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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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Father Maximilian

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

We're very, very close (less than $3000) to unlock ex-cardinal de Richelieu. Please remember we're adding also sum pledged in Poland. You may check what is the total result HERE

One question which repeats frequently is who is 4th hero from the Monster Slayers faction. We have answered that question during our live stream - it will be Father Maximilian from the Cabinet of Curiosities expansion.

People say that this is a town of ghosts and monsters – from cemetery apparitions to the terrible basilisk. Most such tales are rubbish, told in the evenings over a mug of beer or made up by mothers to scare unruly children. However some of such stories had a grain of truth in them, those grains were accidentally scattered on the city map. Only him, a man granted with boundless faith in the mission appointed to him by the Lord, was able to follow the right trail in order to find and destroy the source of Evil. Several words whispered by a dying mercenary found with a quarrel in his chest. A group of Turkish soldiers ripped to pieces by a terrible animal. French adventurers cut in half with a blade that must have been held by some kind of a Nephilim. Half mad town guard corporal (ugly as if he was the descendant of the biblical Emites) telling everyone that wanted to listen about a man that transformed into a huge wolf walking on two legs.

The man from Basel was patient and conscientious, he checked the traces, sifting rumor from fact. While looking in the focused face of this solemn priest every witness felt a subconscious urge to speak the truth with no embellishments or boasting. The Swiss listened, sometimes made notes. He rarely asked questions and blessed the interviewed at the end. Some Viennese priests seemed to disapprove of the newcomer, but changed their attitude as soon as he presented them with the letter sealed with the Piscatory Ring.

He sometimes disappeared for whole nights, he was seen marching off with other newcomers that arrived in the city recently – an older fencer from the faraway Livonia or a Bavarian marksman. There were even some rumors that on several occasions the Swiss was accompanied on his night escapades by Hexenrichter de Vress himself, but such whispers quickly wend quiet and the speakers were looking around with fear.

Maximilian is in his forties and comes from Switzerland, from an old family of Basilean patricians. Among his relatives there were city councilors, printmakers, painters and publishers. Maximilian took a different path. He joined the military in his youth. As a professional soldier and a devout Catholic he soon joined the Papal Swiss Guard. One day he was severely wounded on duty fighting, as he thought at the time, a madman trying to assassinate the Pope. The madman had amazing strength and spoke a strange language. Maximilian realized he was possessed. Once he recovered from his wounds, he left the Guard and joined the Jesuit Order and, after a few years, became an exorcist. Since then he has learned a lot about the possessed and the demons.

As as former soldier he is quite good in close combat. But of course his main advantage are his  Faith and anty-demonic skills. We'll cover them in of the of the articles published after campaign (yes you may expect regular updates when campaign is over till the moment we'll deliver you games)

Wargamer Team


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    1. Jedidiah Nixon on

      And what actor might that be, @Clint Lee Werner?
      I don't watch much film, but would be glad of a recommendation.

    2. Clint Lee Werner

      Utterly adore this character. Still say he bears a wonderful resemblance to a favorite actor.

    3. partenopei on

      love Maximilian!