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An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
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Pumpkin Patch Unlocked—Explore Card Rules Preview

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

We have had an incredible surge today and have rocketed past two stretch goals!

 More monsters join the ranks of the Always Super! pledge. If you have friends who are on the fence about whether or not they should join show them this handy graphic with everything they get!

 Next Up!

Here come the Zombies! Add an undead horde to your game and the tough zombie survivor, Marie-Claude.

Explore Cards are an all new feature to Super Dungeon Explore. What are they and why is it awesome to have more? I'm glad you asked. This is the perfect opportunity for a Rules Preview!

Explore Cards

Monsters are only part of the danger within the Dungeons of Crystalia. Explore cards represent many of the hazards, pitfalls, benefits, or even outright insane moments that can occur as the Heroes explore the dungeon.

Each time a Hero enters a new dungeon tile, that no other member of the adventuring party has entered, they draw one Explore Card from the top of the Explore Deck. 

All Explore Cards have two components: discovery and creeps.

Discovery is the effect that occurs in the tile. These discoveries can be beneficial like a stash of potions, a save point, or a wandering merchant. They can be hazardous like terrifying tentacle traps, a creep factory, or locked doorways that prevent your escape without a key. Sometimes they even directly affect gameplay with a stuck action button, jammed coin slot, or a pathing error that lets you walk through walls.

The effects of the discovery only applies to the tile for which the explore card was drawn. Once the Heroes resolve the condition of the discovery or leave the tile, they move on to new challenges and newly drawn explore cards.

Creeps are weaker wandering monsters that make the dungeon their home. Each explore card has a number of creeps that are spawned when the explore card is drawn. Most explore cards spawn 0-3 creeps. However some, such as the creep factory, can spawn up to 6.

When creeps are spawned they are placed within two squares of the tile's spawning point. If for some reason there is no spawning point in the tile they spawn within two squares of the "spawn square" indicated on the tile. (remember our map icons!) The Consul may spawn any creeps that they have available in their collection.

During the Consul Turn all creeps that are in a tile with a Hero may be activated in addition to any other monster that can normally activate.

Putting the "Explore" into Super Dungeon

One of the key features we always felt we missed in our first iteration of Super Dungeon was a true exploration mechanic that was as fun and thematic as our 8-bit inspired world. Explore cards provide an element of surprise and uniqueness to every tile. No longer are you just going into slay some monsters. Now you need to brave the dungeon as well. Many times your explorations will reward you. Sometimes they will lead to your doom.

An average dungeon will draw 3-5 Explore Cards of the base 24 (or 36 once we unlock the new stretch goal). In addition, every dungeon boss includes 6 unique Explore Cards that are themed to them. (This includes Bosses in the upgrade decks.) This variety ensures your games are never identical and really puts the "Explore" back into Super Dungeon even as you merrily run through destroying monsters.

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    1. Alexander Rodriguez on

      So are you ever going to need more than 6 creeps for anything? I want to know if it's worth throwing some money down on a Bag O' Squirrels.

    2. Neilzebub on

      I am completely digging that Baron Samedi mini. Is that the Shamble Priest?

    3. Jan Jensen on

      @Jared Bond - Either kids will simply "not get it", shrug and carry on. Or they might even learn something. No harm in them looking beyond their own little known world. Besides, children keep surprising me with how much they actually know of historic technology :-)

    4. Godfather Punk

      @Jared - did you ever play Monopoly without the "ka-ching!" noises when someone comes onto your property? Or Chess without shouting "Charge!" as your knight is about to sacrifice himself?
      Or is that just me? :^)

    5. Jared Bond

      "Sometimes they even directly affect gameplay with a stuck action button, jammed coin slot, or a pathing error that lets you walk through walls."

      ....did they ever try the game *without* all the arcade references? I mean, treat it like a boardgame with great theme, inspired by the arcade....but without the extra meta layer - the added references that people would find odd if they didn't grow up with it. Like my kids will have no clue about the 8-bit graphics/references.

    6. Missing avatar

      Miguel-Eduardo D. Fuentes on

      @Dave the pet minis aren't missing... There is a link to a picture of them on the front page.

    7. Jan Jensen on

      @ JuanJCN - Oh! I see! I thought "slow clap" was used to express sarcasm / dismay.

      Seems like we agree then :-)

    8. Esper on

      Er...Maybe there was some kind of misunderstanding, but precisely what I was trying to say is that those references are made of pure awesomeness :/

    9. Jan Jensen on

      I like these meta references. Would you have preferred some generic explanations? "Crystals of laziness", "Domain of Death" and "Spirit Phase Realm"?
      Same same... At least with those they keep it arcade-esque.

    10. Esper on

      "Sometimes they even directly affect gameplay with a stuck action button, jammed coin slot, or a pathing error that lets you walk through walls"

      *Slow Clap*

    11. Jan Jensen on

      @ Dave - Slime creeps are minis.

      @ Connor Kirk - I believe warbands are packages that allow you to play a game of arena. E.g. 2 spawners, 1 hero, 1 miniboss. There's nothing special about it other than the content matches what a player need for arena. It can equally be used in normal game mode.

    12. Gaizka on

      Warband is a group of 2 spawn points, one mini boss and a hero.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      The fact the pet minis are missing shows how difficult it is to keep up with what is and isn 't included. I love the loot and blacksmith options but having pondered overnight could the blacksmith graphic be updated one last time with the discovered but not unlocked spawn point shown but maybe a sticker under it saying 'still to unlock' or something to make it easier for us people who want everything (excluding duplicates)? P.S are the slime creeps minis or tokens? A little unsure

    14. Missing avatar

      Connor Kirk on

      Does anyone know what exactly the keyword "Warband" means?

    15. The D of D&E on

      Will the explore cards be the only way creeps are put on the board?

    16. Sean Gross on

      Maurie Claude hero? Bout time!

    17. Game Doctor on

      Okay, so I will be consul simply to use that skull-face-top-hat-guy! SUPER COOL!

    18. Tucker T

      Wow this is looking so so much cooler as things go on.

    19. Josh Deason on

      Oh I am so amped for this expansion and 2.0 rules!!

    20. Jay on

      Lovin' the explore cards. The arcade events (button jam, etc.) are funny and welcome. +6 per dungeon boss? This game is going to be SO good.

    21. Lior Kiperman on

      You should add "pets miniatures" to the picture :)

    22. Ayleron on

      This is awesome, thank you so much, I can't wait to play using these new cards.

    23. John H. on

      This is great. Please put an icon on the Explore card to signify whether it is from the base set, or tied to a particular Boss.

      That way, we can theme games by only keeping base Explores plus the Explores for the relevant Boss.


    24. Fedratsailor on

      they only have 4 ready atm, the last 2 need to be finished.

    25. Roguebaron on

      Looks great, but you should really add the pets to the core game graphic since they are included as well.

    26. Missing avatar

      ivan on

      Viva la Soda!!!!