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To continue my collaboration with the Cofán women artisans in the Amazon to promote their arts and crafts as a means for a sustainable economy.
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ORG by vio Website, D&A and Travel back to the Amazon ♥

Hello, everyone,

Not sure if any of you still check the updates. In any case, I love to share what's going on.

The D&A show at the Green Room in LA was a success. We made connections with stores and publications. There were a few highlights and I am compiling orders to send the artisans and join them to work together before October.


The ORG by vio website is now live online! It's is very exciting and am very happy to share it with you. You can visit it here to see the collections, videos, press, info on the projects and communities. I had been up many nights for weeks working on it. Due to low resources, I chose to do it myself with the help of Ionia Kershaw (a friend and also a Cofán contributor) & Kris from Ionia Design Studio , who set it up for me to generate all the content after they coded and added elements I wanted/needed to make a compelling presentation. Hope you enjoy visiting!

I am travelling to visit the Awajún artisans in Perú with my husband Dylan. The Awajún asociation of women artisans invited me to visit back in March and I was unable to make it then. I got an email from an Awajún representative, who mentioned that he had been looking for a way to connect with me, because he wanted me to work with their arts and crafts. It is a true honor to be conatcted directly by them requesting my visit. So, the time has come and we will spend a week with Awajún starting the 6th of July. We leave Monday and I look forward to sharing more on it.

Working on it all dilligently, while I am also figuring out my own personal and project finances while saving my home! Life is an interesting journey!

That's it for now. Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Magic, Fun, Love & Light ♥


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