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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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Broken Cross Faction

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

Today we would like you to tell you more about Broken Cross faction. As always let's start from the short story written by Michał Paradowski.  

The tortured man screamed for the last time, the scream quickly changed into the moan of a dying man. Klaus wiped his hands on the bloodied apron and turned to the group of people standing in the other end of the chamber. The alchemist eyed his guests. Adelaide – as always when she was witnessing his “experiments” – was fixed on her uncle, barely able to contain her morbid excitement. Siegfried, clearly bored by the waiting, held a folder of documents and solemnly turned over the pages. Eisenhans and Johann were sitting by the door, calm as if the last fifteen minutes of the victim’s screams and pleading never happened. Klaus limped towards his guests, passing by two tables with “objects” waiting their turn on them. 

 – What news? – his voice was hoarse, getting so absorbed by several hours of work that he forgot about food and drink. Siegfried closed the file with a sigh and replied:

 – Two new legations arrived today. I told the acolytes to follow them to their quarters. I was reading the reports while you… hmmm… were having fun…    

– How many times do I have to tell you, this is not fun! – the alchemist wanted to scream, but it sounded more as a croak of a very old crow. Still, some of his experiments reacted – clanking of chains and muffled moans could be heard from the alcoves on both sides of the chamber. In reply a long snarl could be heard from behind Johann’s chair and his two huge dogs moved out from the shadows. The marksman put a hand on the neck of one of them:  

 – Phobos, Deimos, down.  Klaus calmed down and waved his hand in a placatory manner:   

 – Never mind, this is not the time to discuss the nature and importance of my research. So what are your ubiquitous spies reporting?   

– The French are a colorful band, at a glance they look like a typical group of ladies’ men. But Eisenhans had a chance to take a closer look and saw many king’s musketeers bearing scars earned in duels among them – Siegfried and Klaus looked at the veteran who just nodded confirming his master’s words.   

– And the other legation?   

– These look much more interesting – Siegfried’s smile was predatory, for a moment he looked as if a wildcat that just spotted its prey – the Turks entered the city in a long column, with noisy music and bellowing of camels and even elephants. Yes, imagine that they brought two such behemoths with them. Johann no doubt just waits for a chance to hunt them. 

 – And what is your opinion – the alchemist searched for the right word – on their special abilities? Will they be able to counter our plans in any way?   

 – My plans – the nobleman corrected him – do not forget yourself! The acolytes reported on some interesting individuals, from an old man who brought chests full of books to a black giant who looks like a moving mountain. But none of them will be able to challenge us. The lord promised me the triumph of our cause, the prophecies will be fulfilled this year and it will all begin in this city…  

Siegfried was born in Prussia in the year 1620. He joined the Prussian army at a young age. From 1650 he was an Oberstleutnant in a Polish royal reiter squadron, a unit led by his brother. In 1655 he defected to the Swedish army, got promoted to colonel (Obrist) and took command of a reiter regiment. After being heavily wounded in the Battle of Warsaw, which he barely survived, he had an epiphany, quit his military career and joined the Teutonic Order. His job was to look after the poor and sick. His leadership skills proved valuable, but he was considered a bit too strict to both his colleagues and patients. Still, his efforts were appreciated, and in year 1664 r. he was promoted to Spittler and became the head of the Order’s hospital in Vienna. Actually, his career change, and especially his epiphany, was not from God’s inspiration. To the contrary, the dying Siegfried made a pact with the Devil - in return for his dear life, but also wealth and power, he would carry out the hellish schemes . The demon made him joined the Teutonic order and move to Vienna. Siegfried is the founder and master of the satanic Order of the Broken Cross. The members are not possessed. They are free people, wilful participants. As such they are difficult to uncover, holy water does not harm them, and prayers they find mildly annoying at worst.   


1. Once per Initiative phase, after playing a card for the Initiative you may play an additional card from the deck and use it instead. Discard both cards after the Initiative Phase.  

2. Once per Action Phase this character perform a Partial Action to draw 2 player cards to your hand. You must then discard one (or 2 if you have more than 5).

Scolding gaze

Friendly models within 5 spaces and with line of sight to this character receive +1 to their Fortitude and Wits Tests.

The daughter of Johann von Cronberg. Her mother died at her birth. Johann was a neglectful father who let the wet nurses bring up the girl. After a few years he remarried. The stepmother and stepsisters abused Adelaida, but were careful enough not to leave marks on her body for Johann to see. The girl chose to hang out with the servants and local urchins. As a teenager she would go hunting, drink, fight, and enjoy other unladylike pastimes. After her father’s death she decided to run away from home, but just before she did, she met Klaus, Johann’s younger brother. She was immediately impressed by his intelligence and secrecy, and convinced him to take her in. Soon they became lovers, and he introduced her to the Order of the Broken Cross. She grew up to be a frigid, strict person with a sadistic streak. Seemingly, as a noble-born woman, she joined the Teutonic Order. Ostensibly she cares for the sick and is responsible for the toughest cases at the Order’s hospital, but actually she collects interesting specimens for her lover. 

Excruciating pain  

If this character is the attacker in close combat and inflicts at least 2 Wounds, the opponent must take a DL: 6 Fortitude test. On a success nothing happens. On a failure the opponent falls Prone. On a misfortune the opponent becomes Uncoscious.

Pain resistance

Does not suffer the -1 penalty on all tests for being Crippled. Otherwise still counts as Crippled for the purpose of other skills and rules.

Eisenhans is one of the Order’s Knechts and Siegfried's personal bodyguard. He’s a man of few words. Not too tall, but bulky, strong, and resilient. He used to be a soldier in Siegfried’s unit. After Siegfried left the army after the Battle of Warsaw, Eisenhans couldn’t find his place on Earth. He departed for Vienna, where he soon got in trouble. While working as an underworld king’s bodyguard he got ambushed by a rival gang and barely made it out alive. Weak on his feet, he shuffled to the Teutonic hospital. He was just about to become Klaus’s next victim, when Siegfried recognized him and made an offer - his life in return for his service.   


If this character is not engaged, Prone or Unconscious, it may take a Partial Action to switch places with an adjacent friendly character (the target character may be engaged). This action may be performed as an interrupt during Overwatch. If an adjacent friendly model is the target of any ranged attack, this action may also be performed as a reaction to any ranged attack if the Character has not been yet activated in this Action Phase (no Overwatch needed). This use of the skill requires a DL: 6 Wits Test.

Freischütz Johann Apel is a decent marksman, but many of his achievements come from his pact with the devil. He provides him with Freikugeln - magic bullets that never miss the mark (sometimes the mark is a different one than the shooter intended, though). With this kind of help he won many shooting competitions and hit amazingly accurate shots during hunts. He has a reputation of a great shooter, but actually he’s not that good. Officially he’s a member of the Teutonic Order and Siegfried’s servant - the head huntsman.    


This Character's Wits rating is considered to be 2 higher when resolving enemy Stealth or Incoscpicuous skills.

The Knechts of the Order are devout cultists. By day some of them pose as regular member of the Teutonic Order. When carrying out missions for their true masters, the Order of the Broken Cross, they wear masks and hooded cloaks to conceal their identities. They use crossbows instead of firearms for the same reason – they are less noisy.  

Interwiew with Konrad Sosiński

Alex from Anatoli's Game Room has made an interview with Konrad from our team. It's definitely worth reading - you can learn a lot about Anno Domini 1666. Thank you Alex!

PS. Interview contains two spoilers :)

Wargamer Team

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