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When their mother dies just days before foreclosure, two boys decide to steal a recently interred coffin to bury her the right way. Read more

Oceanside, CA Shorts
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When their mother dies just days before foreclosure, two boys decide to steal a recently interred coffin to bury her the right way.

Oceanside, CA Shorts
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About this project

The Story

When mama dies the day before a foreclosure sheriff is due at their family home, her two deeply indebted boys Daniel and James hatch a plot to bury her the right way by stealing a recently interred coffin. In the nineteenth-century, people who stole bodies from graveyards for medical research were known as resurrection men or resurrectionists. Our two protagonists are barely working class, argumentative, and surprisingly likeable if only for their stunning combination of creative derring-do and unrepentant idiocy.  James and Dan aren't the only ones with their sights on this particular coffin or its contents. What they discover when they reach six feet under sets off a slow chase also involving the Bovine Liberation Army and, eventually, the Oceanside Police. The final scene of the short script calls for a whimsically courageous example of their creative foolishness and sets the stage for an offbeat whodunnit. 

Why We Are Asking for Your Help

About five years ago, I started quietly suggesting that my best friend Vince DeLuca take seriously his talent and love of filmmaking. Vince had been tinkering with various projects and filmmaking courses at Columbia University on the side of his regular, full-time job as Director of International and Comparative Law at Columbia's Law School.  It was a well-paying job, but certainly not one that tapped into Vin's tremendous love for people, consuming sense of humour, and artistic vision. A year and a half ago, Vince made the life-affirming decision to quit at Columbia and pursue film full-time. He's been working since then, often around the clock, on other people's projects. One of the films he's been most involved in is a full length documentary film with Ugandan Youth, the trailer of which can be seen here

That film is now making the rounds of film festivals in North America.  Our goal here is to take a big step toward a full-length feature film for which he and I will be the director (in true Vince fashion, he's insisting that it not just be about him!).  Jodie and I have been part of a team with Vince that wrote the first draft of The Resurrectionists.  The script is complete and we would like to shoot the first ten minutes of it, then take it on the festival circuit in an attempt to secure financial backing to make the full film.  Along the way, we've asked Ian Alloway, another good friend of mine from my days in university, to join us. Ian has a ton of great experience with making films and television shows in Hollywood and is also aiming to soon make his first full-length feature.  You can read more about Vince and Ian, as well as Jodie and I by following the links in the biography section here.

About the Project

To be shot on location in Oceanside, California, a military town and a place very near home for two of the four filmmakers, The Resurrectionists (Short) is the first ten minutes of the first act of an already written feature-length film.

Other prominent characters in the feature-length script include Gracie Brown (a genuine twenty-first century resurrectionist), John Brink (the man buried in the coffin - he's a sports doctor peddling Aigo, an energy medication whose active drug is derived from male goat parts), and a zany mortician who has a peculiar way to preserve bodies for life ever after


Our ideal funding amount for this project is $5000 dollars or more, but we have made a skeletal budget which insures that it will be made so long as we reach the stated goal of $2800 here. (We've bumped up our initial goal of $2500 in order to pay for the meal out with Vin, Jodie, and I promised to those in the Tri-City Area who pitch in $40 or more).  

The bare bones budget will pay for props, costumes, actors, a little bit of equipment, some travel and food, and a few small shooting location fees. With, you only receive the funding if you make it to the full amount asked for, but can also receive anything taken in over that amount.  The further over that amount we are, the better the film project will be.  If we raise more than $5000, this will allow us to plot a good festival strategy for the short film and may also allow some funding for post-production editing.  (Otherwise, we're doing it for the opportunity and for the love!)

We're grateful for your attention and support and are hoping that you'll share this adventure we are on with others you know. Any questions? We'd love to answer.


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