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The film is about Lucidity, a Music and Arts Festival in its first year. I want to capture a blooming culture with a holistic touch. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 22, 2012.

The film is about Lucidity, a Music and Arts Festival in its first year. I want to capture a blooming culture with a holistic touch.

About this project





WE going through footage right now and there are sweet sweet stuff! 




Just to clarify here are the donation rewards:

$1 or more is Good Karma! ;)

$25 or more is Special Thanks on the film

$30 is Special Thanks and The t-shirt no DVD

$40 is DVD, Special Thanks no T-shirt

$60 is T-shirt, DVD, Special Thanks & Good Karma!

We apologize for any confusion. 


We appreciate all the love and support!

We promise to create a film that will be treasured by the whole LUCIDITY FAMILY!


Staying true to the sustainable and Eco-Friendly values of Lucidity, we are proud to inform everyone that our t-shirts are going to be made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic.

Many of us have been awakened to the real beauty of the world through the blooming transformative culture that is emerging around and within the west coast festival circuit. Every year, festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala and many others act as vortexes for people to celebrate life, learn about themselves and their environment, and evolve into more conscious human beings.

This year a new festival will be born.

Lucidity is a first-year open-source tranformative music and arts festival set to take place in the hills above Santa Barbara, CA in April 2012. Learn more at

About this project

The project is a two part series that includes a 3-4 minute festival promo video and "Awaken to Lucidity: The Birth of a Transformative Festival" a 30 min documentary showcasing Lucidity Festival from start to finish. Both parts will carry a strong narrative that incorporates the themes and values of the festival. It will include everything from interviews of musical, visual, and performance artists, speakers and presenters, the festival organizers, and of course YOU the attendees. Our goal is to create videos that encompass a holistic view of the blooming transformative culture while highlighting the unique events that transpire during the festival's first year.

Our approach

First, staying true to the Open-Source theme of Lucidity, we want you to know that this is a collaboration.  Since the three day festival is our only chance to capture footage, a tremendous amount of pre-production and planning is being done. We are focusing on creating a framework for the narrative which will then be filled by detailed interviews, dynamic event footage, and gorgeous time-lapses. In order to achieve this, the project is acquiring the skills and talents of a great team, plus the full support Lucidity's organizers. Everyone involved in the project will either work for free, or at a fraction of what they usually charge. We are also trying to spend as little as possible by borrowing most of the equipment needed.

Why a Kickstarter?

Quite frankly, to do what we're hoping to do, we need a fairly sizable amount of money to pull it off--and that's not something we have at our disposal! So we need your help.  We want to make high quality films and the amount we are asking for is the absolute minimum amount that we need. Any money raised above and beyond our goal will contribute to making the video shine better and brighter by raising our post-production budget. Most of the money will go towards purchasing hard-drives, renting some equipment, and compensating for the time and talent of the crew. In order to have full transparency, we will provide a detailed itemization of how your money will be and was spent on a website that we are currently building. 

How You Can Help

Well, the obvious answer is: make a pledge! But beyond that, WE need YOU to spread the word about the project. Contact us if you're a filmmaker and you want to be involved. If you will be at the festival, feel free to approach us to be interviewed to share your thoughts and experience. We want a diverse variety of people to be in the documentary and the more interviews we have, the better the film will be. 

In Conclusion

WE have a great opportunity. The rare combination of the birth of a transformative festival in Santa Barbara and the strong collaboration of our dedicated team full of amazing skills and talents can only happen once. Help us create something that will awaken more people to the beauty of our culture by backing our documentary. Join us in capturing the magic of Lucidity.



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    Get the Lucidity Documentary t-shirt, and a special thanks on the film.

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    Interview (possibility of being in the doc, and will be on the website + YouTube page).
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    Spend a day in the editing room, and watch us create the film.

    We'll cook some food for you and have a great time hanging out with you and a friend.

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