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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King is the all new companion edition of your favorite chibi board game!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
6,589 backers pledged $1,151,889 to help bring this project to life.

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Happy Friday! Gencon Excitement!


Happy Friday Explorers,

I am heading out of town this weekend so this week's update will be short and sweet.

Wave 2 Shipping

Wave 2 shipping is super simple: All regions are currently being shipped!

Several regions are nearing completion, we will let you know when that occurs. You should have your wonderful Wave 2 goodies soon. 


Gencon is the biggest event of the year, and Ninja Division and Soda Pop will be there in full force. Visit us at booth 1943 to get early release items that you may have missed out on during the Kickstarter. We'll also have new Super Dungeon T-Shirts and the Boo Booty USB Drive!

All items will also be available at the Soda Pop Store while Gencon is running. If you want a chance to get these items early mark your calendar for July 30 – August 2!

The Boo Booty USB Drive protects your data with vicious teeth and slobbering tongue. This 8gb drive will be available in strictly limited quantities: 150 Gencon, 150 PAX Prime, and 150 Soda Pop Store.

Until next week, may you always roll stars and—


Wave 2 Update


Hello Explorers!

We are in full Gencon preparation mode right now, and are already super excited to see you all in Indy this year! We have a lot of fun stuff that we can't wait to show you there!

But I know you just want your lovely Wave 2 updates, so lets get to it!

Wave 2

First we have a "disclaimer" for the Wave 2 shipping. Unlike the first wave of shipping, which only had 3 unique items to sort, pack, and ship, the second wave of shipping has 33. Additionally, people ordered many different combinations of these items. Meaning it will take longer for the fulfillment centers to move through all of the orders. 

It also creates the unfortunate reality that more complicated shipping and receiving increases the chances of shipping errors. As the receiving at each fulfillment center is completed, we get the list of errors or missing items, and are shipping out replacements from our warehouse in Boise. Our fulfillment centers will continue shipping even as we are sending this extra product.

Finally, please don't contact the fulfillment centers, they are all third party companies, and any time they spend fielding calls is time NOT spent packing orders. If you have a question about your order, please do not hesitate to contact Soda Pop.

Okay, lets look at our regional breakdown.

US: The fulfillment center has completed unpacking the containers and have begun shipping.

Central & South America: Shipments will begin from the US facility next week.

Canada: The fulfillment center will be unpacking the containers next week, and will begin shipping afterwards.

UK: The fulfillment center has received and unpacked the containers! Shipments should begin Monday.

EU: Customs has been cleared and will arrive at the fulfillment center early next week.

Asia: The shipping errors have delayed some folks, and we have reached out to them regarding the delay. If you are in Asia or New Zealand without your order and have not heard from us, please send an email to

Australia: Shipping is ongoing. As we mentioned before, this will take a bit of time. We will let you know once shipping is 100% complete. 

Replacement Parts

For those of you who have patiently been waiting on replacement parts for Wave 1, our stock of replacement parts will be arriving at our warehouse next week. We will begin shipping out the parts as soon they are unpacked and sorted.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Until next week, may you always roll stars and —


Happy 4th of July! Wave 2! Shirts!


Hello Explorers!

We hope you are all gearing up for a fun and fantastic 4th of July weekend — even if it's not a holiday for you! The office is closed today to celebrate Independance Day (US), but we couldn't miss our update. Let's get to it, I for one cannot wait for some beer and BBQ. ;)

Lets take a look at Wave 2.

US: The containers arrived at the fulfillment center yesterday, so shipments should start going out next week. It may take them a couple weeks to work through them since, unlike Wave 1, most of the orders are unique and there are a lot of them.  

CA: The trucks have picked up the containers and are enroute to the fulfillment center.

UK: At port, waiting on customs clearance. 

EU: At port, waiting on customs clearance. 

Asia: Apparently, the final 20ish orders I mentioned last week were the last few because there were problems with the orders. We spent this week working with the fulfillment center on sorting out the issue. (Apparently our Asian fulfillment was cursed by ancient evils.) If you are one of the affected orders you will be receiving an email by next Tuesday with details, so we can get you your order. 

Aside from those few packages, all fulfillment coming from Hong Kong has been shipped. If you have not already received your order, it's on its way!

Australia: The container has arrived at the fulfillment center and is being unpacked. Shipments should start going out next week!

If you're in need of some extra fun this weekend, and are in the area, drop by the Ninja Division and Soda Pop booth at Anime Expo. We're demoing games and are debuting our first two shirts in a brand new line of Ninja Division and Soda Pop apparel!

So adorable!

The Candy Maguro and Cola Nirvana Ts are available first at Anime Expo, but will be available online from the Soda Pop Store later this month.

Until next week, may you always roll stars and—


Wave 2 Arriving!


Happy Friday Explorers!

Today's update will be short and sweet with Wave 2 information.

US - Through customs! Our fulfillment center is currently scheduling pickup and once they have it will begin shipping.

Canada - Also through customs! Same as the US, the fulfillment center is scheduling pickup and will begin shipping once it has arrived at their warehouse.

Asia - Our HK fulfillment center has informed us they have approximately 20 packages left to ship. 

UK - The UK ship is now showing that it should arrive in port next Monday.

EU - Swapping places with the UK ship, the EU ship is now showing it will arrive at port at the end of next week. We like to imagine the UK and EU boats are actually racing one another, swapping position as they hit new currents and battle opposing crews.

Australia - The info drought is over! Your ship has arrived and our fulfillment center says Wave 2 should arrive at their warehouse next week.

Until next week, may you always roll stars and—


US and Canada Wave 2 Has Arrived! Announcing Potion Party!


Happy Friday Explorers!

We have some exciting news today on two fronts.

Wave 2

US - Ship has made port and product is in customs. Once it is through customs we will schedule for the fulfillment house to pick it up. Then they will begin shipping. Yay!

Canada - Ship has made port and product is in customs. Once it is through customs we will schedule for the fulfillment house to pick it up. Then they will begin shipping. Yay! (Yes, I copied a pasted that line, even though they're at different ports. Egad!)

Asia - Our fulfillment center has informed us that the bulk of the packages are on their way. We are anticipating (hoping) they will have completed shipping next week.

UK - Looks like the ship has lost some time, since the estimated June 24 date. It is now expected to arrive July 1st. We will keep you up-to-date.

Europe - Your ship is currently scheduled to make port on June 26th.

Australia - We still have not received information from the shipping company on date the ship will arrive, despite frequent inquiries. We are continuing to press for information and once we have it will relay it to you.

Black-Handed Henry's Potion Party

Black-Handed Henry, famed reaver captain of the pirate ship Darkest Day, has decided that in order to defeat the Heroes of Crystalia he needs potions of his own. Captain Henry has conscripted various monster alchemists and detained them in his ship. Captain Henry will grant freedom to the first alchemist who completes his potion. As for the others, the plank of the Darkest Day awaits…

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Black-Handed Henry's Potion Party, a dice matching game for 2-4 players, using the Super Dungeon dice. Players assume the role of a captured alchemist, trying to complete Captain Henry's potion before the others. Of course, as bad guys, a little sabotage may be in order.

This stand-alone, dice game comes complete with a full set of 16 Super Dungeon game dice, rules booklet, 8 unique Alchemist cards featuring new and exciting characters, and 8 unique potion recipe cards.

Black-Handed Henry's Potion Party will be available this August! 

Pssst! For those of you who already have fistfuls of Super Dungeon dice, a downloadable pdf with also be available with the rules.