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Fabric Fondlers unite! Generation Q is a fun, inspiring lifestyle magazine for the modern and contemporary quilter, sewist and crafter.
Fabric Fondlers unite! Generation Q is a fun, inspiring lifestyle magazine for the modern and contemporary quilter, sewist and crafter.
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So beloved Q-Bies, most of you already know that we made our goal on March 9 for our Kickstarter campaign. We just can't say it enough: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 

And more has come in after our goal was met, which is even better, because more pledges mean we can pay our contributors and freelance help. Our actual budget for producing this first issue is a little more than twice our goal, but we had faith that advertising and sales revenue would come in once we had our pretty little book in our hands. So we just campaigned to cover the up front costs and that's what you've all done. (Have we said it enough yet? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!)

We thought it would be fun to know a little about what it takes to put a magazine together, because that's what we're doing right now. A few weeks ago we took all of those ideas for articles and features that we'd gathered from Megan, Scott, our GenQ readers and ourselves and laid them out on a table. Literally. Melissa came to visit Jake in California and we locked ourselves up for five days as we went over the line-up and biz details. Let's just say we have enough material to cover at least two year's worth of issues, and that's without any new things coming up in the Q-niverse. 

As editors, we want to provide a range of topics. We want to make you laugh, and tear up, and race to your machines to start sewing, and run to your cars to start shopping, and play and laugh some more. We know you like to meet the people in our world who are responsible for many of our toys--fabric designers, pattern designers, teachers and authors. You want to see the latest in tools, fabrics and patterns; learn how to do something, or do it better;  and to know if there's any potential to earn money from your efforts--now or later. And you like knowing how your sisters and brothers of the cloth live their lives around our shared obsession. That's what you'll find in our pages. 

We've always seen GenQ as a community first. The magazines, both online and in print/digital, reflect your interests. So things will change along the way. They always do. But that's what keeps it fresh and interesting for you all.

We set up the editorial line up, (a glimpse of Melissa's master board can be seen below) assigned out the stories and then Jake worked the behind-the-scenes stuff like printing, distribution and showing up at Market. Scott jumped on getting our quilts and working on advertising. Megan hit the computer, and hard, because she's in charge of how the magazine will look and it ain't a small job, people. And Melissa, our fearless leader, gets to crack the whip and make sure we're all on time with our stuff. All of us help write the content, too. Other help comes from our wonderful designers and contributors who provide quilts and projects, help with some of the admin work (that mail stuff again) and organize events like our Test Drive feature which is a our product testing column. (Stay tuned on our website and Facebok for info about how you can become a Test Driver.) Leaves us breathless.

So thank you again. We'll update you next week on our happenings. And you can check back in whenever you want. Under Kickstarter's rules, we can't end the campaign sooner, nor can we change our goals or the rewards. We can only add more rewards. And there's still a lot left. 

Please know that we would not be able to do this without your help and faith in our efforts. All rewards start going out once we return from Quilt Market. We've got helped lined up for this so no one has to sit around and rightfully nag at Jake for when things are being sent out. Just know that we don't even know exactly who has pledged until the campaign is over. We only see the name that's posted publicly and it's not always clear to us. But each and every one of you will be thanked once your names and emails are unveiled by Kickstarter.

Sew forth people!

Jake, Melissa, Scott and Megan

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