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A film about a mother’s mental illness and suicide, mothering with that legacy, and holding on to people while also letting them go.
216 backers pledged $30,514 to help bring this project to life.

We're more than halfway there!

Posted by Kathy Leichter (Creator)


We wanted you, the KICKSTARTER BACKERS OF HERE ONE DAY, to be the first to know that we have raised more than $ 12,600 in pledges towards our $ 25,000 goal. Thanks to you, we are more than halfway there!

Over 80 of you have pledged to help us finish the film through this campaign. We are so grateful. And thanks to you, our amazing family of HERE ONE DAY heroes keeps growing! Our pledges have come from folks as young as eleven years old and from as far as Austria and France!

Since last week we received some nice press through my alma mater, Cornell University, who posted an article about us on their blog, called 'A Daughter's Loss.' We're in touch with more bloggers who want to write about us including one in Australia and another in England! The word is spreading far and wide! Please continue to forward us your ideas for media outreach and for spreading the word to your community.

Our next challenge is to raise the remaining funds to reach $ 25,000 and we have two weeks to do it. We are very optimistic about succeeding because with your help we are reaching more and more people by the minute through emails, facebook, blogs, and yes, even the ancient methods of telephone calls and in-person conversations! I know from my relationships with many of you that it is our connection and your connection with others and the themes of this film that have inspired many of you to pledge. So, the more we can reach out to people we know and love and share our passion for this film, the more our community will grow. I know many of you have already done this and I thank you.


1. Spread the Word! Send an email to your friends, family, and colleagues with a short, heartfelt endorsement of the film and the link to our Kickstarter fundraising page: 

2. Does Your Company Match Gifts? Corporate Matching Programs can contribute a major part of the dollars needed to complete HERE ONE DAY. If your company makes matching gifts, please contact us to facilitate the process.

3. Help Us Become a Featured Campaign on the Kickstarter Homepage. We've reached out to Kickstarter to feature our project and think it would be helpful if you, as part of our amazing community of backers, gave them a little nudge. It's simple. Just post the below letter into an email and send to Adding a personal message as to why you believe in this film will make your email that much more powerful. 

4. Send us a comment on the Kickstarter Campaign Page: by going to the "Comments" tab of the page. Share your personal stories, thoughts, questions, news or simply a "Hello!" to keep our page active. Also if you have specific questions about what's going on behind the scenes that you're itching to ask we'd be happy to answer them.

Thanks again for all your efforts in helping us to finish the film. Every day as your pledges come in we give a hoot of "hooray" in the edit room. As we sit in the cutting room, deciding what shots and sound bites to put in or take out, it means so much to us to know that you are backing us not only with your pledges, but with your support, love, and belief in us and the story we are telling. This is huge.


We will be sending out a newsletter later today with similar updates which you will receive if you have joined our mailing list, but we wanted you, our beloved backers, to receive this breaking news first. 

With my deepest gratitude,



Dear Kickstarter,

I am currently backing a campaign on your site called HERE ONE DAY. I believe in this film because__________________.

I’m writing to ask that you feature Here One Day on the Kickstarter home page.

Here’s why:

1.    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health issues are often cast aside because they linger beneath people’s visible exteriors, however, these disorders they are very real and need to be brought to the public’s attention for prevention, safety, and recovery. The taboos around talking about mental illness and suicide are still far too strong in our culture and we believe that this film, and media in general is a powerful, effective way to break the silence. By featuring HERE ONE DAY you would be contributing to this month's national effort to raise mental health awareness and also helping to shatter these lasting, harmful taboos.  

2.    The film, shot by Kirsten Johnson, winner of the 2010 Excellence in Cinematography Award at The Sundance Film Festival, is visually extraordinary. By incorporating parts of the trailer, the Kickstarter video exposes Johnson’s masterful skill in producing absolutely spectacular footage.

3.    This Kickstarter campaign has great momentum. We have reached our halfway mark with 15 days left and we are still going strong!

Thank you for considering this request!


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