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$4,840 pledged of $90,000 goal
$4,840 pledged of $90,000 goal

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We shall return... someday :)

Hello Everyone! 

First, I need to thank you everyone who did support us. Words cannot express how much we love you all. For those who didn't support us, we truly appreciate your honest feedback in helping us do better in the future not only in this project, but in future ones! 

I feel graceful and blessed to be able to write this message today. Even if Combiform might remain to be an interesting awards winning experiment forever... I am delighted to be given a chance by so many people to help pursuing this childhood dream of mine. For the past year, many have worked long hours with me without getting any compensation. I wish to express my highest gratitude by virtually bowing to every single one of you now. Thank you, thank you so much! 

I still believe in the concept will one day be on the shelf especially when I came across a patent by Sony while filing mine for separable/combinable game controllers. I honestly hope that the concept can take off someday with/without me taking part in it. 

Finally, we have learned a lot about Kickstarter and crowd funding in general. If anyone wishes to consult us for what we hope we know before starting a crowd funding campaign, feel free and we will try our very best to answer them! 

We shall return… 

May god bless each and every one of you!

- Edmond Yee and The Combiform Team.