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An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
An adorable chibi dungeon crawl featuring competitive and cooperative play!
6,589 backers pledged $1,151,889 to help bring this project to life.

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Your Friendly Local Neko - Customer Service

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers,

We hope you are all enjoying some epic Super Dungeon Exploration! We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our newest Customer Service Ninja—


As you all know, Nekodachi (Neko) has been, and continues to be, an invaluable Kickstarter "moderator" for us, helping us answer your questions when we cannot be on the comments section. He has also been doing some freelance customer service email for us.

Well, the time has come for Neko to officially become a full-fledged ninja! Neko will be heading to our Boise office this month to become a full time Customer Service Ninja. Part of his duties will continue to be to moderate, and answer questions in the Kickstarter comments section. However, it is important to remember two things:

1) Kickstarter moderation is only a small part of his duties. He will not be on the comments 24-7.

2) Kickstarter comments move very quickly, and it is easy for items to get buried. If you have a question contact That way we can accurately track your messages and make sure you get a response. 

Congratulations Neko! We are excited to have you.


Whenever you need the help of a friendly ninja, make sure to e-mail us at Neko and our other customer service ninjas are always happy to help!

NOT the Grim Golem
NOT the Grim Golem

2016 The Year of Super Dungeon

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Here we are, the last day of an absolutely incredible year for Super Dungeon. Today’s update will be a cross post between our current Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter and our former Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Kickstarter, because all of you were instrumental in the year’s successes. Together, let’s take a look back at what we’ve accomplished and forward at the bright future of Super Dungeon.


In 2014 we successfully funded the next chapter in Super Dungeon Explore. In 2015 it arrived in the hands of our backers and retailers worldwide. Introducing the denizens of the Fae Wood, the reception has been overwhelming and Forgotten King is already in its third printing to keep up with demand.

In addition to the Fae Wood, we also had the opportunity to explore the already established realms in greater depth. Creating a huge array of new monsters, Heroes, and long awaited dungeon tiles for the Dragonback Peaks and Glauerdoom Moor.

The community has responded in amazing fashion, and we have been blown away by the pictures of people enjoying our games. Here is just a small sample for you to enjoy:


Here we are, barely a month after successfully funding Super Dungeon Legends and ready to head into a new year and brave new world for Super Dungeon. Next year we aren’t settling for merely exploring the dungeons. We’re going to blast down the doors and stride in with all the Heroes of Crystalia at our back and do this:


Forgotten King was the beginning of our 2nd Edition product. Updating the the rules to a new system with more features prepared to handle the upcoming Legends product. Most significantly it allowed us to update our cards to a new layout featuring icons, affinities, and new potion types.

Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition is the natural evolution of this new rules system. We’ve taken the opportunity to not only clarify language, but to make it more concise as well. Resulting in a shorter ruleset that delivers the premier Super Dungeon play experience.

In addition to general editing and clarifications we have kept a close eye on the past year of community feedback, and are taking the opportunity to tweak rules that felt a bit cludgy, extended game time too much, or just needed a little tweak to really shine.

What are these changes you ask? We’ll be releasing the 2nd Edition public beta rules to you early next year. Don’t panic. You’ll find the game is still very much the 2nd Edition rules you’re used to from Forgotten King, just with some rough edges taken off, and a few fun additions.

For instance, the Mighty Monster chart has seen an update. The new chart will feature a large-size card with a token that you advance on the card to keep easy track of monsters’ current bonuses. The chart has more interesting bonuses now, including decisions at each step for the Consul to make—will you elect to give the monsters the ability Slow or Knockdown? Later in the game will you give them +1 red dice to offense or +1 blue dice to defense. The new chart allows the dungeon to be even more diverse from game to game, and provide the Consul with new tools to combat those pesky Heroes, no matter their equipment.

We’re also including multiple conditions which can summon the dungeon boss. Will the Heroes summon it on their terms when they are fully equipped, or will the Consul accrue enough wrath to summon the dungeon boss sooner, bringing terror to a group of Heroes who spent too much time lollygagging around?

