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A film about a mother’s mental illness and suicide, mothering with that legacy, and holding on to people while also letting them go.

HERE ONE DAY is a haunting, beautiful documentary that explores the effect of my mother’s bipolar disorder and suicide on our family. WE NEED YOUR HELP to complete this film in time for a premier screening with the American Psychiatric Association in October and to get the movie out into the world. 


Over 150 people from all over the world have pledged more than $ 28,000 to HERE ONE DAY during Mental Health Awareness Month. We can't believe we are at this point. The response has been that incredible. We are so grateful.

Kickstarter is a great way to have "kick-started" our $ 100,000 Finish The Film Campaign. We are thrilled. Now, with a week to go, we want to keep climbing!! The more we raise, the more we can maintain the momentum in the edit room and get closer to the finish line.

Every $ 5,000 is another two weeks of editing and a lot of magic can happen in two weeks!

We are now aiming for 200 backers when our campaign ends on the morning of June 1st.  We need help from new and past supporters now more than ever. I know we can do it with your help. Please tell your friends, family, and colleagues to check out our KICKSTARTER PAGE and pledge.

Backers simply can't lose — when you pledge to this project you get both the satisfaction of knowing you are part of an ever-growing community of incredible people that enabled HERE ONE DAY to see the light of day plus meaningful gifts as our way of showing our gratitude.


1. Make a pledge today via Kickstarter. Please check out the donation tiers to your right to see how we are thanking our donors. International donors please add shipping fees to your pledge amount.

2. Spread the word! Join our 500+ (and growing) network of committed supporters by becoming a HERE ONE DAY Ambassador and telling your friends, family and social networks about our Kickstarter campaign. Ambassadors who successfully rally 3 or more people to donate to our Kickstarter campaign will star in a feature article on our blog. Send the URL of this page with a heartfelt endorsement to everyone you know!

Ambassadors who encourage 5 or more people to donate $ 50 or more each will receive extra goodies like tickets to film festival screenings, posters, or HERE ONE DAY DVD’s. We would also love to discuss partnering with your organization and community to help get the word out about HERE ONE DAY. We are master collaborators!

The HERE ONE DAY campaign has moved many to write in and share their stories, creating a vital on-line community of support. Please visit to read these powerful testimonies, or even share your own. We love hearing from you.


In the early morning of February 6th, 1995, after a decades-long struggle with bipolar disorder, my mother, Nina Leichter, committed suicide by jumping out of a window. I was twenty-eight. This event shattered my world. Suddenly, the magnetic, alluring, brilliant, emotionally volatile person whom I had been trying to hold on to all of my life was gone forever. And this time there would be no getting her back.

Shot by my dear friend, Kirsten Johnson, winner of last year’s Excellence in Cinematography Award at The Sundance Film Festival, this unsensationalized, jaw-droppingly beautiful film paints a captivating, intimate portrait of my family as we try to come to terms with my mother's life and death, raise a new generation, and rekindle joy in our lives.


  • Reach millions across the globe through targeted theatrical release, international and national television broadcasts, film festivals, educational distribution, a vital on-line presence, and grassroots community screenings.
  • Reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and people with mental illness, increase understanding, break the silence, and create empathy;
  • Give voice to those who have, or know someone with, bipolar disorder and mitigate the isolation these families can feel; and
  • Provide a forum for discussions about mental illness, suicide, loss, family history, mother-loss, and motherless mothers.


Organizations across America are working hard this May to raise awareness about mental health and we are joining in this effort. Please contribute to our film as a way to participate. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in every 4 of us develops one or more mental disorders at some stage in life. Yet, as many as two-thirds of us with a diagnosable mental disorder do not seek treatment for fear of being stigmatized or lack of awareness. In 90% of suicides, mental illness is the attributing cause. If you are committed to ending the silence and stigma surrounding suicide, increasing understanding about mental illness, and helping to create an international community of support, then help us finish our film. Become a HERE ONE DAY HERO!

Consider honoring a lost loved one when you donate. You can contribute in her or his name and include their photo or name in our In Memory Of Wall, a beautiful on-line photo album of lost loved ones that we are creating virtually and printing for high-level donors. 


1) Editing: Working with our talented editor, Pola Rapaport, we are currently cutting Director of Photography Kirsten Johnson’s spectacular footage into scenes and structuring the story. What we are making is powerful, provocative, and unusual. Sometimes it even brings us to tears. Editing a film like this is extraordinary but costly and your contributions will ensure that this utterly vital part of the process continues.

2) Screenings: We've already been invited to screen the finished full length feature at the APA's 63rd Institute on Psychiatric Services in San Francisco this October.  The Institute will be attended by over 1,500 mental health professionals from around the globe. The meeting is a perfect venue for the film and we are truly honored to participate with your support.

3) Film Festival Entries: We are under the gun to have the film completed in time for submission to the Sundance Film Festival and other festivals this fall. (Psst, donors to the Kickstarter campaign can also receive tickets to our future Sundance premiere in January!*) We also need funds to submit the film to other festivals around the globe to build our audience and increase awareness of the film and our mission.

4) Finishing Touches like Music, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Titles, Video finishing.

5) Spreading The Word: I'm enlisting the help of a fantastic team which includes Assistant Associate Producer Noelle K. Barnes to do outreach for the film and begin to schedule screenings. The film is already in demand and we want to get it out into the world NOW!

So please join our incredible community of supporters and donate to HERE ONE DAY now.  Welcome. It's an exciting journey. And we are ever so grateful that you are now a part of it.

Thank you.

Kathy and the Here One Day Production Team



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