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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ammon Stephenson on

      Elizabeth Bathory.
      Baba Yaga.

    2. Missing avatar

      john giles on

      1665 Black Plague, Fire of London, 2nd Angle Dutch War,January 1666 France declares war on England. Could all of these events be a prelude and by January full effects of some Dark dealings with the Underworld? Richelieu has to be a part or a Jesuit priest, Religion is one faction missing so far

    3. Missing avatar

      MAILLET on

      Not so fantastic but un horseman.. a mousketeron horse would be like...

    4. hwod44 on

      One Musketeer's game without Richelieu it's not a Muskeeter's game! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kurt Looff on

      Another suggestion - maybe a ghost of a previous emperor or guardian of the empire.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kurt Looff on

      Another suggestion - maybe a ghost of a previous emperor or guardian of the empire.

    7. McDevil on

      Ow and somethin edgy. :) That Wondering Ethernal Jew with some twist turn him into vempire.

    8. McDevil on

      Fev more ideas but not that hot like Elizabeth ;)
      Baba Jaga- universal evil witch. But I will go for young slavic version.
      Doppelgainger -cool idea and lots of possibilities in game mechanic. But for me its scream Malifaux.
      Some female slavic deamons. Like poudnica, topielica etc. The range is huge but its mix well with Poles and Cossacks. Not that good for other's game settings.
      Some named Devils. We know that we should get Mefistofeles. But some polish Boruta, Rokita or somebody mentioned before Belzebos the cat from late Bułhakow sounds cool to me. And there is more guys with horns in others places and literature. All devils faction sounds good to me. :)

    9. Kimmo Kulovesi

      +1 for Elizabeth Bathory for her grace could raise a flag of truce from burning heavens or the dead from early graves.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Riley on

      +1 for Elizabeth Báthory (with several henchmen). Scenario ideas could revolve around our heroes protecting a young female target from Báthory or attempting to rescue a young damsel from her clutches. Additionally, a rescue scenario would provide excellent motivation for our Polish and French heroes to work together in a two vs one scenario!
      Báthory can be backed by her henchmen plus local toughs or the evil Knights faction.

    11. Gregg R. on

      How about a Van Hellsing type character?

    12. Alexander Eckert on

      @E.J. Blaauw: Indeed: The Witcher - and I did make a spelling error. (Of course I did...)
      Wiedzmin is the wright one.

      @Alexander Kawczynski: Anatoli, I suppose. Great blog you have!

      @All: I know, I allready threw Olgiert io the ring... But:
      If you want to have superevil characters, what about the Swiss? :D

      "Johann Rudolf Wettstein" for example. He gambled at the Peace of Westphalia and with such a success that non of the Swiss Cantons were longer under the rule of the Kaiser and the Reich - the exemtion. Of course the devil must have had his hand on this gamble.

      Sigmund von Erlach - fought in the thirty years war on the French and Saxon Side and a Swiss general, which fought peasants as they rebelled. In 1667 he became Vanner, the one who carried the banner of Berne into battle...

      Or more a "Robin Hood"-Charakter?
      Niklaus Leuenberger or Christian Schybi, both leaders of the Swiss peasant war of 1653.

      Schybi was once a Hauptmann of Savoy, were he learned some tricks, based upon agilty and quickness. As he was very strong, too, he was know as "Hexenmeister" - master of the witchers.
      It's said he once lifted a horse and was able to lift a man with one elongated arm.

    13. Alexander Kawczynski on

      With the painting of cardinal Richelieu posted on the Anno Domini 1666 facebook group - I REALLY hope we get to see that exact rendition as a playable villaing

    14. McDevil on

      Btw one argument towards Elizabeth. With Hot & Dangerous Wargamer show that they can make cool female models. Not like some the bigger pleya in tabletop ;)

    15. S.A.R. Zevenbergen

      Let’s go for “Michiel de Ruijter” again ;). But otherwise pope Alexander VII would be really special

    16. McDevil on

      No love for angels from me. They are pricks. ;) Rabbi Loef and Golem its cool. Will add to them the wandering Jew. Immortial fella with some connections to the apocalypse.

    17. Sergey Vlasenko on

      @Baramon - these are not russians - Cheremis is a Ukrainian Mari people - these become to live in Ukrainian territory (Volyn and Poltava area) in 1527 - also many of them then joined Bohdan Khmelnytsky, participating in his uprising and they even had cavalry squads along with cossacks...

