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Full Immersion. No Restrictions. The next level of Virtual Reality is here.
Full Immersion. No Restrictions. The next level of Virtual Reality is here.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Piotr 1 day ago

      Good point Nadim! But I am afraid you gonna have to prosecute them...
      Now when Kat Walk released Mini version they are going down motherfu...
      BTW, can someone send out emails how the suit is going - have not heart anything for a bit...

    2. Nadim Alam on May 15

      I have not received my reward. Please refund .
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    3. Missing avatar

      david loppion on May 3

      Anything nrw about court?

    4. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 18

      @LiMiT You paid 1500$ but this time you'll have what you paid for, do not hesitate to give feedback :)

    5. Missing avatar

      LiMiT on April 17

      i just ordered the KAT VR mini. :D
      Lost all hope in Cyberith after that pathetic statement from Holger.

    6. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 15

      Ok thank you @Kamal, we will do what we're doing for years... Wait 🙄

    7. Missing avatar

      Kamal Taibi on April 15

      I have got a feedback from my solicitor regarding the Court Hearing of April 4th. I did not travel to Austria this time for this second hearing.

      The Judge spoke with the CEO of Cyberith.
      I can not give any detail as everything has to remain confidential until the final judgement.
      It will take a few weeks.

    8. Björn on April 14

      It's still half of the 6500€ cyberith is charging for their virtualizer nowadays

    9. Missing avatar

      PM on April 13

      Prices for KatVR mini are in usd
      13-20.4 1499
      21-28.4 1799
      29.4-7.5 1999
      8-18.5 2499

      and they say that 1499 is 50% off from final price, so it means that after 18.5 it will be 2998..
      Shiping to EU is 300 usd
      Price must be payed before delivery and delivery date is early July

      And in my country there is 22% VAT, so that means that even if I order now, the final price will be 2194 usd :(

    10. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 13

      Kat VR mini 1500$ now ans 2500 $ on may....

    11. Missing avatar

      Carsten on April 11

      sure.. last login here on KS: Sep 4 2017

    12. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 11

      I sent a mail to Cyberith, I got an answer today.

      " Dear David,

      we are working full steam ahead in order to become able to deliver the Virtualizers to you and the other Kickstarter Backers as soon as possible. 

      We are aware that the waiting has been very long already and we are sorry for all the unexpected delays. It has not been easy for us too...
      Nevertheless, we are fully up for delivering the units and we hope, that we will be able to announce a proper schedule soon.

      All the best,
      Holger "

      Not THE answer we are waiting.

    13. Missing avatar

      LiMiT on April 9

      @Kamal Taibi, Any news?

    14. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 8

      I realized 10 minutes ago that Cyberith still exists, and they work, I saw it on fb. How can they ignore us like that. Cyberith and kickstarter don't accept their responsabilities. Still disgusted....
      Nous news of the court?

    15. Missing avatar

      david loppion on April 6

      Any news? @Kristoffer Pöpperling yes the katvr mini will have a kickstarter soon. They already deliver their last product, so they seem more honnest than Cyberith.

    16. Antonio Ochoa Nieto on April 5

      So any news on the Verdict also for the guy who paid for the sixense via the site. How's that going I also did that too. But it's been 4 years now. So not sure if I can even get my money back.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on April 4

      So, what was the verdict today?

    18. Laudrac on April 4

      Thanks good to know what they thinking about KS. Good explanation to calm your self down, but worthless. I expect they still hope that the material cost drops so heavilly that they can produce our HW. At one point they could print our Virtualizer. 😂

    19. Missing avatar

      david loppion on March 31

      Ok he is the CEO...

    20. Missing avatar

      david loppion on March 31

      Hi @Tim, excuse me but who is Holger Hager exactly?
      But how does je justifies the kickstarter itself? I mean we paid for something, for a physical product, not to allow them a fucking B2B.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tim on March 29

      I spoke to Holger Hager on the phone. In short, he justifies not delivering to KS backers because that was their consumer product and the one he is selling now is their B2B product. I told him that he re-branded as a formality to rip off the backers backed to be first to receive. He denies this, he says due to the Kickstarter terms and conditions he does not need to deliver by any fixed date or provide a refund, he is pretending that his company is currently selling a completely different product. He is a pathetic low life, who stole money to fund his company and is now blatantly selling the product. Kickstarter also needs to take responsibility for taking part in enabling a system that has stolen an un-unprecedented amount of money from people.

    22. Laudrac on March 28

      So next Week is the hearing. Good luck to all of you.

    23. Googolkhan on March 27

      @Kamal Taibi - Best wishes for the last hearing ... fingers crossed :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Kamal Taibi on March 19

      @procrash, there will be a last court hearing on April 4th. The Judge will make then a decision.

    25. Missing avatar

      procrash on March 15

      Are there any updates on the case already?

    26. xyTec-Games (N.R) on March 12

      Hello Guys!

      I asked really many attorneys, almost all told me the same...
      We could cause a year-long legal battle but in the end we will not get the virtualizer neither the money back....

      What else would have been if we had all ordered directly on the homepage?! I think because of the law that Cyberith gave a refund to those people or the product itself!

