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Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
Anno Domini 1666 is a swashbuckling board game of intrigue and mystery, set in alternative reality 17th century Vienna.
1,144 backers pledged $191,611 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Paboook about 22 hours ago

      @Marco: Yup, digging the pose as well :)

    2. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @ Krzysztof - all products will be available in both language versions, so yes :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco De Marinis 1 day ago

      @wargamer WOW!!! The idea of the hat hiding the knife is simply amazing!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Andrzej Edelman 1 day ago

      Is there going to be a option to add all-in plastic in english to all-in metal in polish? :-)

    5. Eorl 1 day ago

      The Kickstarter campaign for Overturn Rising Sands was frozen by Kickstarter 24 hours before the end.
      Cause of the stop could be various plagiarism allegations that were made in the course of the campaign and relate to different areas of the game. Thus, the provisional rulebook is similar in many areas almost 1: 1 the rule book to Massive Darkness:
      Even the small print of the campaign was partly copied simply by other campaigns - sometimes even the currencies were not exchanged (overturn runs over Canadian dollars):

      Even the company logo raises questions:

      ‘Overturn Rising Sands’ Kickstarter caught plagiarising. Still on track to be funded.

    6. Caleb Maturin 3 days ago

      @martin Biggs did you see overturn was a scam and they copied everything they had from other companies?

    7. Missing avatar

      Des 4 days ago

      Prefer C

    8. Homer Martin
      5 days ago

      I like B

    9. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Andrzej Edelman 6 days ago

      First choice: D
      Second choice: C

    10. Rob Hunter on

      Im all for C myself

    11. Missing avatar

      Brady Severns on

      Option D for me.

      Also, I think board art should be brighter and clearly defined, even for areas that are supposed to be dark or dimly lit.

    12. Missing avatar

      Carl F

      C wins by 6 lengths - followed by B, with D then a short neck behind. A is a non-runner.

    13. Jason Garwood on

      Definitely prefer version B.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jussi Vehviläinen on

      Like C most, B on close second with D and A

    15. Daniel Plegel on

      I like version C.

    16. Jane Jasper

      I asked my partner, who is legally blind without her glasses, and she likes B. I prefer D myself.

    17. Missing avatar

      Allen Hughes on

      Regarding board design, I prefer option C. But option D is a close second.

    18. Caleb Maturin on

      @Martin Biggs I did the same thing, I would not have backed out but CMON wants to do a 14 day campaign and I had too many high dollar games on one check so I had to make a choice and overturn didn't make the cut.

    19. Caleb Maturin on

      I like C as well.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Foote on

      Regarding board design, I prefer option C.

    21. Alexander Wylomanski

      Version D

    22. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      @Wargamer> Guess what I'm reading now :)

      "Le premier lundi du mois d'avril 1625, le bourg de Meung, où naquit l'auteur du Roman de la Rose, semblait être dans une révolution aussi entière que si les huguenots en fussent venus faire une seconde
      Rochelle. Plusieurs bourgeois, voyant s'enfuir les femmes du côté de la Grande-Rue, entendant les enfants crier sur le seuil des portes, se hâtaient d'endosser la cuirasse et, appuyant leur contenance
      quelque peu incertaine d'un mousquet ou d'une pertuisane, se dirigeaient vers l'hôtellerie du Franc Meunier, devant laquelle s'empressait, en grossissant de minute en minute, un groupe compact, bruyant et plein de curiosité."

    23. Martin Biggs on

      @Odyssey Yousefi - I just read your rant regarding Solomon Kane, I like several other backers some of them on here have backed SK which as with this one has been highly successful. Whilst you are entitled to your opinion, it's not really fair or professional as a backer to whinge about another creators project. how another creator runs their project is entirely up to them and the backers who back it.
      No one is forcing you to back a project you don't like. I could say many things about Overturn, I back that too for a while, until I realised it wasn't for me, so I just dropped my pledge and haven't made comments either negative or positive about it.

    24. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator on

      We are not sleeping. I promise You. Here some answers:
      @feanor2k – When we open pledge manager it will stay open at least couple of months.
      @Balloongineer – we will open it in August.
      @Odyssey Yousefi – I just sent You PM.

    25. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Yousefi on

      @wargamer games studio

      I sent a request today please process my request, thanks very much. I appreciate it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Yousefi on


      You can call it whatever, I talk about any project I like , however I like. Your opinion doesn't matter and you are not important at all. 😊

    27. Balloongineer on

      @Rob Hunter: Miremarsh looks good if you like goblins :D

    28. Balloongineer on

      Any word on pledge manager? Sorry if I missed an update/comment.

    29. Bill Redford on

      @Jack. Yeah I am not trying to take anything away from SK. I’m sure they game will be great, just not the game for me, and I know my gaming group either. So the only thing I would be interested in is the minis. And from a minis only standpoint, the value is... well I can’t justify the cost to value ratio. I know there is like 5000 cards or something but I can’t use the cards except in a game I won’t play.

