CA$ 51,424
pledged of CA$ 20,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 8 2017
CA$ 51,424
pledged of CA$ 20,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 8 2017

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    1. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Sven and John For now our plan is still to go directly into distribution but if our plans change in the upcoming months we'll let you know about it here and on our social medias!

    2. John van Schaik on

      So is mini divercity going to be a blitz kickstarter as well to get you going and to reward the people here for being patient till 2018 to get the boardgame kickstarter? :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Sven Stratmann

      The most people i know don't use facebook incl. myself. Some information on this site will been good too.

    4. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      Hi Matthew and Russonc, we are still working hard on the project to allow you to have a game in your hands! We'll post some update via our page on Facebook as well if you'd like to follow.

    5. Russonc

      Saw this at Gen Con... looks like they are still on track to re-launch in a month or 2. Looking forward to this one...

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew B. on

      Fall is now approaching, any word? The last production was so nice, everything I have seen looks great. Hoping to see something someday.

    7. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on


      Summer is indeed approaching! Rest assured, we will inform you when the time for a relaunch comes! :D

    8. Russonc

      Summer approaching... I miss this game and hope it's on it's way back soon...
      (for you in the Southern hemisphere.... Winter is approaching....... I've heard that someplace else...hummm.... )

    9. Missing avatar

      Stone on

      To be continued... ;)

    10. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @John Glad that you think we took the right decision, we'll be back in the months to come with a better product / game, so stay tuned!

    11. John W Inman II on

      I have to say i was on the fence about canceling my backing of this game. Thanks for cancelling the project and making my mind up for me.

    12. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      Yes, updates will be sent to you via email when we are ready to launch :)

      @kei @Bpock @dlampron @Carolynn
      Thanks for your continued interest in the game! Like Arnold would say, we'll be back!

    13. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Govotsos

      Sorry to see this cancelled after doing so well :( Glad that it's coming back better than ever :)

      Will there be an email newsletter or some other way for people who don't do social media to be notified of the relaunch? Do updates still get sent out if a project has been canceled? If so that might be one way.

    14. Missing avatar


      My partner and I are so sad to see this cancelled, but will be eagerly awaiting the relaunch as this really does look like an amazing game.

      As already mentioned you doubled your funding, so I won't pretend that I understand your decision - but then I've never made a game before.

      Don't let this one disappear. People definitely want it. There's been some tough competition with rising sun followed by gloomhaven. Good luck and hope to be back in a couple of months

    15. dlampron on

      Sad and glad that you postponed this kickstarter; this week backers were coming in & out and this project deserves much more attention & money. Quodd Heroes by Ryan Iler did the same due to wrong timing and it came back way stronger with plenty of goodies/strech goals. Waiting for the relaunch 'more goodies :-)' !

      Are you planning to merge DiverCity & DiverCity Deluxe to offer a single reward 'discounted deluxe' ?

      If helpful my only criticism would be to push the main board illustrations even more ie. update the island illustrations and top view for the boat 'see Insel Expedition'. I do love the corals you added and the updated species tracker 'faded' on the main board.

      In the meantime visit your local game store to get BrilliAnts :-)

    16. Bpock on

      I'm just so glad the double-sided board will be right from the start haha. ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      kei.cozy on

      Hi. As I mentioned earlier I am willing to help translation for this game.
      I will back the relaunched version again.
      So see you again.

    18. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      We will update everyone who participated in this campaign, rest assured!

      As for the stretch goals, we are including them in the base game right away when we relaunch, so don't worry, we did not cancel because too many of them were reached, we're including them for free next time! ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      dmarech on

      It s difficult to understand this choice because the game was supposed to be ready. I hope this project was not cancelled because too many strechts goals were reached :( please, send me an email when the game will be back in Kickstarter.

    20. Russonc

      I'll be back... get your ducks in a row, come back strong! Best of luck!

    21. Bpock on

      What a surprise! But reading your update, I understand! In the end, DiverCity will only be better, count me in for relaunch and please let us know!

    22. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Joshua Mills
      Sad to see you go! This game is still going to happen, we're simply re-working it based on the feedback we received, and that's because of the people who believed in our project! :)

      A few things would have been possible to rework on the go, but they kept pilling up, and along with a few structural issues like Early Birds which can't ever be changed (and which we believe are a bit unfair to those who stumble upon the campaign later on), that means that if we really want to deliver the best game possible, a relaunch was in order.

