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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
1,144 backers pledged $191,611 to help bring this project to life.

And the winner is..

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

Another SG unlocked. You're rock! We're also very, very close to unlock our social media goal - free KS exclusive Jan Sobieski. It seems it will happen today, or tomorrow in the worst case :)

We have also result of our poll. By your decision Boruta - Polish devil will be our SG for $ 166 600. 

Rabbi Loew and Golem of Prague were very, very close though, we need to think what we can do with this situation....

Wargamer Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kruck on


      Thanks for the information and great name ;)

    2. McDevil on

      @Alexander Kruck I don't remember much detail but in stories He is Cool good evil guy. If that make sense :). Probably you should find some info on net. And Wargamer Team should write more when we get that 1666. Have some roots in pagan Slavic. And looks like "szlachcic" so saber and mustache. He stink with alcohol end sulfur-brimstone. :)

    3. Jason Dickerson

      I would love to see the Rabbi and Lady Bathory make it as an add on to be revealed at 166k.

    4. Clint Lee Werner

      @Josef - I had to look up Boruta as well, and being a champion of always learning new things, that is only to the good.

      Still hoping for Rabbi Loew and the Golem in some way. Next to Count Dracula, they would be my first choice for adding a supernatural aspect to the game.

    5. Missing avatar

      john giles on

      Perhaps our LAdy Vampire could appear at some stage, a lot of people know of her through Dracula, where as the others I had to look up.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kruck on

      I too hope we still can get the other two.

      For a non polish person is Boruta different fron the "normal" devil folklore?

    7. Josef Von Sternberg on

      In my opinion all three were very good ideas, which should all become reality.
      Elisabeth for the female aspect, Löw for the wonderful tale and a important historical ethnic variety. And the devil for the many polish supporters of the game.
      I for my part have to look up the winner, and that alone is a win for me, learning something.

    8. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      If you do Rabbi and the Golem as a SG, then please make it a single one. The fact it would take a regular one was for me the prime reason not to vote for them.
      I'd prefer it as an Add-On (outside the all-in, since that would be asking too much ;).
      Thus you can keep the SG's for expanding the game with cards, scenario's, boards and the like.

    9. partenopei on

      another call for the Rabbi and his Golem to appear in some way in the campaign please.

    10. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Golem was my "weapon of choice" too...

    11. Sergey Vlasenko on

      Rabbi&Golem mini-addon would be really nice in this case.

    12. Paboook on

      I hope we will see the rabbi and his golem later. I am sure boruta will be interesting addition to the game but Low a) would be even better in my opinion :), and b) would fit better to city setting than a creature of the wild.

    13. Clint Lee Werner

      Rabbi Loew and the Golem as an add-on. That would be my solution. Given that the Golem should be a large model (maybe represented as 7' or 8' tall) I think two models for an add-on of that sort would be keen.