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Help Ohio's number 3 superhero - Spinnerette - publish the third collection of her adventures! Heroes, villains and ice cream, OH MY!!
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$60k with 4 days to go...

Posted by Sara Parks (Creator)

Hi gang! 

Well, what a ride it's been... just over 4 days to go and we have 1) hit our initial goal, 2) hit our $30k wallpaper stretch, 3) hit our $40k "We Can Do It" print goal, 4) hit our $50k Volume 1 and 2 upgraded reprint goal... and now we have 5) hit our $60k paper upgrade goal. 

There's only a few days to go, but we'll throw our $70k and $80k goal out there for your perusal because, at this point, who knows where this will go!!

$70k stretch goal: Fly our artist in for a convention. So, there's been a bit of chatter regarding this goal. I want to make it clear that this goal DOES benefit ALL fans of Spinnerette. This comic is a collaborative effort between people living in different countries/timezones/languages... all of which can sometimes make the creative process challenging. The ability to bring our artist in for a convention DOES benefit those who can attend the convention... but it also benefits the comic itself by allowing the creative minds behind Spinnerette to sit down for the first time together in a creative atmosphere. This is an exciting opportunity to work together to come up with new ideas for the continuation of this comic... not just for Volume 3, but for future stories as well! 

However, we want to make this a goal that people are excited about... so we'll throw in an extra incentive if we reach $70k! Therefore, we are now adding the previously unpublished Mr. Webby side story to Volume 3 IF we reach $70k. This story has been read by fewer than 400 fans and has never been published in print format! So: if we reach $70k, we'll fly Rocio in for a convention AND add the Mr. Webby side story to Volume 3! 

$80k: If we reach our $80k stretch goal, all $25 and up backers will receive a fold-out Spinnerette poster! This will be a larger poster that will be suitable for hanging on your wall!

As a reminder: ALL COPIES OF VOLUME 1 and 2 have now been upgraded to the new larger format. You do not have to do anything special to request an upgrade!

Limited Edition Hardcovers are in very short supply, as of this update only 3 remain!!

Finally, as a bit of a perk for hitting that $70k goal, here is a taste of the Mr. Webby side story!!

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    1. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hi Pierre, you sure can! It's $25 if you're U.S. or $28 for international!

    2. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Eric Raby on

      Can I still grab a tshirt as an add-on reward thingy?
      If so, how much is it again?

    3. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Thank you Charles!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles Mayer on

      I was highly impressed after picking up the books at ACen and I am glad that the work you have all put into this is being recognized. Good job everybody.

    5. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Greypaw, you have been more than generous and we are grateful! No need to throw more monies at us sir :)

    6. Greypaw on

      Congratulations on making 60k mark. I'd throw more monies your way, but I have to pace myself.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Eric Raby on

      Omg Mr Webby story!
      Quick, guys! Throw more money at them! :P

    8. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Yaaaay for upgraded papers!