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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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Envoys of the High Porte, retailer pledge, size of miniatures

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

We guess that you're expecting article about French faction so we decided to surprise you a little bit and publish some info about Ottomans ;) Let's start from the short story by Michał Paradowski.

The last camp before arriving at Vienna – hundreds of men, horses, camels, and even two elephants, a mobile town moving from the capital of one empire to the capital of another. In a few hours the servants will be the first ones to wake up, at dawn, starting fires and preparing breakfast. Only the Janissaries of the 32nd orta and the deli of the Kara Mehmed Pasha’s retinue are awake now. Their task is to protect the Turkish legation, so they keep watch at the camp’s perimeter. There is also a company of imperial dragoons bivouacked nearby. They have been escorting the envoys since yesterday. The Turkish camp is enshrouded by darkness…  

The girl is not asleep either, listening to the calm breath of her lover lying beside her. She is thinking about her next report for Kizlar Aga. She will have the chance to write it down in the morning, when the convoy moves on. Absent-mindedly she is stroking the man's cheek. He smiles in his sleep and murmurs: – Esmeralda… – the Gypsy kisses him on the cheek and snuggles up to him. Bajuk Ahmed Aga sighs and dreams of her whirling in dance, looking only at him. Just for him, forever. 

Ibrahim is thrashing about in his sleep, the nightmares are upon him once more – they get darker and darker as they are getting closer to Vienna. The omens are bad, none of his spells had the expected results. His dreams are full of blood and fire, howling of beasts resembling armored dogs, terrible kutrub roars, strange shapeshifters he read about in ancient grimoires. The awakening will be violent and painful again, like gasping for breath air after nearly drowning… 

 Hatmi is not asleep because he knows that his lady is still awake. He is standing guard by her tent’s entrance, where his Nya Piou (as he calls her in the language of the Old Country) lies on the bed by the Janissary officer. Hatmi is patient, he admires the starlit sky and composes a new poem for his lady. When she gets melancholic, she asks Hatmi to recite his poems to her. He never refuses. How could he after everything she did for him? 

Sinan is making sure the sentries, sultan's Janissaries and Rumelian delis, are on their posts. Solak subasi is clearly annoyed, the mission they were sent on appalling to him. But the Padishah himself assigned him a special task and Sinan obeys his master like a dog. While passing the dancer’s tent he noticed the giant keeping watch there. The African was staring blankly at the stars and muttering something under his voice. 

Kushtrim was the only one in the camp sleeping calmly, dreaming the same dream over and over again for ten years now. Always the same, every night. The deli is whirling as if dancing, slashing right and left, and with each strike another giaur falls on the blood soaked ground. Battle-crazed Kushtrim is getting closer and closer to the huge gate leading to the Gardens of Everlasting Bliss. The Albanian already sees the angel Ridwan floating above the entrance and waving at him invitingly. Another strike, another body falls, another step forward. Deli subconsciously knows that he will wake up in a moment, that once more he will not be able to enter the Assembly of Truth, but he still has hope. Another strike, another body falls, another step forward…  

The Ottoman legation in Vienna is very numerous. It is led by the beylerbey of Rumelia, Kara Mehmed Pasha. The legation has its own escort that includes the janissaries from the 32nd orta under the command of Bajuk Ahmed Aga. He is a talented leader and a good swordsman, but also a womanizer. However, ha gave up on his seductive tendencies once he met Esmeralda, a dancer from Istanbul. He fell in love with her immediately and they have been inseparable ever since.


If the character has two one-handed weapons equipped simultaneously (shields and other non-weapon items do not count), it receives +1 to the Combat Total if both the character's and the opponent's Original Cards for the test are the same colour (red or black).

Fatal Attraction

Ahmed is in love with Esmeralda. If she dies, Ahmed is considered to have the Battle Frenzy special rule.

Gypsy dancer and contortionist, the object of Bajuk's affection from the moment he laid his eyes on her. The beautiful girl is actually a spy working on behalf of the Chief Black Eunuch and the women of the harem. She seduced the young officer using a powerful love potion and now manipulates him from behind the scenes. Her true superiors are always kept up to date with secret letters she sends them. Esmeralda is intelligent and charming (especially when using alchemical concoctions). She'd rather avoid close combat, but can use her kindjal and throwing knives if need be. 


This Character's actions cannot be interrupted by characters in Overwatch which have Wits lower than this Character's Stealth rating.

