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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
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Polish faction and BGG

Posted by Wargamer Games Studio LTD (Creator)

Dear backers,

We promised you a serie of articles about factions. Let's start from the Poles. Here is the short story written by our friend Michał Paradowski.

– Your Highness? Everyone has arrived, they are waiting in the next chamber – the servant leaned towards the king and pointed to the door on the left. John II Casimir Vasa, by God's grace the King of Poland, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, etc. etc., looked up from the chessboard and stared at the logs burning in the fireplace for a while. The page looked at the trabants guarding the royal chamber but they seemed like stone statues – none of them even blinked. The servant was about to speak once again when the king himself broke the silence: 

 – Call the colonel and lieutenant, no one else. Hermann, Fromhold – the trabants called by their names nodded their heads – leave us. 

Moments later two noblemen entered the chamber. Both bowed low to the ruler and stood still, awaiting his words. John Casimir returned to the chessboard, thinking about his next move. Finally he moved the white bishop and whispered something that might have sounded like “check”. The he turned to the waiting officers:

 – Is everything ready? Have you chosen the men? – Yes, Your Highness. I personally picked twenty dragoons from my banner. They are led by my trusted wachtmeister Luśnia, all are experienced soldiers, they spent many years in the service of Your Highness – replied the shorter of the men while twirling his mustache – They will not fail. 

 – I believe you, colonel. And what about those two volunteers that you chose? Is this a good idea? 

This time the taller officer answered: – We know them both from the siege of Zbaraż, our lives and the lives of our… - he stopped, smiled slightly and continued – we owe them much and know that in difficult temporibus they will not fail us. 

 – I can understand the Lithuanian Hercules, a hero second to none, such a man will surely come in handy – the king looked at the chessboard once more – but why do you need this drunkard and loudmouth? I admit that he had his merits in wartime, but now… You will need an extra carriage just for his belly. 

The lieutenant wanted to speak but the colonel was faster: – Your Highness, our task is not only to protect your envoy. We will surely need to talk to the locals and keep track of other envoys and their retinues. Our friend is an experienced man, he also has a lot of hidden talents he does not brag about being incredibly modest. He will surely not be a hindrance. 

The king sighed and reached for a glass of wine. There was an awkward silence which was broken by a salvo of sneezes and swearing coming from the other chamber. The officers went pale and looked at the king awaiting his reaction with anxiety. But the king laughed when he heard the swearing old nobleman and the melodic accent of the Lithuanian who was trying to quiet him down. John Casimir waved his right hand at the waiting officers: 

 – Sir Michał, sir Jan, off you go to Vienna then. May our Lord protect you, because you are going straight into the open gates of hell...

Before you start: please note that our Characters are known from the Sienkiewicz's Trilogy but in the world of Anno Domini 1666 their stories may vary a little bit from canonical version.

All specials skill on Character cards are described in rulebook, so to not make this update extraordinary long we will not repeat them below.  Please note that rules are not final and are subject to changed.

Jerzy Michał Wołodyjowski

Born in the year 1626. He enlisted in Prince Jeremi's dragoon banner. Chmielnicki Uprising began several years later. Wołodyjowski showed great valor during the siege of Zbaraż, and was promoted to namiestnik (a junior officer rank). After Prince Jeremi's death he stayed in the army. He was promoted to colonel for his extraordinary performance during the Deluge (the Swedish invasion during the Second Northern Wars). He remains a great swordsman at the age of 40.

Thanks to his specials skills and Parry:3 Wołodyjowski is arguably the best swordsman in our game.

Jan Onufry Zagłoba  

Born in the year 1600. During his youth he fought against the armies of Gustav II Adolf in Livonia, and subsequently against the Chmielnicki Uprising. Supposedly he was part of hetman Żółkiewki's army at the battle of Cecora, where he was captured and imprisoned by the Turks for several years. It's hard to tell which of his stories are true. Anyway, he's 66 years old now and his wits are as sharp as ever.  

Zagłoba may not be a very good fighter but his special skills will probably save your day many times.

Longinus Podbipięta 

Born in the year 1616 in the Lithuanian village of Myszykiszki. His forefather Stowejko famously decapitated three Teutonic knights with one swing of his sword at the battle of Grunwald. Longinus swore not to marry until he cuts off three heads with one swing himself, but he is yet to fulfill his oath. Longinus is tall, lean and very strong. He can easily twirl Zerwikaptur - Stowejko's own sword. As a deeply religious man, he claims his life was saved by Virgin Mary's intervention when he attempted to sneak through the enemy lines at the siege of Zbaraż.

Lot of hit Points and Living barricade rule make him perfect to take and hold crucial area.

Jan Skrzetuski 

He's a year younger than Wołodyjowski. Has a reputation of a reliable and loyal soldier. Initially he served in Prince Jeremi's cossack-style banner, and was soon promoted to namiestnik (a junior officer rank). During the siege of Zbaraż he made himself famous by breaking through the enemy lines and delivering important letters to the king. After Prince Jeremi's death he stayed in the army and joined Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski's hussar banner as the namiestnik. He was promoted to lieutenant shortly afterwards.

Thanks to the winged hussar cuirass and bracers he may survive more hits than any other Polish Character. With his Iron Parry special rule he is able to block any hit, probably even supernaturally strong creature.

Polish dragoons

Dragoons are soldiers who get around on horseback, but dismount for battle and fight as infantry. They are big, strong guys well accustomed to the hardships of the campaign trail. They all undergo musket training, but many prefer hand to hand combat.

The second thing we would like to raise is Boardgamegeek page

As you may know, we are currently looking for ways to raise awareness of our campaign. If you consider board games to be your hobby, you probably know, or BGG for short, the world’s largest board game community and database. Obviously, Anno Domini 1666 has its own entry in the database:  

So how can we raise awareness of Anno Domini 1666 on this largest website? First of all, let us stress what should NOT be done: if you do not already have an active account, please do not create one for the sole purpose of rating our game. Firstly, this may be considered unfair “shill voting” and is discouraged by the BGG community. Secondly, there are algorithms in place that do not count such votes (new accounts that rate just one or several games) into global statistics and rankings. We respect the integrity of this database and do not want to “game” it.  

What can you do then? 

There are several ways of helping Anno Domini 1666 even by new accounts: become the game’s fan by clicking the heart in the game page’s header; add the game to your wishlist; add the game to you collection as “Preordered”; add a personal comment to the game; participate in the game forums; upload an image if you took one during an event; upload an image of your miniatures if you already have some. If you already have an existing account and have played the game at an event, an honest grade would be greatly appreciated.

Wargamer Team

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