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First sample batch from our production partners and additional shipping options!

Posted by Cyberith (Creator)

Less than 1% left to our funding goal with 27 days still to go. We are truly humbled by your amazing support and will continue to work day and night to offer you the best VR experience possible! But, even though the campaign is looking to turn out great, we are well aware that the real work starts once we’ve finished our Kickstarter campaign, because as all of you can probably imagine, manufacturing a high-tech product isn’t something to be done easily. That’s exactly the reason why we’ve already started producing samples through our manufacturing partners and we’re happy to announce that we have just received our first batch of pillars, rings and linear guides. We’re absolutely stoked about the quality and speed with which our partners are able to produce and look forward to the kickoff of our serial production. The sample batch once again reassured us that keeping production in Europe was a wise choice, guaranteeing high quality production and instant communication between us and our partners. Take a look at those beauties and I’m sure you’ll feel the same:

We’ve also prepared our prototype for shipment to the SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, Canada, starting August 10th, where we’ll get the chance to present our Virtualizer to developers, other VR companies and the press. Really looking forward to get some feedback on our product and exchange ideas regarding the future VR applications! Here’s what our Virtualizer looks like, once it’s ready for shipment (don’t worry; your packages won’t be nearly as heavy!):

Speaking of shipping. We understand that shipping costs for the Virtualizer aren’t exactly cheap and believe us, neither you, nor we are satisfied with that. That’s why we’ve contacted our logistics partner to discuss further options to lower costs and we found a solution that could save our European customers a substantial amount of money. We’ve told you already, that we’ll offer the possibility to pick up the Virtualizer yourself in Austria, but obviously that’s no help to someone coming from Spain for example. So in cooperation with our logistic partner and their European partners, we’ll offer our backers another pick up option: If you choose to do so, you’ll be able to pick up the Virtualizer at a specified location in your country, e.g. the capital. Transporting the Virtualizer to these keypoints is way cheaper for our partners than delivering it to your doorsteps and we want to pass on those savings to you. Again, prices depend on whether we ship multiple devices to the same city, but here’s a best case scenario for someone from Madrid: Instead of the current ~120€ you would only pay ~45€ if you chose to pick up the device in Madrid. Good deal, right? We’ve compiled a list of places for which this new option applies, you’ll find it the FAQ section for shipping costs! Once we’re ready for shipment we’ll ask each backer via email which shipping option he prefers, so there’s enough time for you to decide which option suits you best.

All the best,

Your Cyberith Team

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    1. Nadim Alam on

      OK Thanks for the update Cyberith!

      Thats excellent as Dartford is only 1 hour away from my home in London.

      Just hope the package fits in my jeep if not in the car!

      Hopefully there will be more packages to London area going to dartford so that we can all get it cheaper :D

    2. Cyberith Creator on

      Hey Jean-Noel!
      Paris is indeed on the list, estimated price for 1 single device is 60€; if more should be shipped to Paris the price could go as low as 35€!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jean-Noel Chiganne on

      That's a very good news, my wallet say thank you! I hope Paris is in the list.

    4. Cyberith Creator on

      Hi Uwe!
      Wir werden die Kosten einer Lieferung nach Georgien mit unserem Logistik Partner klären, würde es dir etwas ausmachen uns diesbezüglich eine Message auf Kickstarter zu senden, um sicher zu stellen, dass die Anfrage nicht in den Comments untergeht? Danke dir,

    5. Uwe Reissner on

      Gratulation zum erfolgreichen Abschluss.
      Da ich in der Nähe von Tbilisi/Georgien wohne und das nicht auf ihrer Liste steht, wollte ich einfach mal nachfragen, welche Frachtkosten ich zu erwarten habe. Zumal ich mir kaum vorstellen kann, das ein anderer aus Georgien den Virtualizer kennt und beim Kickstarter mitmacht.

    6. Cyberith Creator on

      Hey Nadim!
      Whether we offer pick up at the capital of your country depends on our partners having a depot there, for example London isn't on the list. The closest depot of our partners is in Dartford, which is roughly 25km from London.
      The reduced shipping costs apply ONLY if you pick up the package yourself, so in this case if we send a package to Dartford you would either pay 85€ if your order is the only one going to Dartford OR roughly 45€ if more Virtualizers are shipped to this location, but you'll have to pick up the package from the depot yourself. Hope that helps!

    7. Ballslinger on

      Thanks for your answer, Philipp, I kinda expected, that it wouldn't be our capital, but Basel or Zurich, still worth considering.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Tiedemann on

      Too bad Copenhagen isn't on that list, Stockholm is not exactly nearby. A bit strange that both Oslo and Stockholm is...

    9. Nadim Alam on

      Congrats on reaching goal!

      Plus excellent news on shipping!

      I live in london which i assum is capital of uk? So how would something like this affect me? Would i have a reduced shipping fee as im in capital already? Or for discount would i have to go depot centre in capital?


    10. Cyberith Creator on

      Hey Balsiger!
      Whether we offer pick up at the capital of your country depends on our partners having a depot there! Please check our FAQs (shipping part) to see of your city or something close to you is on the list, since not all capitals are included.

    11. Ballslinger on

      First, congratulations for reaching the goal that early. Second: Thank you for giving us the option to pick up the virtualizer in the capital of our country with reduced costs.