Uncanny Dodge

If the character loses a Close Combat test by a difference equal to or lower than the character's Agility, and there is a legal space the character can retreat to, the character retreats without suffering any damage. This retreat is legal even if the character is engaged by an enemy that hasn't yet been activated in this Combat Phase. The character is still the loser of the combat, but the attack does not count as a hit.

Bajuk’s old friend from the janissary school. Sinan is a Subaşi (NCO) in the 61st solak orta – bowmen unit of the sultan’s lifeguard. He is an excellent archer. Left-handed. He holds one of the records for the longest bow shot during the competitions held at the Square of Arrows. As a mark of this achievement, his janissary hat was adorned with a huge wing. He is very loyal to the sultan. He was granted the honour of holding the sultan’s horse’s curb. This is a sign of great trust – after all an armed man so close to the ruler could easily make an attempt at his life. Sinan has been sent to Vienna ostensibly as the envoy's bodyguard, but he was also tasked with being the Sultan's eyes and ears. He’s not too fond of Esmeralda. He thinks that the girl has a bad influence on Bayuk and is up to something. 


In Close Combat Tests, if this character's Original Card's value is odd, gain +1 bonus to the Combat Total.

Rapid Fire

By performing a Full Action, this character may shoot his bow twice per turn. You may shoot at characters at most 5 spaces away from each other (or at the same target twice). Each of these shots receives a -2 penalty to the shooting test.

A mighty Albanian warrior. Wears the pelt of the bear he single handedly killed at the age of 15. Even at this young age he showed great strength. He soon joined the ranks of the deli (berserkers). He underwent their training, which includes both weapon use and inducing battle rage. Much like other deli, he pierces his skin with blades when enraged. Kushtrim is very tall and muscular. Usually he is very calm, to the point of being taken for a mute. He can keep silent for days. When given an order he usually just nods and turns around to carry out the order. He rarely asks any questions.

Battle Frenzy

If this characters performs an Induce Rage Partial Action (it may be performed while engaged) receives Wounds equal to or more than half its Death threshold (rounding up), it is considered undered the influence of Battle Frenzy until the end of the game (even if enough Wounds are healed to go under half of the Death Threshold). The effects are as follows: 1. The character cannot become crippled (effectively its crippled threshold becomes infinitely high). 2. Receive +1 Combat Total in all Close Combat Tests. 3. May not parry, or use shields. 4. On each activation, if not already engaged, the character must make a Full Movement Action (or Partial Movement, if the character only may perform a Partial Actions for any reason) and move the shortest possible route to the nearest enemy within line of sight. If there are no enemies in the line of sight when this character is activated, both players play a card from their respective decks. If the cards are tied, the character does nothing, the activation is wasted. If one of the cards is higher, the character must perform the Full Move activation, but the winner takes control of this movement. If enemy controlled, the character still may not attack friendly characters, but may leave the map. 5. If the character is engaged in the combat phase, it must attack (may not declare defensive stance). 6. The character's Fortitude becomes 3


Allah! Allah!

At the start of the game, for each character with this special rule place 1 generic counter on the band leader (up to 3). Each time a character with this rule fails an unopposed fortitude test, you may discard one counter to make the test successful. If the band leader dies, all the remaining counters are discarded with no effect.

Retailer pledge

As we are receiving numerous question about retailer pledge, we have decided to add. If you have any questions you may contact us via pm.

Note: we're posting here only special rules which are not included in the beta vesrion rulebook.

Please also remember about our social media goal - we need onlt a little bit more than 400 likes.

Size of our miniatures

You also ask us about size of our miniatures. Here you can find some picture. Dragoon is the real plastic production sample, we have received form the factory (we only will change colour).

From left to right

Blood Rage - Anno Domini 1666 - Perry Miniatures plastic - Imperial assault -  Anno Domini 1666 - Gear of War

Wargamer Team

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      Kent Hinkson on

      Well, thats too bad. I'm out. I am REALLY tired of companies making such huge miniatures. Please for the love of all, stick at 28mm.

    2. Krzysztof Nalewajka on

      I don't like this update. I was thinking that the Ottomans will be one add-on I don't want. I was wrong...

    3. Michal Ciemniewski on

      My second favorite faction. Very good update.

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      Fantastic update!

    5. Paboook on

      Good to see that Anno Domini 1666 miniatures should fit nicely to my usual wargaming stuff :)