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$87,980 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$87,980 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Bill Redford 1 minute ago

      Ok. I 3rd, 4th and 5th McDevil's suggestion.

    2. McDevil 29 minutes ago

      Ow have good excuse to make all sexy female band. Elizabeth Bathory and her doughters of darkness :) Fugitive princess form squad of deadly mercenaries. Who for gift of ethernal beauty lost not only souls and humanity. But blindy folows mistress.

    3. Baramon about 2 hours ago

      I hope we will see all in on 1st of June

    4. Christophe Garrigue about 2 hours ago

      Guy Fawkes was long dead by 1666, but he would indeed be interesting as a free agent/agent of chaos, the same way Milady de Winter is not part of the Musketeers faction.

    5. Missing avatar

      hwod44 about 2 hours ago

      @Laurent V: +1 for Guy Fawkes and Alatriste :)

    6. Laurent V about 5 hours ago

      Guy Fawkes could be a great character !

    7. Missing avatar

      Philipp about 6 hours ago

      I second Alexander Kawczynski - you need previews/reviews on BGG!

    8. McDevil about 7 hours ago

      Dakka dakka post have some views to. Like 1200 up. Topic on CMON started by creator or somebody who have some activity there will be cool as well. Cuz lots of miniature painters are there. Maybe some sneak peeks on forums posted by creator will keeps them more vigorous.

    9. BlackLegion about 7 hours ago

      Bergerac yes :-D

    10. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator about 8 hours ago

      @Alex, we're just waiting for pictures from Michal. Thanks for all your ideas.

    11. Alexander Kawczynski about 8 hours ago

      One more thing, Mihcal Cios of Private Brush has doine some smashing paintjobs on the miniatures available in metal as well as of some 3D renders.
      You really need to promote those pictures and push the models in all their painted glory on the LAF, TMP and BGG forums.

    12. Alexander Kawczynski about 8 hours ago

      I also think a more active presence on BoardGameGeek is important to reach the board gamers that do not frequent regular wargaming forums. I don't know if you have purchased advertisement space but it might be worth it.

      And as carby said below, liking the game on BGG will bring it up on the charts. At the moment there are several dozen games with the title "Anno Domini" if you do a search before this gem appears in the list of games.

    13. Alexander Kawczynski about 8 hours ago
      There seem to be a serious interest about the game on Lead Adventure Forum. Might be a good idea to have an active presence there during the campaign. As I said on the Anno Domini 1666 facebook page, LAF has a very receptive and open minded (and very friendly) community that contain both gamers and collectors. Interest is building faster over there than on The Miniature Page. I made a post about the game, but you as a creator can add much more buzz with your own posts, previews and answering questions :)…

    14. Robert Szczelina about 9 hours ago

      I plan to add three copies od plague doctor, it is awesome model!

    15. Bill Redford about 12 hours ago

      Ok, added the plague doc and doggies. Cant wait to see the next goals.

    16. carby
      about 15 hours ago

      Everybody ought to join BoardGameGeek and go to this game's page and click on the little heart to "love" the game. That will push it to the hotness and increase exposure and interest. Joining BGG is easy and free, and "loving" a game is even easier.

    17. Adam Mandy Carroll about 15 hours ago

      We need a musketeer with a very long nose. Hat could be a nice stretch goal

    18. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Nalewajka about 15 hours ago

      Yay, another SG unlocked!

    19. Hans von Z about 16 hours ago

      @Michal Ciemniewski yes it does work both ways , but i prefer to see a couple of goals in advance , makes me want to put more money in faster :)

      @Melhilion yes you can add more in the pledge manager after the campaign , but it's better to add during the campaign so we get more stretch goals !

    20. Missing avatar

      Gallahad about 17 hours ago

      @Melhilion, yes you can add funds in the pledge manager (as I understand).

    21. Melhilion
      about 17 hours ago

      also: for which faction is the blood moon expansion? is it kind of a mercenary?

    22. Melhilion
      about 17 hours ago

      will i be able to add funds to the pledge manager and get addons? i pledge for early bird core pledge now.

    23. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Nalewajka about 18 hours ago

      The Order of the Broken Cross is supposed to be remnants of the Teutonic Knights, and those were definitely "bad guys" in Polish history ;) In this case I'm expecting they are the force of chaos, planning to overthrow the Empire and/or European civilisation.

    24. Adam Mandy Carroll about 18 hours ago

      I didn’t mean there wasn’t a bad guy faction already. I assume there can be more than one

    25. Missing avatar

      Gallahad about 18 hours ago

      @Bill, that was my understanding, but we don't know much about them.

    26. McDevil about 18 hours ago

      @Bill Redford I will say yep. It can be Poles thing :). Check that cool graphic by Jakub Rozalski…

    27. Bill Redford about 18 hours ago

      Isn’t Broken Cross the bad guys

    28. Adam Mandy Carroll about 20 hours ago

      I’m really hoping for more poses of the musketeers and dragons. Any chance we’ll see if those? I’d really like to see more sword wielding musketeers in the hopes of being able to outfit a whole Cardinals Guard (or maybe they even have a whole “bad guy” faction in the works)

    29. Missing avatar

      Soltan about 20 hours ago

      As Raymond, I'm thinking of perhaps later in campaign change my EB platic to metal, but I didn't understand where I can let you know this choice :\ ?
      I hope to see more cool and unusual supernatural stuff :)

    30. Fredric Lundgren about 21 hours ago

      +1 for Svend Poulsen, and scenic bases for the miniatures.

