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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King is the all new companion edition of your favorite chibi board game!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
6,589 backers pledged $1,151,889 to help bring this project to life.

Kunoichi Candy Unlocked—Mighty Monster Chart


Well that didn't take long! NInja fans rejoice our first free Loot Ninja Kunoichi Candy has been unlocked!

Loyal only to their own code of honor the Ninja's of the Wandering Monk Mountains work for both King and Consul alike. Ever the intrepid explorer Candy has studied among the ancient Ninja Masters, learning their craft and joining them on their shadowy missions.

Ninja Cola

The intrepid Cola has always joined Candy on her adventures. In the game he has been an ability, a pet, and now he gets to stand alone as a Hero and mini-boss! Once we reach $900,000 the giant shuriken wielding Ninja Cola will be free to all pledges of Always Super!

Note: As several of our watchful backers have pointed out, "Kunoichi" is an incorrect title for our dear Cola since it refers to a female ninja. John our super japanese speaking ninja has been at cons the last two weeks so I didn't double check with him on usage. Oops! We'll correct Cola's title to a proper male one on monday!

Rules Preview

We've seen how Heroes get dungeon keys and princess coins. So what does the Consul get? Mighty Monsters!

Whenever the Heroes destroy a mini-boss, all minions and denizens in the dungeon power-up using the Mighty Monster Chart. Results on the Mighty Monster Chart are cumulative. 

The bonuses gained by the Mighty Monster Chart are static white "dice," meaning they add +1 to the result of their rolls. 

You'll also note that the Mighty Monster Chart affects "offense rolls" and "defense rolls" this means that the bonuses are not tied to a specific attribute. The bonus is gained no matter what attribute the monster uses to make their rolls.

The last result grants minions and denizens a status effect inflicting ability. Heroes beware!

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    1. Daniel

      Is there a way to get a kunoichi candy like she looks in the image as well? ie. the non chibi version the image depicts? I would want the chibi version for gaming purposes and the nonchibi for purely painting/collecting purpose :)

    2. Greg on

      I would expect Cola to be available at retail regardless of whether the 900k stretch includes one free in everyone's pledges. Just as all of the original SDE content and expansions were available without fundraising.

    3. Dan Hess on

      When Cola is unlocked, Cola will be available in general after the Kickstarter. Maybe just on the Sodapop store, but available. There aren't any exclusives.

    4. John H. on

      I would not expect SPM to break apart Warbands or the starter box to make extra mini-Bosses separately available.

      I would expect SPM to make the Old Growth Hollow paired spawn available (but without Trent), along with the Bramble Knight spawn point. But I would not expect them to save money over a 2nd Always Super package.

      I would expect to see additional Ninja Candy & Cola set available for purchase, once Ninja Cola unlocks sometime tomorrow, but the pricing is not clear.

      I would also expect to see additional Shadow-mode Candy (& Cola?) sets made available at some point. Again, price point is unclear, as is whether Cola would be available.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andres Aguilar on

      Come on! we can make it!! :D just put some awesome LOOT after Kunoichi Kola and this will shoot to a million!! :D

    6. Kyle Denna on

      +1 to extras for the Dark Heroes that you have to normally buy a whole starter to obtain ;-)

    7. Pedro Barrenechea on

      Sadly, I fear we may not make it :/

    8. Thomas Rader on

      +1 to extra puchasable Kunoichi Candy & Shinobi Cola for paint schemes. Some way to purchase the Boris,Trent and Wyrm Claw Templar models alone would be great too, for the same reason.

    9. Benoit Laurent on

      Ok, I know You sayed no more strech Goal, but I thought to one last that will not gives you hard work :
      A DIscount on the rest of SDE range (somthing like 15% or 20%).

      This will allow gamers that have followed you on this second adventure to by products they don't have. And I think it's a good "Thank you" for all of them.

      What ever you choose to do, Keep on going, you work great!


      c'mon 900k

    11. echampie on

      I assume at level 4, the Consul makes the choice once when it's gained, and not every time he attacks?

    12. Mattnuke on

      Will we be able to purchase another Kunoichi Candy and Shinobi Cola? I think two paint schemes, one for them as heroes and one for them as mini bosses is in order.

    13. Missing avatar

      Miguel-Eduardo D. Fuentes on

      So to be clear are the charts for the game and the PVP rule set meant to be different?

    14. John H. on

      Im glad to see how fast we hit 800k, like the Ninja Candy, and look forward to Ninja Cola.

      I'm still hoping for Shadow Mode Heroes

    15. Drew on

      Well, there's a downside to killing the mini boss.

      Of course, if you just let him beat on you all day, there's a downside there too.

    16. Scott Ferguson on

      Come on 900,000! I needs that Cola hero!

    17. Bytemeh2 on

      Its good to be the Consul

    18. Zaid Fouquette on

      ah, so just like regular videogames the minions get life boosts and damage + as you progress. Totally reminds me of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

    19. Barman

      Holy.... No wonder there's an abundance of loot dropped. The first games are going to be hilarious.

    20. Götz Kirchhauser on

      Ouch, that Mighty Monster Chart is orders of magnitude meaner than the one in PvP Arena :D

    21. JR on

      FIRST! w00t