      When producing BrilliAnts we were faced with the same choices, delaying vs making a better game, and we chose to make the better and complete game, because that's our main objective in the end!

      You're welcome to check back on the campaign later, we will welcome you with open arms :)

    23. Joshua Mills on

      I won't be backing this a second time. You more than doubled your funding goal and hit some amazing stretch goals. people obviously believed in this game.

    24. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      For those who wish to keep track of the relaunch progress, have questions on the game or wish to discuss it, a facebook group is available to discuss the game. Everyone is welcome!…

    25. AcesofDeath7 on

      See you at the relaunch!

    26. Dabiglulu on

      Bon courage !

    27. Dabiglulu on

      A très bientôt !

    28. Monkyky

      Très surprise de cette annulation!! :(

      Hâte de vous retrouver pour votre reboot de DiverCity!! :-)

    29. trufflesteng

      No! :(

    30. Russonc

      @Maria Schmidt; shortly after the campaign they will send out a survey of some sort. That is where you will provide what any add-on funds are for and a shipping address. As far as whether they can ship to multiple addresses, you may want to send a private message to ask that. (Go up to Maxime Tardif above next to "created by" and click, then click the "contact me" to send a message directly)

    31. Missing avatar

      Maria Schmidt on

      Hi, If I want more than one copy I just add the difference and you will know from the total what to send? And they will all ship to one address correct? If I want them to ship to different addresses I would need to back the games singly? It looks beautiful and I am excited to play it.

    32. Bpock on

      Yeahh, I will do that this week-end too! :)

    33. Missing avatar

      kei.cozy on

      Thank you. I will go over the current rulebook and prepare for the translation.

    34. Russonc

      Love to see a couple more SGs knocked out! Time for morning clicking of Kicktraq to see if we can get back into the "hot list".

    35. trufflesteng

      @maxime thanks!

    36. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @trufflesteng That's something we'll check, that could make sense indeed and it's not hard to change! Thanks for the comment, well appreciated!

    37. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Kei This is great, we'll PM you about that, that is something that could be done indeed!

    38. trufflesteng

      @maxime, understand that and im fine with the grid being in that orientation, but cant the animals be at least lying parallel to the long edge of the board so we dun have to turn our heads sideways (and strain our necks!) Haha. Not complaining or anything, just requesting :)

    39. Missing avatar

      kei.cozy on

      Hi. Congrats on successful funding.
      I'm backer from Japan.
      Since I love board games and scuba diving, the game looks awesome.
      If you are interested in rulebook translation in Japanese, let me know.
      So far I have done several translation for boardgames that are backed by KS.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

    40. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @trufflesteng Good question, we thought of it as well, but since we wanted a different board configuration, we needed to move the scale this way! If we put the scale back where it was, we would have the exact same board in the end.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mndy on

      Remember to click this link a few times a day to keep us on the hotlist, the game and the makers deserve the recognition!!

    42. trufflesteng

      @Maxime small question about the double sided board! Saw the PDF of the board, looks good but I was wondering if we could have the pictures of the species orientated properly? right now, they are all facing east!

    43. Jason on

      "Glad to have you on board!"
      More like overboard... underwater... saving the little fishies :)

    44. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Morten Glad to have you on board!

    45. Morten Notodden on

      @Maxime Tardif - No problemo, I'm desperate for a good and unique co-op and got a bonus paycheck at work so I can take an economical hit with little ill effects. This time :P

    46. Martyn Poole on

      @Gregg thanks that means a lot. I know you wont be dissapointed in this game :D

    47. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Morten As Russonc said, EU friendly means that we pay the VAT and the customs, but sadly it is more expensive to ship in some countries than others, we've learned from our first game BrilliAnts and this is something we need to take into account.

    48. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Mndy, Stuart, Russonc and Bpock This is great, another stretch goal unlocked!! Good job, a lot of shares and likes over these facebook posts, thanks to all our backers!

    49. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @MomGamer Wow, nice comment, really happy that you liked BrilliAnts and that it made your kid interested in knowing more about ants, this is really great! Thank you for supporting both BrilliAnts and DiverCity! You'll see that DiverCity is as fun as BrilliAnts, even if they are two completely different games in the end!

    50. Maxime Tardif 3-time creator on

      @Gregg Senko That's awesome, thanks for you support, really glad you liked the interview!

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