    18. Ian Thomas on

      Well we have Werewolves and demons and hopefully Mephiston, Dracula and hopefully the succubus can be reconsidered so why not give us something for the other side like an Angel

    19. Baramon

      Cossaks looks more like Russian city villagers, I hope it's not final design

    20. Alexander Kawczynski on

      Having read the Golem by Gustav Meyrink, I too think that the idea of a Golem and jewsish twist would fit nicely into this setting. That book and story was set in Prague, but nothing would prevent it to be set in Vienna.

      +1 for an Olgierd von Everec lookalike from the Witcher III game :D

    21. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      What do you mean?
      The SG's are good and solid. Nice mix between new models and gaming components.
      Stretch goals are for additional figures and factions for those that like it. All are basically optional.
      So, please, expand on your statement. As you state it, it does not mean a thing, so give an insight into the why behind it.

    22. Missing avatar

      buliwy on

      Too much of addon and not enough SG...

    23. CK Lai on

      OMG! Cossacks!!! Take my money!!!

    24. Sergey Vlasenko on

      +1 @Michael Leck - great story, very interesting!

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Leck on

      I second Sergey Vlasenko for the Golem but with a Vienna 1666 tvist.

      The Golem and maybe accompanied by Rabbai Sabbatai Zevi and the banker Samuel Oppenheimer could be a good $166 600 stretchgoal, or at least a Golem mini and rules, scenario etc...

      The hatred of the Jews by the townsmen of Vienna increased during the 1660´s, leading to the second expulsion of Vienna’s Jewish population in 1669/70 under Leopold I.

      Several of the rich Jewish families were allowed to stay in Vienna as they had appointment as a financier to the court.

      Samuel Oppenheimer’s was the most prominent of the bankers that stayed; he had been the leader of the Jewish community even before the second expulsion.

      1666 background: During the persecution of the Jews during the 1660´s Samuel Oppenheimer, as the Jewish leader, might have been albel to free the Rabai and Kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi from Ottoman imprisonment, bringing him to Vienna to create a Golem to protect the Jewish community of Viena.

      In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter (specifically clay or mud). The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material in Psalms and medieval writing. The most famous golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late-16th-century rabbi of Prague.

      Think Clayface from Batman controlled by a Rabai and a Banker… what could go wrong with Good, Money and a clay monster on your side…


      Samuel Oppenheimer:

      Rabai and Kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi :

      History of the Jews in Vienna:


    26. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      Damned souls as ghosts or poltergeists.
      Could be controlled by a mage, or could be used in a scenario as a third part, driven by the game, and thus interfering with all player parties.

    27. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      Wiedeziem-Universe, is that the setting of the Witcher?

    28. Alexander Eckert on

      What about "Olgierd von Everec" or the Spiegelmeister himself? The first is a Cossack kind daredevil who bit his soul, the second the devil itself.

      I know Wiedeziem-Universe is something completely different and isn't the right time, but as we do have a Lanister I thought it is something nice - and Polish. :)

    29. Paboook on

      +1 to Bathory. She would be much more interesting character than the well-known count and fit to the period quite nicely. Her story also offers various game mechanics.

    30. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      Also a nice iconic figure from Central Europe.

    31. Sergey Vlasenko on

      As usual: +1 Rabbi Loew and the Golem of Prague.

    32. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      Maybe Elizabeth Bathory is a demonologist?
      Thus getting the powers, but cursed to roam and thirst for blood.

    33. Bill Redford on

      I vote Elizabeth Bathory as well

    34. S Buntenbach

      +1elizabet bathory
      Or Nosveratu Max Schreck

    35. Missing avatar

      Doug Medesha on

      $166600.00 - There should be something inspiring in the Devil's Museum in Kaunas that could fit the bill for the Stretch Goal.

    36. McDevil on

      Ow new renders look so good, Horpyna <3. Big chance that Cossack can dethrone Defender of Crown for me. And maybe you can put Angel Giraldez film on Dakka dakka forum?

    37. McDevil on

      I just repeat from older post: Elizabet Bathory. With possibility of future all female band:
      "Elizabet Bathory vempire death squad assassin commando" Something like in "Bushido" doing "Ninja" faction. Expensive models to field but really strong and versatile. Mechanic "thirst" similar to Blood bowl will be cool to.

    38. Bob Freeman on

      Forgot to mention, I absolutely love Czeremis. Gorgeous sculpt. Alos that last mini in the Angel Giraldez video bears a striking similarity to a certain swashbuckling Puritan that was born of an Underwood No.5...

    39. Bob Freeman on

      I like E.J.'s suggestion. The devil himself however would be a nice touch.

    40. Missing avatar

      E.J. Blaauw on

      Suggestion: A female demonologist (magic user specialised in sumoning and controling demons) with an imp familiar.