      I bought the Stemsystem 2014 directly from the homepage of sixense and I am currently fighting to get my money back ... I'm just waiting for the answer from sixense before my attorney get active.
      But here as a kickstarter backer the chance is very low to do something legal
      They already knew why they opened a Kickstarter project for the virtualizer!
      Young students who have no plan of a company or finances!

      With best regards from Austria!

    27. Antonio Ochoa Nieto on February 20

      @kamal taibi. Man I really hope you get everything you have spent back and with interest. Pretty sure the rest of us our fu@k since day one.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kamal Taibi on February 16

      I spoke with the judge this morning. My solicitor, Cyberith's solicitor and Holger Hager (CEO) were there as well. We had a translator who has helped us for the communication.

      There will be another court hearing on April 4th.

      I can not say more for the time being. This lawsuit is still ongoing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Carsten on February 15

      good luck @ Kamal!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on February 15

      Best of luck for tomorrow @Kamal; Greatly admire your persistence and really impressive you're actually going to Austria to meet the judge - I really hope you get justice for all those involved in the legal case. Once all is done and dusted I think we all have the collective responsibility to ensure Tuncay Cakmak and Co never work in the industry (or work full stop, for that matter) again - very easily achieved.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kamal Taibi on February 13

      @procrash, Laudrac, the court hearing is scheduled on February 16th.

    32. Missing avatar

      procrash on February 13

      Any updates?

    33. Laudrac on February 13

      No updates on the legal case?

    34. Laudrac on January 26

      There is no refund they are out of money. Tried already 3 to 4 years ago after there first delay. They burned our money right after they got it.

    35. Nadim Alam on January 24

      Is there any updates on getting a refund for this??

    36. Pink-Pummy
      on January 20

      After the Omni failed to deliver to european backers I had high hopes in Cyberith's Virtualizer to fill the gap, with a possibly superior product even. Sad to see that years later still no units have been delivered. If you can't deliver the product, because it turned out to be way too expensive to manufacture for private users, then I'd at least like to formally request a refund.

    37. Farhad Abdi on January 18

      Any update on the court case?

    38. Minoru TODA on January 17

      Looks like Cybershoes is different technology compared to whatever Cyberith had.
      It is a VR adaptation of 40+ year old proven technology.

    39. Laudrac on January 16

      I am done with technical products on KS they never deliver and don’t have the cuts to tell you. This project is just one of many I have followed on KS and it’s always the same at some point after many years the finally inform the people that they screwed.

    40. Minoru TODA on January 15

      I have been contacted by a guy who works for (valid URL) on Facebook, that makes shoes that can convert seated leg movement into locomotion using gamepad emulation.
      They are going to have their own kickstarter campaign soon.

      The catch is, they operate out of Vienna, Austria (they do not seem related though).

    41. Laudrac on December 15

      @Chris No i don't think they got the full ammount that was the reason Cyberith got in trouble. The Company promissing 1M$ stoped payment of the money halfway and Cyberith run out of cash to produce our HW. Atleast based on what Cyberith communicated long ago. Since then Cyberith tried to find other investors witout real success hence the B2B model to survive.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kamal Taibi on December 14

      @Chris Jarram - I have got the official summons from the St. Pölten Court in Austria. I had to go the local Court office in my country. We used a video-conference tool. I spoke to the Judge.

      There is a second Court Hearing in St. Pölten on February 16th, 2018.
      This time, I will travel to Austria and meet the Judge.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on December 14

      Over 1.8 million dollars handed to these morons and they don't even answer to backers. Definately fair to say Tuncay Cakmak is a fucking buffoon...

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on December 14

      So what happened yesterday then... did the bearded weirdo actually turn up?

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on December 14

      @Kamal... I thought it obvious that was a rhetorical question ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      LiMiT on December 13

      if you quote, don't change the statement behind the text!!

      i NEVER said they should build a virtualizer for us.
      We backed for a virtualizer in an early state (protoype) without all the features like "plug and play" stuff...
      And yes i was waiting patiently, but after i got ignored for over 2 years by the developer now, i cannot accept it anymore...

      i don't want the Virtualizer being delivered now... i just want a developer TALKING to his backers that backed over 360k $ ... and they are hiding since 2 years....
      Last Login to kickstarter 4th of september!!

    47. Missing avatar

      edzieba on December 13

      "We didn't give them money to build and create a toy for buisiness-sales only. We gave them our money to create the Virtualizer for us!"
      No, you gave them money to develop a product, which is exactly what they've done. Kickstarter is not store, rewards are not guaranteed payouts. If you back expecting them, you shouldn't be backing at all. No sane backer would expect them to commit to a quixotic attempt to produce a few percent of the rewards then fold due to lack of capital, rather than produce them at a sustainable price to build capital to produce at a later date. Option 1 means most people get nothing, option 2 means everyone gets the product at a much later date (as if Kickstarters ever deliver on time anyway).

      @Farhad Abdi
      Probably some degree of amusement. Most supporters are just waiting quietly as normal business development occurs, and a handful have been taken in by a low-effort scammer claiming to be running a lawsuit for an up-front fee (I've yet to see them even post any links to public filing documents).

    48. Missing avatar

      procrash on December 12

      Where does the court hearing take place?

    49. Farhad Abdi on December 11

      I wonder how it makes Cyberith feel, when their earliest fans and supporters takes them to court. The very same people who believed in them so much that they give them their hard earned money.

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