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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
1,144 backers pledged $191,611 to help bring this project to life.

New stretch goals

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

You did it again! Next SG has been unlocked :)

 As we have only Gerard in the queue, time to show few more Stretch Goals.

If we reach $ 155 000, you will get 6 additional cards for your commoners: two for veteran dragoon, two for veteran musketeer, one for dragoon corporal and one for musketeer corporal.

If we reach 160 000 you will get rules for additional faction: Monster slayers.

You will be able to field band with Sepp de Vrees as a leader. He may be supported by Gerard and Ernst Koning and one more character who will be revealed in the near future.

Obviously you will be able to hire mercenaries and locals but they can't be Evil and Chaotic. Sepp will never allow such a people to join his band!  You will also get 6 cards for Hexejaegers. There are Footmen with better characteristics, which reflects their experience in hunting witches. Hexenjaegers will be your commoners.

Stretch goal for 166 600 is not a surprise. You have chosen Boruta to be our KS exclusive miniature, so here you are. We hope you like it :)

Wargamer Team


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    1. Alexander Kawczynski on

      The Monster hunters could easily use the Vienna footmen as their "minions" so this will be very interesting. Now just add Ciri lookalike to the band to get a badass female character :D

      Also very interested to see what the final unrevealed faction box will be, and the large blacked out box :-D

    2. BlackLegion on

      Hexenjäger sounds promising :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Oliver Bock on

      @carby: The artwork might show, they reached a fair compromise there, one hoof and one fooot each.

    4. carby

      Is Boruta going to have hooves for feet? I thought he was, even if scary or ugly, a human.

    5. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator on

      @Sergey - they will get their chance if we gather enough funds.
      @Michal - probably they will be added to commoners set
      @TenNoBushi - we'll describe how deamons/devils work in next week.

    6. TenNoBushi on

      Boruta is coming with a board?
      But no cards?
      Interesting :D

    7. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Any chance to get veteran cards for other factions?

    8. Sergey Vlasenko on

      So, as I understood Rabbi&Golem are botched forever? Or still we can have hope to see them?

    9. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator on

      @Robert - Thank you. 160 000 is for the Monster Slayers, 166 600 is for Boruta,

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Kurzweil on

      Text and SG picture do not match. Did you mean reaching $160,000 vice $166,000?

    11. Alexander Eckert on

      Oh, lovely. Hexer, erm Hexenjäger! ;)

      So, there's a chance to see Olgiert von Everec?

      No, I'm not asking for Maxim Osa. ;)