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Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
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New Art, Backer Kit Surveys, Pre-Alpha Release, NPC and CEO Questionnaires & more…


Hello Everyone!

It's been a whirlwind month at the Juggernaut and we’re really excited to share some updates with you. We’ve been working on a ton of new stuff including a lot of amazing collaborations with backers in the NPC, Robot & CEO tiers. There’s a thread going on the StarCrawlers forums for content creators to post their WIPs and final screenshots, so everyone should head over and share your images and/or just take a look at the work of your fellow backers, who are a very creative and talented bunch! 

New Environments and Enemies

We've been working on lots of new environment and character art these last few weeks and we wanted to show some of it off! One area that’s seen a lot of work are the Class A decks on the Stella Marin colony ships. These parts of the ship are home to wealthier passengers and are much more luxurious than the other environments we've shown you so far. The new environment types will also feature their own unique mobs, like the B-473s Butler Bot. He cleans, tends bar, serves drinks and even comes equipped with a party mode for when things get a little more festive :)

Like many service bots on the Stella Marin, he’s a little more aggressive than he should be. He may not look intimidating, but he definitely knows how to get the party started. Don’t underestimate him!

Pre-Alpha Invites

If you are in the pre-alpha tier, you should have already received an invitation to create a pre-alpha account on our website. If for some reason you haven’t, please check your spam folders to make sure it didn’t end up there. If you can’t locate it, send me an email at and I’ll send you another :). 

Backer Kit Surveys 

You should have all received your backer kit surveys by now. If for some reason you haven’t, please check your spam folders or email me to resend it. 

We’re hoping to lock down backer kit next Friday, so if you haven’t completed your survey or if you were hoping to add something else to your order, please go ahead and do it soon! 

NPC and CEO backers 

If you pledged to create and NPC or a corporation you should have already received a questionnaire from me about your creation. If you have NOT received a questionnaire, check your spam or then email me to resend it. 

Kickstart this!

Treachery in Beatdown City is a fun looking Double Dragon style combat game by a fellow indie! You should head over there right now and give them some Kickstarter love if you haven’t already. You might even spot the Juggernaut mascot getting into the brawling spirit :)

Beyond Kickstarter

Now that the furor of Kickstarter has died down, we are finally settling into our groove and getting back into intense development mode. We'll be making occasional updates here (about every month) on the Kickstarter page, but we'll be transitioning to using the StarCrawler forums for much of our communications with backers, so please stop by if you haven't already and set up an account!

As always, thanks so much to our backers for your enthusiasm and support for StarCrawlers! We all feel incredibly fortunate that we have the opportunity to work on this game and we could never have gotten here without you!

<3 Elena & Juggernaut

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    1. Trisha Baby on May 3, 2014

      Sorry for the late comment, but awesome update! So exciting! ^__^

    2. monkeygrudge on April 26, 2014

      i do not appear to have received my backer kit...

    3. ThomasN on April 25, 2014

      Always nice to see somebody cleaning up after mopping the floor with you.

    4. Matthew Hunt on April 24, 2014

      All looking good so far.

      Cheers for the update.