      I just tried to convince my wife... but she she cut me off with a no. La Costa... probably my favorite in that campaign. I really like the Baroness too.

    30. Jack

      @Bill Redford I did the same bud, way too many issues raised with Overturn, the creator isn't interested in addressing those and the price point is just too high to take a risk. The game offers ridiculously good value for money and for a starter company it's normal to hear how they plan to cost everything but they have repeatedly stated they won't go into details. The initial funding goal was too low to feasibly produce everything also despite what a couple of the loyal backers say.
      @Regarding SK I think the core offers great value. Those miniatures are KS exclusive and there is a ton of content. I don't need the cards and rulebook but somebody who likes the game might want second copies so can ebay them away. The miniatures are a little more than $1 each in the core aren't they and some of them are rather large. It is a shame about Le Loup and Costa, I had the same thoughts but no way do I want to throw $50 + extra shipping just to get 3 miniatures haha

    31. partenopei on


      wow, you do talk a lot of nonsense about SK and asking people to not back a project is the height of bad KS manners.

    32. Rob Hunter on

      Oooo i didnt know that, hmm does make you think though, thanks, i wouldnt be backing till last 24 hrs anyway, gives me time to think

    33. Bill Redford on

      @Rob, its a first time company with no experience offering an almost too good to be true value. They seem really committed but I am just doubting their ability to fulfill. I hope they do. And I hope people who back get their toys, but it seems like a big risk to me.

    34. Rob Hunter on

      What concerns?

    35. Bill Redford on

      I was backing Overturn but I have some concerns so I dropped out. I hope it does well, and I will look for it at retail if it does... but I just have a bad feeling.

    36. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Yousefi on


      Overturn seems fun

    37. Rob Hunter on

      Speaking of other games, any suggestions?

    38. Rob Hunter on

      Well that worked out well as i couldnt even afford the $1 pledge heh, id love to have the game but yeah it was gonna cost £150 before postage and packing.

      Shame really.

    39. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Yousefi on

      Solomon Kane?


      At the beginning their campaign, they attarcted more than 6k backers in like few hours but suddenly 2k people left because they thought game value was not good for the money (which they were right). So mythic games announced that they are addign a free expansion to up the value of the game. So people backed it.
      At the end yesterday they asked for 30000$ for 25 cards as a stretch goal and then they met it. And today they asked another 30000$ for 1 mini which is small monk. So they pretended they care about value, but at the end, they charged 60000 for few cards an 1 mini.

      I back that project but please don't. SK doesn't have a good vlaue for 300$ and the reason I backed it is I'm a collector and I don't even probably won't play with it. The SK is boring and its a card based game and also it's stroy driven so replaybility of it is not good. Also minis are not worth 300$. Instead of spending on SK, get extra stuff from other games such as Anno domini1666. This game really worth it even if you don't play, minis look great and are more collectible. This is my personal opinion and not a fact. Good luck with any decision you make and I wish you happiness.

    40. partenopei on

      yes, not much in common between the gameplay of AD1666 & SK
      looking forward to both though!

    41. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Andrzej Edelman on

      SK seems to be great narrative game. Models are definitely interesting as potential add on to AD1666 (obviously there is a problem of stupid so called heroic 35mm) but I would keep it on different level. I like it because I like R.E.Howard and dark mood of SK. On other hand: AD1666 to me seems to be more "hands on" and more interactive game. Really looking forward to be able to finally play it. On top of that I am looking to use models from it in wargaming. I have serious weak spot for Polish characters in this game and would love to see them mounted on horseback. Especially Sobieski, Skrzetuski and Podbipięta as powerfull Husaria... Boruta and Mr Zagłoba are... just sublime!!! BTW Big thank You to creators for using Mr. Pawlikowski as model for Zagłoba!!! LOVE IT!!!

    42. partenopei on

      I would not recommend buying SK for the minis alone.

      it is mostly a card-based game

    43. Bill Redford on

      Ok, looking through it there are 39 minis that I think fit the theme here. But still not worth the $180 + shipping to get. Annon Domini was a much better value, and I will just add more money here is the pledge manager. Still there are some gems there. Le Loup, La Costa, John Silent and Baron Von Staler... pity

    44. Bill Redford on

      There are some great minis in Solomon Kane that would fit here... But only like 12 or so, and spread over the core, and 2 of the add-ons. Not really feeling $180 to get those. I will try to buy them individually on ebay when the backers get their rewards. Hmm, at the $10-$15 each that stuff like this normally goes for on ebay... its still gonna be $120 - $180 for those 12 minis I want... SO guess I don't need them after all...

    45. feanor2k

      I know you said the pledge manager will come in August. How long do you keep it open?

    46. partenopei on


      something different with high quality presentation.

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