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Update #2

We Made It! & What's Next

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So, last Saturday just a few minutes into the final hour, Tim and Maren Miller pledged the final amount that put us over the top. Wayne Rumsby had made the first pledge sixteen days earlier, and now we're on our way. I believe I've written, called, or spoken in person w/ everyone to express our gratitude, but let me take the chance to do so again. We had people give five or ten bucks, a thousand bucks, and lots in between. All told, including people who gave cash to others to donate via credit card and a couple of donations in person after the deadline, we had 45 people donate to this little venture. Lovely! Along the way, we added a new reward category, a bump up to the top category for the person who referred the most other backers. Well, lots of people helped to push this on Facebook and elsewhere. Since they've so many mutual friends, we're actually not sure whether the final prize should go to Dana Dillon or Holly Taylor-Coolman. Between the two of them, we added about an extra four or five backers. Critical since we went over by just $5! Since they live so near each other, we'll just let them split it. And if there's a disagreement, tie will go to Holly since we think she first referred Dana. We're now hard at work with securing locations, finalizing the script, putting together the crew and our actors, etc. Eternal Hills in Oceanside has already agreed to allow us to shoot there, which is a huge plus (and where the thumbnail photo which headlines this project was taken). There are still lots of hurdles, including most urgently securing the vehicle we'd like to use for the slow chase scene and figuring out how to shoot our scene at the Buena Vista Lagoon - a critical environmental preserve. We'll do our best to keep you up-to-date along the way. Don't feel shy about nudging us.


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Deborah McDade on April 28, 2012

      Doug, I think there might be a place in Buena Park that has old cars and such that they rent out for movies. Don't know it's name, but I will keep looking for it. Mom

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