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We are developing a puzzle game intended for the PC and Mac where gravity and multipliers challenge players to build high scores.

We are developing a puzzle game intended for the PC and Mac where gravity and multipliers challenge players to build high scores. Read More
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About this project


GravBlocks is a "twist" on a classic puzzle game formula. The base mechanic is a simple reticle covering two blocks that switches the blocks side-to-side. The goal remains the same as a traditional puzzle game--challenge yourself to higher scores and higher levels--except where a title like Meteos or Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle League stresses combos for building scores, GravBlocks encourages strategy.

GravBlocks' main features are the Gravity Blocks of the title. Lining up three gravity blocks facing the same direction will change the gravity in the gameplay area, and "drop" the blocks in that new direction. Gravity operates in one of four directions, up, down, left, or right. For example, if the player is currently playing with the gravity down, and aligns three right-arrow blocks, they will change the gravity so that the blocks "drop" to the right wall.

Changing gravity isn't just a simple gimmick to make the gameplay unusual or different from other puzzle games. It's the key element to obtaining higher scores and even surviving through the game.

Each gravitational change increases the Score Multiplier, which can advance to a multiple of x10 in the higher difficulty levels. Changing gravity also has a tendency to restructure all the blocks on the screen and is likely to clear out several blocks simply due to the change.

There's a catch, however, and this is where strategy comes into play: Walls will gradually have increasing numbers of hazards in the walls. Dropping blocks into hazards nullifies the Score Multiplier.

To combat this threat to Score Multipliers is the Wild Block. The rainbow-styled Wild Block works with any set of two or more regular blocks, and when activated, it closes all Hazards for 12~15 seconds allowing for safe activation of any Gravity Blocks to any wall. Hazards will not, however, reopen beneath blocks, so the play will be able to maintain their Score Multiplier.


So what can we do with these GravBlocks and Destruction Zones? (The Game's Modes and Features):

GravBlocks will feature 4 game modes:

--Challenge: This is the regular gameplay mode, and the original. Featuring 30 levels of difficulty that advance each minute (players may start at any level). Each level increases the drop rate of new blocks falling into the scene, the hazards in the walls, and at levels 11 and 21, increase the score multiplier. Levels beyond 30 are simply insanity. Levels 11 and 21 also add more blocks to the mix.

--Destruction: This mode is a race against the clock. Rather than earning points by clearing blocks, your challenge is to drop blocks into Destruction Zones (the hazards in the walls) as quickly as possible and to simply clear the screen of blocks.

--Zen: Like the addictive notion of simply clearing blocks but not interested in a hefty challenge at the moment? Zen allows players to pick any of the 30 difficulty levels so they can play as long as they want... or are able.

--Puzzle: This mode features individual stages with 100 total puzzles being the current goal (50 of them are now complete). Players are given a scene with blocks resting therein with a goal of clearing all the blocks in the scene in a specific number of moves. So far, the first 40 puzzles are all completed by the player making only a single move--by switching only two blocks.

Other features:

--Leaderboards, both local and global for Challenge, Destruction, and the higher Zen levels.

--Achievements, a total of 60 of them.

--Player profiles to handle all the saving.

--Finishing a puzzle in Puzzle mode will unlock 2 more puzzles so players never have to risk getting stuck in their advancement!

--Again, 4 gameplay modes.

--Three block designs (currently), with three or more additional graphical styles likely before the game is completed.

--Speed-up button--this button allows players to increase the drop rate of blocks into the scene as long they hold it down.

--Left and Right snaps for the controller. Since our play area is wider than a typical falling block game, the left and right Bumper (shoulder) buttons on the controller will "snap" the game reticle to the left or right of the gameplay area--relative to current gravity!

--Drop pause: Clearing 5 or more blocks with a single move will temporarily hault (for a few precious seconds) the drop rate of blocks allowing players to clean up any emergency situations they may encounter!


Purpose (this is where you come in!):

This is where you wonderful benefactors come into play, through Kickstarter is simple: Software licenses. Our team, From Nothing Game Studios, is made up of largely student game developers and and we, unfortunately, cannot publish the game with software using student licenses.

Game development has focused on Android phones, PC and Mac platforms.

The software packages we are looking to upgrade are Adobe Creative Suite 5 and 3D Studio Max.


Current State of Development:

GravBlocks is officially in it's Beta form--all menus and modes are incorporated and up and running, and we're finishing Puzzles and smoothing out the whole package. Most structural and technical elements are now in the game, and the basic engine functions properly. Three different graphical styles for the blocks have been completed, however, only the default Neon style is currently running the game (this allows us to test the technical elements more easily). Three more graphical styles for the blocks may be incorporated before completion as unlockable bonuses!

Menus are nearly complete, and the Puzzle mode is 50% complete.

The game will now feature Achievements, which was an uncertainty previously. There will be no shortage of Achievements, either as we have 60 total written for the game.

New Bomb Block, this block works like a wild block without the removing hazards function. when you line the Bomb Block up with two or more blocks all the blocks of that type will get cleared.


About the Video:

New and old features as of 5/14/2012. Focus is on the added game modes and parts of the video are sped up. Played with an Xbox 360 controller.


Clarification on Rewards:

For everyone who donates enough to earn a copy of the game, it will be a digital download.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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