really focused on with the next model.

Kickstarter Edition T-shirt $40 pledge

$500 reward package:

This is the actual bus we will be using on the night of this event. We will coordinate with all backers to choose a final date

$2,000 reward bicycle options:

These are our options for the bicycles you backers will receive with this package as well as all the other accessories included in this package.

Specialized Camber 29 (all mountain/freeride)

Specialized Carve Expert 29 (cross country/hybrid)

Specialized Tricross Comp Disc (Road bike)

Risks and challenges

We have been working on this product for a few years now and have developed prototype after prototype working out all the bugs. We have fine-tuned materials for both the battery pack and stem itself. We have tuned the electronics, added more LED's and have updated the design several times, based on extensive field testing. Luckily for you backers, we are through with that aspect and have come up with a solid model that is ready for production. Potential future challenges may be getting orders from suppliers on time, making sure we fully support our distributors. These aren't big issues in our mind for we know any business will bring along unexpected challenges and we are confident in our team. We also want to address the obvious risks that you, backers, are taking by pledging with us. We know that we may be strangers to most of you out there and donating money to someone you don't know is a big step. But what we can assure you is that we are passionate about this sport and we are in it for the long haul. We have a plan of what we want to accomplish and with your help we can get there, sooner, rather than later. We don't believe in failure, only learning from our experiences.

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