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Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
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StarCrawlers! Only 2 weeks left - Mid-Campaign Update!


Just two weeks left and we’re 97% of the way to the funding goal. That’s crazy close! In today’s update: Combat Update #3 (with video!), PayPal support, the official StarCrawlers wiki, becoming an NPC, info for international backers, and love for an awesome Kickstarter project.

Combat Update #3 is below and all in real-time video action. Please note this is pre-alpha footage: all abilities, items, numbers, etc are works in progress and subject to change. Let us know what you think! is now setup with support for PayPal - if you’ve got friends who are unable to support via Kickstarter, please let them know about Any funding we receive via the PayPal widget will be added to the Kickstarter total (once we clear 100%!) and will help count towards stretch goals. Please note the Kickstarter page total will not reflect this, but we’ll include the running total in updates.

We’re very excited to announce we’ve partnered with Curse.sites to create the Official StarCrawlers Wiki! We can’t wait to work with the community to help fill out this compendium of Crawler knowledge:

For our backers in the GET IN THE GAME, CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE, MISSION FABRICATOR & COLLECTOR’S EDITION TIERS - we’ve gotten several questions about special requests for the NPC portraits. We want you to know that we’ll do our best to accommodate you guys so you get a portrait you’re happy with! Say for example, you’re a ship captain - chiseled jaw, dreamy eyes, the whole ruggedly handsome package. But, you’re rarely seen outside your ship without your favorite brown coat. The coat is your signature piece - you don’t feel like yourself without it, and you’re really set on having it featured in your NPC portrait.

 When you send us your image, you can be pictured with the accessory of your choice - hat, shirt, scarf, whatever you fancy! We’ll do our best to add it to your portrait, provided it’s setting- appropriate. No cosplay please - Mal/Nathan is being used by way of pop culture example, he won’t actually be in the game. (Unless he wanted to :D)

For our international backers in the RECON and RECON elite tiers. We’ve spoken with Kickstarter and there’s no way they can remove that pesky $1 shipping charge. We’re sorry about the inconvenience, but luckily there’s a quick and easy workaround! Click on “manage my pledge” and select the $20 reward instead of the reward from your current tier. When we send out the backer survey at the end of the campaign, you can select alpha or beta access as an add-on according to your pledge amount - You’ll get all the rewards for the correct price!


We wanted to also take a moment to tell you about another great Kickstarter going on! Nevermind is a horror adventure that takes you into the minds of disturbed patients, challenging you to puzzle out the mysteries of the tortured human psyche all while controlling your own fear response. Losing your cool will trigger the game’s biofeedback response, ratcheting up the difficulty level and creating an even more terrifying experience. What! This is an innovative project that we’d love to see funded (we backed it!) Plus, it sounds like a really fun, and scary, experience. Check it out:

 As always, thank you for your support and CHEERS!

- George & Juggernaut Games

Ps. He's coming fer ya!

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    1. Trisha Baby on February 28, 2014

      2 weeks left and you're already fully funded! That's so awesome! YAYS! I'm so honored to be backing this project and wish you continued support for those stretch goals! ^__^

    2. Lars H on February 28, 2014

      Nice Update. Like the look and the game mechanics very much.

    3. Todd Kolbuck on February 28, 2014

      Great video! Looking forward to part two.

    4. ekster on February 28, 2014

      I like this update. Looking forward to the game a lot more now!

    5. Matthew Farmery on February 28, 2014

      Nice indeed, nice video, and the combat looks good, that helps a lot to explain how the combat looks like and hopefully might get more people to support this project.

    6. Zoronden on February 27, 2014

      Mal/Nathan must be in the game! How much for that stretch goal!?

    7. Bryy Miller on February 27, 2014

      Love the Fillion, droppin' the Hammer.

    8. Liderian on February 27, 2014

      Nice video! It's good to see some of the game in action!
      I will say a few things though. I know it's still very much work in progress, but right now many of the menu buttons feel too big and more like what you'd need in a mobile game. Also, I think you could have the buttons for the different skills directly on the screen in combat instead of using the radial dial. You might also want to select the first available enemy automatically, so the user doesn't have to target it themselves for each character.
      But that's enough criticizing for now, still looking very good!