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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
1,144 backers pledged $191,611 to help bring this project to life.

New stretch goals!

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

You have unlocked the campaign mode! Now it's time for Count de Rochefort.

We promised you to show the next two SG and here you are:  

The first one was obviously expected. If we reach 190K you will get the 3rd additional musketeer and 3rd additional dragoon.

What about the SG for $200 000? Well... You often asked us about adding Cardinal de Richelieu. We always said he was dead. That's only a part of the truth. He is dead but... well... not quite.

Cardinal Richelieu, a true statesman, one of the best politicians ever and a great patriot, being seriously ill feared for the future of France. He was looking for an opportunity to prolong his life and serve France much longer, no matter the cost. He met the famous alchemist Bluebeard who promised him longer life, but Richelieu was tricked. Yes, he received longer life, but for the price of becoming a vampire... The former cardinal is slowly losig his soul, but still can partially control his bloodlust turning it against the enemies of France.

Cardinal will join Anno Domini 1666 if we reach 200K

Wargamer Team

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    1. Amadys on

      Btw I was wondering, wouldn't it be possible to create a discord for the backers ? and later on for all gamers ? to speak rules, or context idea or exchange scenarios etc... that would be awesome and consolidate the community ;D

    2. Tim Hall

      This is awesome! I still hope we'll get to see the Rabbi and the Golem though.

    3. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator on

      @Federico - it is not an real advantage. For adventure scenarios you usually don't need many characters and even then you still can use mercenaries/locals. For battle scenarios you may do the same or just use more expensive Characters (as you have certain amount of points to spend on your band)

    4. Federico on

      Great SGs!!
      Just a question: Musketeers and Defender of the crown factions have more minis (common minis) than others; is this a problem or an advantage when they face a different faction, for example turks?

    5. Robert Szczelina on

      Most classy vampire ever! ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      (oh Richelieu, Rochefort, and Milady de Winter, of course).

    7. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      With Richelieu and Rochefort, we're not very far from a Cardinal Musketeer faction.
      I wonder if that's possible to get additional musketeers grunts to field the four musketeers and their grunts against Richelieu + Rochefort and their grunts.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      Mmm. I'd file his teeth :p

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kruck on

      Great update, I hope we can get Richelieu.

    10. Amadys on

      That's awesome ! D'Artagnan needed his Richelieu :3

    11. Pavel Gurov on

      Is Bluebeard the next SG? =D

    12. Pavel Gurov on

      Dead Richelieu + vampire were mentioned too often ;-)

    13. Ron AM Senior on

      So will Richelieu be a character for the French or a mercenary? He was generally opposed to the king's musketeers, but his own musketeers are now incorporated into the King's musketeers.

    14. Rustam Hasanov

      Love how everything in this game is very grounded with just a few supernatural things popping up here and there. This latest design represents that perfectly. Hope we can get to that 20K.

    15. Krzysztof Nalewajka on

      Vampire Richelieu? That's a surprise and a half! :D