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michaelBy michael
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Michael Koch 424 212 2558

Creator, Producer, Writer

Hide & Seek

Reality show

Instead of man hunting animal its man hunting man!

The premise of the show is as follows

4 mercenaries hunt one average man/woman

·        The contestant gets a 1 hr head start of the mercenaries with a final grand prize of 10,000 dollars.

·        Each episode will take place over a 24 hr period

·        Contestants must reach each of the 10 checkpoints to receive an item that will assist them to the end.

·        Each contestant will start with a pair of sandals, a shirt a pair of pants, flare gun and a compass.

·        After the first hour passes the mercenaries will begin to chase the average contestant loaded with full gear and rifles loaded with paintballs

·        If the contestant is shot or caught within 24 hours they will only take home the objects they picked up along the journey

·        If the contestant gives up they will shoot off a flare gun to let everyone know they have quit the game.

·        At the 9th checkpoint the contestant will be given a rifle with paintballs to fire back at the mercenaries, if they are able to shoot and hit a mercenary they will be given an additional 5,000 dollars for each mercenary

·        The show will sponsored through product placement such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Garmin, Energizer

·        Each episode will take place in a geographically different  remote part of the globe such as Desert, Jungle, Arctic ,etc

·        When the contestant reaches each checkpoint they will find a new compass that will tell them the direction and how far the next checkpoint will be.

·        Cameras will be hidden above and below the contestant for the entire duration of time to give the viewer the best view of the game Hide &Seek.

·        At the 5th checkpoint the contestant will be awarded a vacation for 2 people back to the same country they just played in.

·        Other examples of shows that may be competition on other networks may be but not limited to Survivor, The Amazing Race, Man vs Wild.

·        Budget for pilot will be between 200,000 and 250,000 dollars. This will cover travel costs, host for the show, equipment, licensing to film in each location, editing.

1st checkpoint –shoes

2nd checkpoint – bottle of water

3rd checkpoint – sweater

4th checkpoint – flashlight

5th checkpoint – Gps unit good for 15 min/vacation for 2 at location

6th checkpoint – nutrigrain bar

7th checkpoint – boots

8th checkpoint – cell phone good for 2 min

9th checkpoint – paintball gun

10th checkpoint- 10,000 dollars

Can you survive the game?

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