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Under Ice's video poster

Michael will project massive surprising images collected through ice on the historic Pillsbury A Mill on Main Street Minneapolis. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 9, 2012.

Michael will project massive surprising images collected through ice on the historic Pillsbury A Mill on Main Street Minneapolis.

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Under Ice

Life continues under ice. 

Lighting and Projection artist Michael Murnane attempts a rare and sometimes frightening glimpse into the living world Under Ice.

After ice has formed on the surface of a lake or river it becomes an eerie ghostly environment of darkness with fleeting images of life and of silence broken only with an occasional thundering crack.

All night long, dramatic, live, high resolution, multi layered video taken "under ice" projected on the facade of Pillsbury A with new performance by Kevin Kling about ice fishing, dads, and the meaning of life at 9:45 pm, 10:30 pm, and 11:15 pm.

This is the official description of Under Ice. The new projection piece that I am doing along with story teller and friend Kevin Kling for Northern Spark in Minneapolis on June 9, 2012. It speaks to the content of the imagery but a more technical description of the installation may help with understanding the need to raise more funding.

Due to the scale of the image I will be using three projectors. One on each of three different scaffold towers. I then blend them altogether in order to get the brightness and clarity that I'm searching for. The projected images will be layered on to the building surface and blended with stage lighting control systems, media servers and stage lighting equipment live to create a fluid and seamless environment from which the images appear and disappear. I have the privilege of using this equipment in my real life as a lighting designer and have always had a desire to use this equipment in this unique way.

Last year Northern Spark gave me the opportunity to project on the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. From that experience I gained valuable insight as to how I can improve the work. That is, I simply need more and bigger equipment which is why I am reaching out to you.

I am specifically looking for funding to improve the size and quality of the projectors and thus the image. I am fortunate to have great partners in my industry that have been willing to involve themselves at little or no cost. I couldn't possible hope to attempt this without their knowledge and expertise and I am truly grateful for that. But, there are many other real costs involved that cannot be overlooked. Shipping, maintenance, set up, electricity, wear and lamp life. Not to mention, taking the projectors out of a vendors inventory could cost them a profitable rental rather than a discounted one. My goal is to create the best possible image experience for the viewer. Not having to compromise brightness or quality and having exceptional expertise are the keys.

I am grateful to Kickstarter for creating this platform allowing me to share my idea and ask for funding. Please consider a donation to help me create an unforgettable experience on historic Main St. in Minneapolis on June 9th. 


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    A grateful acknowledgment of your support projected on the A mill during the course of the evening.

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    We will take a photo of you in front of the work on show night. We will then make a print and send it to you with a personal thank you note. If you can't be at the event we will be happy to photoshop you in if you provide a photo. You can tell all your friends how great it was being in fabulous Minneapolis and what a cool town it is for doing this kind of event.

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    Reward #1 and an onsite tour of the projection technology guided by me. A short video tour will be made for those who cannot attend in person and made available via download to all $25+ donors in August 2012

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    Rewards 1 through 3 and an unframed photograph of the project.

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    Rewards 1 through 3 and a framed and signed photograph of the project.

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    Get your hands on the controls! The images projected and the stage lighting are live mixed from a stage lighting desk controller of preselected images by me. You can sit at the desk and mix the images and stage lights the way you think it should look for 10 minutes. Feel the awesome power! You get all the other stuff too.

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