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Good Game specializes in Virtual Reality & PC gaming,  weekly social events and tournaments.

Good Game specializes in Virtual Reality & PC gaming, weekly social events and tournaments.

Good Game specializes in Virtual Reality & PC gaming, weekly social events and tournaments. Read More
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Good Game will offer Virtual Reality & PC gaming, weekly social events, and food & drink!I lived in Asia for most of 2012, and saw how the majority of young people (13-30) were going to PC gaming cafés for their social entertainment.It’s cheap, lots of like-minded people there, open late, food & drink, and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.I aim to open a similar café, but instead of being PC only, I will offer a gaming experience people cannot get at home: Virtual Reality!

Virtual reality finally has the technology to create a believable experience, but it’s too expensive to put in homes.The OMNI ( and Oculus Rift ( are what will be used in the store.

With PC gaming, the store will promote and emphasize weekly tournaments that will build a growing community among Bostonian gamers.Some may argue that gamers can already compete online at home, but it’s not the same.Sitting alone in your room gaming is not the same compared to when you’re in a room full of other gamers.It’s the same philosophy as why bars are so successful.We can all drink at home, but we choose to go out and overpay for drinks at a bar.  Why?  The SOCIAL aspect is what draws us and keeps us coming back. 

Risks and challenges

Barriers and Solutions:
• Low traffic Mon-Thurs: Different specials held daily will promote traffic and volume for the slow days. Reduction in staff and hours will minimize cost of running the cafe until traffic picks up.
• Not enough stations during peak times: 75% of the cafes that opened with less than 20 stations closed within 18 months. 85% of cafes that opened with more than 25 stations remained opened and began profiting within 6 months of their opening. Traffic will be closely monitored to ensure enough stations are available during peak times.
• Poor advertisement: A large budget is put in place for advertisement, which will be done via YouTube, online sites, and physically at local colleges.
• Overstaffed: Staff will be hired as needed, as the cafe grows.
• Over or under priced: Revenue vs. cost of running will be closely monitored to make adjustments in the pricing.
• Location: Boston is a great location for this due to large amount of colleges and tech companies.
• Outdated equipment: The latest technology equipment will be used to ensure we have the things people can’t have or afford in their homes.
• Inconsistent Revenue: We will provide membership options instead of “block time” sales. Monthly memberships will generate consistent and guaranteed revenue.

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