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The Kozmophone is a Holographic, Bluetooth Turntable
The Kozmophone is a Holographic, Bluetooth Turntable
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Hello Kozmophone Family!

Posted by Arcateliers (Creator)

We are very sorry that the preparation for mass production is taking a bit longer than expected. This is because we have encountered various issues that we did not come across in the prototype stage.

One of the problems we are experiencing is the stability of the cylinder and that of the speaker.

Another problem that we are working on which we haven't encountered in the prototype stage, is the absorption of the vibrations of the speakers. We are testing more than one solution at the moment to find the best one.

Our main goal is to deliver a product of the highest quality possible, and we cannot rush into the manufacturing process before having every small issue and detail figured out.

Please know every single one of our backers is very special and important to us and we have never considered you just customers. You are part of the Kozmophone Team and your support is what brings the Kozmophone to life.

Regarding the delivery date, we are doing everything in our power to finalize the production in December. Another issue we are facing is that all shipping companies are incredibly busy at that time.

We promise not to disappoint you, and we will try to be more active here on Kickstarter and post more updates.


Kozmophone Team

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    1. Andriy Klymyshyn

      No rush (for me), just make it a good quality!

    2. Missing avatar

      gary power on

      Need an update soon i think people don't mind waiting for a product as long as they have updates at least once a month.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jared Gallagher on

      Been a WHILE. What’s going on?

    4. Jack Shepler on

      Can you give us an update?

    5. Ali Bzoor on

      Any new estimated delivery date ?

    6. Scott Hammons on

      any news on this being able to get here for Christmas?

    7. Ben Evans on

      Thanks for the update. I agree it's better to communicate problems than go silent. I would feel bad for anyone who had ordered this as an xmas present, but to be honest, I would much prefer a delayed product that is high quality and to vision than something rushed through to meet an original target date. I would take the time to get it right. Ive had delayed products on kickstarter that I quickly forget about when I am blown away by how good the product is. Just make sure you believe in the product when you ship it.

    8. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      The only advice I would like to give is given you have now flagged several issues with your design that you increase the frequency of updates. If you go another month+ without anyone hearing a peep out of you, it’s going to get hostile in here real quick. Most here have backed other projects so we know the drill, but creators that go radio silent on their backers is usually the kiss of death.....


    9. Sherri Ross on

      Thank you for at least keeping us updated and keeping in touch. That is so much more than a lot of delayed Kickstarters do. I, for one, really appreciate the communication and understand the delays. It's not the greatest news, but stuff happens - we get it. Thank you for keeping us informed and working hard to make the best product possible! :)