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Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
Lead a crew of freelance adventurers & navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi dungeon crawl
3,652 backers pledged $100,278 to help bring this project to life.

Kickstarter Final Dev Update - StarCrawlers is launching May 16th!


Hello backers! If you haven’t already been playing in Early Access on Steam or InDev on, get ready - StarCrawlers v1.0 is launching on May 16th. Want to see what’s coming? Have a trailer!  

We’ve been quiet working away during Crunch Time (super fun) on the final content, and it’s finally ready. Thank you everyone for being patient with us! If you haven't been patient with us, that's cool too, we love you. It turns out making games takes some time, and we may have ended up adding a few things above and beyond the original scope of funding, but we couldn’t resist. :D 

If you have not redeemed your key, access your Backerkit page at and login using your original Kickstarter email. Keys for digital rewards can be found in the Digital Downloads section. If you have any questions on the process - just let us know with a direct message through Kickstarter.

You can immediately download the Early Access build or wait until May 16th when it will automatically update to version 1.0. With the final patch of Early Access, we’ve added a lot of additional content based on player feedback and suggestions during development. A few of the upcoming features in the final patch include :

  • Boss Mode - Elite boss mobs have deployed to procedurally-generated missions along with unique abilities, squad makeups, and loot.
  • Collectible Lore Items - Scattered around maps, hidden lore loot reveals additional info about the corps and can be compiled into dossiers for a reward.
  • Achievements - 30+ Steam achievements are live with this update (more at launch) and we're working with for Galaxy achievements for launch.
  • Class Abilities - During Early Access and InDev we've received tons of feedback and suggestions on class abilities and mechanics - the latest patch brings something new or improved for every class in combat.
  • Mob Abilities - With the addition of elemental damage, and now elemental effects, player classes have been annihilating mobs in a variety of ways. In this patch, the mobs bite back with new and improved abilities and tactics.
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Preview : Class Artifacts - you're the first to know this is coming, so keep it secret, ok? At launch, each class will be able to collect components for and construct a unique legendary Class Artifact that can be adapted to their specialization.

For the full patch notes :

As always, thank you for your support, patience, and above all, FEEDBACK. We're tired, excited, and ready (very ready) to launch StarCrawlers v1.0!



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    1. Matthew Hunt on

      Awesome News!

      Sad I missed out on a few of the rewards I backed for, but really glad to see the game come to life!

      Kudos Juggernaut Games!

    2. David Bruno on

      Messaged a few times about getting my likeness in the game per the "GET IN THE GAME" tier, but haven't heard back.

    3. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      The key I got in Backerkit doesn't look like a key.
      When will we recieve the DRM-Free key we pledged for?

    4. Raphael S. Neto on

      Congrats!! I've only played a little bit InDev but have been following all the changelog since and it's huge! Looking forward for a fantastic game! =D

    5. Todd Kolbuck on

      Fantastic! I have been avoiding the early access, and I can't wait to see my corp in the game!! Best of luck, hope the game does well!

    6. AKASlaphappy

      woohoo look forward to launch

    7. ThomasN on

      Wicked! Monitoring the changelog results you being one of the few KS projects working hard so let's hope even the fantasy plebs will honor such a fine sci-fi title! To the future!

    8. Dablue

      Congrats my friends =) Cant wait to be among the first to play the full version.. and may it be such a huge success that unlimited updates will follow / are able to follow!

    9. Patrick on

      Haven'y played since early beta but had a lot of fun then, looking forward to getting stuck in to the full release! Thanks for all your time!

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Congratulations. It's a crawler. :)
      Thank you for taking to time to give this baby a real good start instead of rushing it out.
      I am looking so forward to see the results and hope the game will get its share of mod support as well as patches from you, e.g. localization's.
      I wish Juggernaut everything well as I will see to stir the word of the release. :)

    11. Remember Citadel on

      Amazing job guys and girls! I love dungeon crawling and am proud to be a backer. Haven't played it yet so can't wait to get started on GOG Galaxy in May :) (achievement support very much appreciated!!)

    12. Killerko on

      Congrats on release! It was a long ride.. haven't played the game in a long time so looking forward to give it a try again :)

    13. Dragoler on

      Wonderful game I backed on Kickstarter.... Space Dungeon Crawler, yes, but the game have a bit of developers heart!

      I have a small question. Plans for translation the game other languages after final release?

    14. Rune M on

      Excellent news. This was the 4th project I backed on KS, and (after a long break) I've just backed my 100th project, so it'll be nice to be able to cross this one off.

      I haven't been following the development closely, but wasn't there talk of an Xbox version down the line? Or am I confusion projects?

    15. Katsu on

      Can't wait to see my auto *polites* in action!