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'The Deluge' is the supplement to 'By Fire and Sword' game, introducing three new armies and rules. Let the battle begins!
'The Deluge' is the supplement to 'By Fire and Sword' game, introducing three new armies and rules. Let the battle begins!
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Free rules online :)


Dear backers,

Many time you have asked us about rulebook in portable format and quite soon we'll be able to meet you demand. Below you can find link to download of BETA version.

Before we print this book we would like to get feedback from you. Please have in mind it's BETA version If there is anything unclear please let us know by posting on our forum.  

By the way of this release, we have decided to add necessary additions and clarifications of the rules of the game. These are still the same rules as in previous editions of rulebooks. But since their publication, along with a whole bunch of new players, at the same time their new questions and interpretations, we've decided to refine some of the entries and also fix some minor bugs or omissions. As a result, to make the reading easier for “old” players, we’ve introduced the "!" symbol on the margins of pages – meaning that you need to pay special attention to the rule as it is new, improved or changing an important element in the game  

We hope the book will meet your expectations.  

By Fire and Sword Team

Hot and Dangerous kickstarter campaign is live!

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We have just started new kickstarter campaign. 

This time is Hot & Dangerous - a brand new line of amazing pin-up style miniatures wearing uniform the most iconic military units made in 54mm and 28mm scales. Among them you many find Polish winged hussar, British read coat and Viking shielmaiden and many more amazing miniatures. Campaign willl last by the 22nd of July.

Thanks for your support!

By Fire and Sword Team

"Armies of By Fire and Sword. Volume I" ready for preorder!


Dear backers,

"Armies of By Fire and Sword. Volume I", second supplement for By Fire and Sword is ready for preorder. We'll start sending your orders from 1st of March.

As we have promised long time ago our KS backers from the „Deluge” campaign with rank Knecht or higher can buy Armies with massive 50% discount! To use this special deal plese enter your KS nickname in remarks during placing your order.

Please don't pay until our online store's crew modify your order! You may buy one book with this discount unless you are backers with „Set for 2 commanders” reward – then you may buy two books obviously. 

Backers from USA and Canada.

You may preorder books from our American store

Tomasz from our American store will e-mail all our backers from USA and Canada and will send you special code for our American webstore.


As we'll receive limited number of books before main delivery it's possible to preorder „Armies” and new sets and pick up them during Tactica 2016 wargaming convention in Hamburg (27th-28th of February). Our special deal for Tactica will apply with one exception: books bought by our KS backers with 50% discount are excluded from our special deal during Tactica. To pick up your order please choose „collect in person” as an option of delivery and enter „TACTICA 2016” in remarks if you order 5 or less sets or „TACTICA 2016 SPECIAL DEAL” if you order at least 6 sets.

Here you can read about our special deal for Tactica

"By Fire and Sword" Team

Kingdom of Denmark and Norway - new army for BFaS


Army of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway - new pdf to download

We proudly introduce new full-fledged army for "By Fire and Sword"- Kingdom of Denmark and Norway. So far you have chance only to try them a little bit playing Danish Skirmish in Scania in 1657, now - as we have promised - we can present you whole army.

It's the largest free pdf we have ever made. On the 33 pages you can find 3 Skirmishes and 4 Divisions as well as new regiments and units. We hope this supplement is worth waiting so long for publishing it and you'll like brave Danish who will be visiting your tables regularly.

Although this supplement is titled "army of Kingdom of Denmark and Norway", we focused only on troops from Denmark proper and its German provinces. In future we would like though to publish also troops from Norway.

File can be downloaded here

By Fire and Sword Team

New army list for BFaS : Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657


Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657

We proudly present you new army list for Kingdom of Sweden - Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657.

You can download it here

It should be something very interesting for Swedish generals as this list definitely differs from other Swedish lists - you shouldn't expect lot of elite veteran units here...

This supplement presents only a part of the Swedish territorial defense, namely the units fighting against the Danes at the Halland-Scanian border. In the future we intend to cover also the Swedish forces fighting against the Norwegians as well as the Finns defending from the Muscovite attack.

By Fire and Sword Team