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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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Blood Moon expansion

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

We have promised you an article about the Blood Moon expansion. As always, let's start with a short story by Michał Paradowski.

This was supposed to be an easy task. Ali Zubar was repeating this to himself as his heart pounded madly. Kushtrim sent him with a group of five janissaries to take a letter from an old Armenian merchant. He was waiting for them in the shadow of the prominent Ruprechtskirche, as if he drew courage from the vicinity of the old temple. 

The group of Turks quickly headed toward their quarters, hugging the shadows of the moonlit streets. Something was wrong, Ali felt they were being followed. After a few minutes of quick march Tarbak who was the rear guard halted suddenly and went into one of the side streets with his sabre drawn. The rest of the group slowed down, not knowing what caught the attention of their comrade. Suddenly a terrible scream sounded from the darkness and then abruptly broken, ended in wheeze. Before Ali was able to react, Yusuf and Gana moved after Tarbak, diving into the street. There were sounds of fighting and then silence…

 Ali did not intend to check what happened with his three men. He waved his hand at the remaining two and they ran down the street. But something, this unseen terror that just swallowed three Crete war veterans, followed their every step. Sahsar was the next one to die, a huge grey shape fell upon him from the roof and gave him no chance of defence. Ali ran faster and faster, his heart pounded and sweat ran into his eyes. He did not turn back so he did not see how the last of the janissaries – a bulky Albanian called Berisha – attacked their pursuer trying to avenge his comrades. The fight was painfully short, the axe of the Turkish soldier missed the target and the long claws of the assailant massacred his face. He died without a sound, bleeding out within seconds. 

The last of the Turkish messengers ran through strangely deserted streets of the Old Town, tightly holding the package with the letter. Panicked, focused only on escaping, he did not notice the girl before it was too late. She was standing in the middle of the street, aiming a crossbow at him. He managed to get five, maybe six meters from her when a bolt shot with a sure hand hit his left eye. He fell on the ground with a yell, letting the letter go. 

The package fell at the girl's feet and she looked impassively at the dying Turk. Her companion, who just massacred the janissaries, came up to her. A massive shape, covered in thick fur, it crouched on its hind legs and turned its long, wolf muzzle towards the girl. He growled dully, it sounded more like a murmur of a big cat than of a wolf. Its companion stroked its muzzle, not minding the blood that stained her hand. 

– Yes brother, we did it – she said quietly and a smile finally came to her face, for the first time this night – Let's see if this letter is really so valuable…

The main feature of this expansion are the miniatures of Anna and Valerius Farkas*. They are twins. Their family is cursed with lycanthropy. Valery is affected by it, while Anna is not. It also means we need a miniature of Valery in the Werewolf form. The Farkas house originally comes from the Transylvanian town of Szeszarmy. They used to rule the region, but have since declined. Anna and Valery's father fought along Rákóczi and died fighting the Turks in 1660. The Ottomans captured their holding and granted it to their vassal, who banished the mother with the twins. They are now in their twenties and live with their distant relatives in Vienna. Trying to make ends meet, they take on all kinds of jobs. 

* "Farkas" means wolf in Hungarian 

Anna and Valerius are mercenaries. They are little bit different than other mercenaries -they will not work for everyone.

First of all, they can't be hired by the Ottoman faction. They simply hate them and will never work for people who banished them from home.

Valerius can be also played in 3 different ways. In his base version, he starts the game as a human, but may (voluntarily or mandatory - when he is seriously wounded) change into a werewolf.

The werewolf is simply the best close combat character in the game. If he wins a combat, his hits (with Strength 4) can't be parried by any human (apart from Skrzetuski with his Iron Parry special rule). Thanks to his Retaliation rule he can hit you even if he loses combat (it requires passing a test with DL:8 though), and in this case can't be parried either... Wolf skin gives him additional protection (Armor: 1 on the whole body) and Regeneration will keep him alive much longer than any other character.

Because of this we don't allow him to play in Adventure scenarios - he's simply too overpowered compared to other characters, but if your opponent agrees to exchange him for two heroes, please feel free to go for it.

Valerius can't be also included in band with Pious characters. They feel his lycanthropy curse and don't want to fight alongside the unholy beast! 

The other two ways of playing the character is by using the Moon cards. If you use the the Full Moon card, you field him only as a werewolf (he is slightly cheaper then). Or use the New Moon card and play him only as a human (in this case he is much cheaper, may be included in the same band as Pious characters, and play in Adventure scenarios).

Anna Farkas doesn't have any restrictions apart from the Ottoman faction being unable to hire her.

Her Low Cut Skill grants her +1 to the Combat Total if her original card is horseshoe.

This expansion comes with a few additional cards like the Silver Bullet (which temporarily stops the werewolf's regeneration ability), Wolfbane Poison, or Werewolf Heart (a magic ingredients that facilitates spellcasting).

It also contains a unique scenario - Hunt for the Werewolf. When designing this scenario we just couldn't help ourselves but to add the angry mob, or exemplary citizens concerned by the rising levels of lycantrophy in the neighborhood ;) So we decided to add two of these two model to this set. We hope you appreciate this.

Wargamer Team

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    2. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator on

      @Francesco - they are included in Blood Moon expansion and Blood Moon is included in all-in :)

    3. Francesco Minghetti

      But angry mob will also be included in All-In?

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      That's an interesting update! :-D Love the mobsters :-D

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      love the addition of the angry mob.

      this is a classy campaign

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      Wooooot! Awesome of you to add 2 additional models to this set!

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      Damn that's what I was hyped from beginning. And is uber cool.

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      Just great :-D

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      This whole game just oozes style.