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Heatit is an open-source electronics platform to precisely output high current. It is designed to be powerful, modular and compact!
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all good

Posted by the Heatit Team (Creator)

Hi there, we have resolved the issue. The problem was caused because of the crazy small size of the boards -- and populating them with components is a real challenge! You will see it soon, how packed they are. The boards have been tested an approved. We are expecting them back this week, so will we start the shipping as well. Thanks!


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    1. Six on

      what gadget and ursm said...

    2. Missing avatar

      ursm on

      nearly a month without any news (or bads) and also nothing received :(

    3. Missing avatar

      gadget on

      Nothing received yet. Am starting to lose confidence.

    4. Missing avatar

      Radosław Nielek on

      I look for with moderate optimism, as we still don’t have boards (only a promise of sending it in near future). Ambitious project = delays. That’s obvious for me. My only objection to the management of this project is that you didn’t share any specific information. I (and probably many other peoples) wanted to hear what kind of issues you faced and how you solved it. It’s good for learning but I could also be good for project because many supporters (community members) are probably quite experienced in board design, soldering, manufacturing etc.

    5. the Heatit Team Creator on

      Thanks for all the comments.
      I agree with Six, I think there are two kinds of projects on Kickstarter -- the ones that become main stream products that can afford the full time finance of a developer team and their goal is to have a (large) profit and a sustainable market by the end. The others are the ones that come from passion, are usually not profitable, and have small funds to fix errors -- with lots of money everything is possible within very short time. We made mistakes, everybody does (including not communicating more often, sorry about that). We soldered a lot, printed, debugged, designed, we learned web developing, we did almost everything ourselves -- often we stayed after midnight. But you know, it's worth it, to offer a product to creative minds is super exciting -
      and incorporating Heatit to our work as well : )

    6. Six on

      @Heatit Team Thank you for the update and looking forward to it

      @ursm/Charles - I can admittedly be a pretty harsh critic of some of the shenanigans that have become more prevalent on Kickstarter; In the case of the Heatit Team, unquestionably there should have been more transparency and communication, but more importantly, it is obvious that this project was about passion, not greed or deception.

      Hindsight is always 20/20 - I think Pascal summarized the lesson to be learned best in this recent post

    7. Charles Alvis on

      @ursm If you are adverse to delayed projects then perhaps Kickstarter is not the right platform for you. If the project creators felt that making the boards smaller is critical for the project then I fully support them. It's best to get it right the first time even if there are delays.

    8. the Heatit Team Creator on

      Size is an important feature esp. for wearable computing and product quality prototypes, or even products. This is something we were emphasizing from the very beginning.

    9. Missing avatar

      ursm on

      nobody asked you to shrink the borads. all problems and the resulting delay were made by your "challenges".