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A short film about a 17th century alchemist who gets caught in a time loop that slowly begins to drain his life force.
A short film about a 17th century alchemist who gets caught in a time loop that slowly begins to drain his life force.
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    1. Graham Evans on

      No worries Matthew, Thank you! :D

    2. Matthew Stogdon Creator on


      Yes, being shot in 2K, the film is frankly enormous at 50gb. We have been looking at ways to get all the content we want on the DVD without compromising on the quality.

      It has been, frankly, a task. But we are pretty much ready to print and will get everything out very soon.

      Expect a confirmation of address to post physical rewards very soon.

      Thank you for your patience as always.

      - Matthew Stogdon
      (Cheesemint Productions)

    3. Graham Evans on

      Hello, is there any update on the physical rewards (DVD/lobby card, etc)? Thanks

    4. Matthew Stogdon Creator on


      My fellow Cheesemint (Adam) has been working very hard on the behind the scenes Making Of documentary. It's a real tour-de-force look at everything that goes into filmmaking from the initial idea all the way to its first festival award.

      This is what we've been waiting on before sending out the rewards. I have been assured we are a week or two out from it being finished (at which point I'll upload it privately for backers) and get to work on getting all the rewards out to your very patient selves.

      I really am very appreciative of everyone's patience on this. We'll only get to release everyone's perks out once so I want to make sure they are of the very best quality.

      Thank you,

      - Matthew Stogdon

    5. Dan Crocker @ VGDb on

      Matthew and Co., are there any updates on the DVD / soundtrack? Really looking forward to them :)

    6. Michael Graham on

      Hi Matthew, I received your email that you were sending out The Titan's Eagle online last week to be seen privately, so you can still qualify for awards and festivals submitting. I didn't receive a link to access the film, did your computer blow up? haHa.Mike Graham

    7. Björn Tufvesson

      Glad to hear it. Looking forward to watching it.

    8. Matthew Stogdon Creator on


      It's going extremely well. I'm hoping to have the final exported film online in the next two weeks and rewards to go out shortly after that.

      The latest delay has been getting responses to survey's to make sure people have had time to get themselves credited properly - because it would be unfair to export the final piece before that.

      Either way, we're very close and I am confident you'll all be more than impressed with the final result.

      - Matthew Stogdon (Cheesemint Productions)

    9. Björn Tufvesson

      How is it going?

    10. Matthew Stogdon Creator on


      Thanks for the comment, glad you're excited for the film.

      Festivals is a tricky one because we have to wait until we know costs and deadlines. But we will keep everyone up to date with all our submissions.

      As for personal attendance, that's even trickier. Naturally I'd love to attend them all but the cost would be huge and with everything going on over here politically, there's no way of knowing what the £ exchange rate will do - which would dictate my presence.

      Either way, I'll keep you updated.

      Thanks again,

      - Matt

    11. Michael Graham on

      Wow Matthew, just watched the video sent out on your last update. The look that camera captured looks amazing which make me the more excited in seeing your film! Keep up the good work you folks are doing at Cheesemint Productions. What film festivals in the USA are you looking to submit this film too and which ones would you be personally going to be attending? Blueskies, Mike

    12. Chuck Neely on

      Congrats on the successful funding all! I found the project through one of stuart ashen's videos. Really intrigued by the sound of the story, best of luck with the filming! Exciting!

    13. Michael Graham on

      I backed this film project purely at first based on its concept. I love the idea and look forward to seeing the film get made. Good film projects should be given the support it need to breathe and grow. Sincerely, MG

    14. Missing avatar

      Shaun Culkin on

      Everybody.... It has been done. GET HYPE NOW!!!!! Make this movie the awesome movie we know you can. We all look forward to seeing it XD

    15. Paul Ringkamp on

      Come on, we can get the DVD for all of us!