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Help Ohio's number 3 superhero - Spinnerette - publish the third collection of her adventures! Heroes, villains and ice cream, OH MY!!
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Limited edition hardcover book tiers... coming TONIGHT!

Posted by Sara Parks (Creator)

That's right book lovers! The limited edition hardcover Spinnerette books will go live at 9:30 p.m. CENTRAL TIME, THIS evening (March 30). 

A big thank you to the phenomenal effort put forth by all of our wonderful backers... we are very confident that we will reach our $50k stretch goal well within the allotted time. Therefore, we are releasing the hardcover books NOW rather than waiting for the Kickstarter to hit $50k!

This tier update is going to get a little complicated, so we wanted to post this update FIRST, so that I can try to explain this as clearly as I can!

Firstly, we are producing exactly 100 sets of books. These will ONLY be available as sets (i.e., you cannot JUST buy a hardcover book 1). All books will be hand-numbered and will be autographed by Krazy Krow. 99 sets of hardcover books are going to be available via Kickstarter, the final set will remain with us (our little memento of this amazing ride!) 

ALL backers at the $500, $800, or $1,000 rewards tier levels will AUTOMATICALLY receive the hardcover books instead of the soft covers! 

The remaining 91 book sets will be put out through NEW REWARDS TIERS which will be launched at 9:30 p.m. C.T. tonight. Each tier will correspond to older rewards tiers which contain all three books. There will be four new tiers, corresponding to the $70/$85 level, the $140/$150 level, the $200/$225 level and the $300/$325 level. Each of these new tiers will contain the exact same rewards as the old tiers, with the hardcover books in place of the soft cover books. Prices will be a good bit higher on these tiers, these hardcovers are significantly more expensive to print and much heavier (creating higher shipping costs.) 

Each new tier will have a limited number of hardcover sets available. I will be sure to clearly label each tier with the corresponding tier, so that it will be easy for you to simply switch. Don't forget to remember to account for any add-on rewards or ship-it-now options you may have previously added! 

So, to reiterate: if you would like to snag one of the limited edition hardcover book sets, 1) find the new rewards tier that corresponds to your current tier, 2) adjust your pledge accordingly and 3) select the new rewards tier. 

We hope that you will enjoy these gorgeous hardcover books, we're very excited to be able to produce them! 

See you at 9:30 C.T.!!


Songbird and Krow


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    1. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Eric Raby on

      Oh derp, nevermind...
      So there's now a second 115 tier for hardcovers instead of statuette... but with 35 shipping for international.
      At times like these, I hate being Canadian... but we get the amazing Canadian League here so it's okay, I guess.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Eric Raby on

      At 115, it says I get the volume 3 and a statuette... but at 85 it says all three books.. and since we hit 50k (huzzah!) all 3 books should be upgraded... just not hardcover I'm guessing?
      Also, at 115 I STILL get the 3 books right?
      The statuettes look awesome but having the 3 books is what matters most to me.

    3. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Wibbly wobbly timey wimey...

    4. TychoQuad on

      I believe you, I wasn't trying to be mean, it's just that time zones really do drive me nuts. the point where if I became Lord Tycho, Emperor of Earth, I would abolish time zones altogether! Bwah har har har!!!

    5. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      I'm sorry!!!! I'm serious bout the computer thing!!!!

    6. TychoQuad on

      Turned out to be moot anyway, since you fell on the "DEPLOY!" Button :)

    7. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Tycho, I'm not the best with computers... so I'm not even sure how I would do that within the KickStarter :(

    8. TychoQuad on

      I hate time zones. I just spent 10 mins trying to figure out what CENTRAL TIME is, (UTC -6) so I could pump it through a converter. Couldn't you have embedded a JavaScript counter or something?

    9. Dheyrdre Machado on

      One more hour to go.
      Thanks :)

    10. Sara Parks 8-time creator on

      Hi Dheyrdre, it is currently 8:30 p.m. CT. Also, ooooops.... that should have said MAY 30, not MARCH 30!!!

    11. Dheyrdre Machado on

      One question, can you please tell me, what time is it now for you?
      I'm in Brazil, it's past 10pm already.

    12. Missing avatar

      Charles Dunn on

      Hardcovers, WOOT!