    31. Michal Ciemniewski about 21 hours ago

      This game has so many levels on which we can be still surprised. More, new bands (cossacks), 3D terrain (maby?), more boards. I would love to know in advance what I to expect (1-2 more SG announced) BUT this is not my project. I back it as hard as I can and will be happy with what will be revealed. I assume Wargamer has a plan and will increase "tension" soon.

      @Hans - I have seen KS campaigns with 1 unlocked SG revealed at once (i.e. Hellboy) and those with several SG revealed. Both very successful.

    32. Missing avatar

      hwod44 about 22 hours ago

      @Hans von Z. Totally agree. I'm expecting different content

    33. Hans von Z about 22 hours ago

      i've done quite a few Kickstarters and showing stretch goals in advance does push the numbers up . if people see the items they really want then then will pledge extra money , on the other hand people will wait right until the end if they aren't seeing what they want .

    34. Wargamer Games Studio LTD 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @Raymond - if you want to do it, please just let us know we make a note on your profile that you are entintled to get Milady.

      Alex - showing more SG without unlocking previous one will not change anything. We'll reveal the next one as soon as we unlock Thugs.

    35. Alexander Kawczynski 1 day ago

      If possible, it would be nice to see 3-4 upcoming stretch goals.
      Still waiting for additional game boards, cossacks and more supernatural stuff :-)

      Is it possible for the core box to be expanded with additional included factions?

      Some of the new add-ons look nice, like Jean and the Alchemist, but are sadly a bit out of my budget - I did pledge for Baska and Kettling though as they are too iconic to pass for me to get a complete Sienkiewicz warband. I will most likely save my cash for faction boxes or wait to see what an all in pledge would cost. I asked a while back, and don't know if it has been answered, but I would very much like to know the list of contents for each add-on (such as the Blood Moon). How many tokens, cards ets there are in those boxes besides the minis on display.

      I kind of agree with hwod44 that we need more SG content to keep this campaign rolling.

    36. Raymond Wiggins
      1 day ago

      I have an early bird plastic pledge. If I change it to metal do I lose Milady?

    37. Missing avatar

      hwod44 1 day ago

      This game looks great, but I see too much addons instead SG right now. I know it's very soon to see some things like box inserts, translations to other languages (in PDF at least) or social SGs, but right now I prefer to see those things instead read character's histories; that's ok but that doesn't attract enough new backers ( In other projects like Black Rose Wars they have a lot of SG material and addons (of course, we are talking about 1 million of dollars), but I thinks that it's more compensated. I'm sorry for my bad english, but I want to see new things for this amazing board game

    38. Bill Redford 1 day ago

      So... daily plea for Hot & Dangerous girls rules.

    39. McDevil 1 day ago

      @Robert Szczelina Im already there, just try to skueeze more info :))).

    40. Bill Redford 1 day ago

      I am not a huge Broken Cross fan. I have added the first Broken Cross addon but. It sure about the new one, and so may not get the first one after all. I may though, just don’t like the ascetic.

    41. Bill Redford 1 day ago

      Which 7 models for $49 is $7/mini. Though they are metal. I do find it a bit expensive but can’t really comment as I am backing for plastic minis.

    42. Christophe Garrigue 1 day ago

      Ah, yes, I completely misread the last sentence XD

    43. Bill Redford 1 day ago

      @Christophe, he’s referring to the metal prices. $49 for the addons.

    44. Christophe Garrigue 1 day ago

      @Robert isn't $5-6 already the price point for most add-ons? The Broken Cross pack and Ottomans pack are 30$ for 7 models, whereas all the 2-character packs are 12$. Only Milady de Winter and the Blood Moon pack deviate from this.

    45. Missing avatar

      Robert Kurzweil 1 day ago

      @Alexander K @Wargamer Games I agree with Alex on the playability of the game as well as for the uses of these miniatures in multiple games. However the $9 price point per miniature is just too high for a wargame. I hope this kickstarter will be able to add more to either the existing base game or to each add-on before considering even more ~$50 add-ons. I would like to see the price point per miniature at $5-6 per miniature to align to the higher end of similar games. Side note my math is for metal, not plastic. And yes as I have backed all-in to date.

    46. Christophe Garrigue 1 day ago

      Oh, I like the new add-on! An lachemist and 2 dogs, that diversify the gameplay a lot.

    47. Missing avatar

      lecaillon 1 day ago

      Thanks for new update but i think it's not very good to add so add on ... it would be better to speak about gameplay, fig, new SG, social SG,....

    48. Robert Szczelina 1 day ago

      @mcDevil please check official Facebook profile/page of AD1666, they have some photos from conventions. There are some" arabic" themed magicians (necronomicon and such). There are some artworks of devils, both male and female ;-)

    49. Alexander Kawczynski 1 day ago

      An all in pledge will be added later during the campaign.

    50. Alexander Kawczynski 1 day ago

      I play BF&S and love the historical aspects of the game, but I am also really looking forward to the supernatural stuff. I asked about supernatural stuff a year ago when I played a demo at the BF&S tournament in Warsaw.

      I think so far, what's presented, is optional. You can play with the supernatural stuff, or not. For me as a collector and wargamer, I hope to use the minis not only for this board game, but also for other wargames where the minis would fit in.

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