This is all well and good for the Consul, but what about the Heroes? The Explore Deck has been completely overhauled with a greater percentage of beneficial discoveries, encouraging Heroes to explore more often. Many explore cards now feature one use benefits that Heroes can use to strategic advantage. These can be as simple as extra potion stashes or hearts, to powerful compasses that guide a Hero to extra treasure chests or even combo runes that allow a two Heroes to make a devastating combo attack!

And remember, all of this builds upon and is fully compatible with your existing Forgotten King collections. You will be free to combine or build decks as you see fit to create your own unique Super Dungeon experience!


Legends is going to be immense, and as the focus of the Kickstarter we won’t delve too much more into it here. The books keep getting bigger and bigger as we write them and we already have an immense amount of background material and tools designed for your games. You will be able to both build your own adventures and play an huge number of official ones designed by Soda Pop.

Once we have 2nd Edition squared away we will release the Legends Beta. The next year is going to be positively chocked full of previews for legends so we will move on to the next exciting thing coming for Super Dungeon in 2016.



The popular Arena game mode is returning with its own expansion box! Featuring a completely revised ruleset, updated for 2nd Edition, the new PVP Arena will allow you to use your existing Super Dungeon collection in head-to-head battle.

The new Arena set will feature its own game board, as well as rules to use your existing tiles to build custom arenas. It will also have brand new loot and treasure decks designed for Arena (and fully compatible with other Super Dungeon 2nd Edition decks). It also introduces multiple challenges allowing your battles to be more than just “destroy everything.”


We’re making the monsters work extra hard and will be releasing lots of new surprises, including: new Heroes, monsters, dungeon tiles, and even a new realm box over the course of the year to keep your games fresh and exciting.

The Sapphire Dragon Hoarfang. Now this is a frost dragon!
The Sapphire Dragon Hoarfang. Now this is a frost dragon!


As you can see we have many exciting things planned for Super Dungeon next year. It really is our goal to make 2016 the year of Super Dungeon. As backers you will have a front row seat and backstage pass to all of the action!

We hope your new year begins in stellar fashion. Until next update, may you always roll stars and —


Last 48 Hours for Super Dungeon Legends

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers! We hope you are all enjoying the lovely fall with some games of Super Dungeon. We hope you will take a moment and look at our Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter, which is in its final days.

The Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter has already been an incredible success. So far backers (including many of you!) have unlocked over 50 new models for free, above and beyond those earned just from pledging!

With only 48 hours left to pledge, don’t miss out on the greatest Super Dungeon adventure yet!


 Pledge during the campaign to earn four very special metal collector’s edition backer pins. These pins will only be available to backers who pledged during the Kickstarter campaign, and with limited availability at future conventions.


Super Dungeon Explore: Legends has five pledges for you to choose from. Choose the Legendary pledge to get absolutely everything we’ve unlocked, all at an incredible value!

What are you waiting for? Pledge now and join in the fun!

Super Dungeon Explore Legends is Live

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello intrepid Explorers!

Ninja Dave here with a midweek update for you to give you the heads up about Super Dungeon Explore Legends.

Today is a big day for us here at Ninja Division due to the launch of the Super Dungeon Explore Legends Kickstarter campaign. If you are new to the realm of Crystalia or a hard bitten dungeon diving veteran looking to continue the fight against the Dark Consul then head over to check out the SDE Legends Kickstarter.

 Super Dungeon Explore is a combat board game inspired by classic hack-and-slash video games. But that is only the beginning of the inspirations behind Super Dungeon. It is also built upon a deep love for classic Japanese roleplaying games (JRPGs), adventure games, and traditional pencil-and-paper tabletop games. Super Dungeon Legends draws its inspiration from these well loved genres to allow players to craft their own stories in the world of Crystalia.  

The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund several exciting Super Dungeon products, with gorgeous new miniatures, designed for new players and veterans alike. Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition provides core rules and a budget friendly entry point to begin your adventures. Super Dungeon Legends provides all the tools you need to create your own adventures, roleplay, and tell epic stories about your Heroes. The Midnight Tower, Frostbyte Ravagers, and Crown Guard expansions provide you with more Heroes, bosses, monsters, and treasure to expand your playing options and provide new challenges to overcome.

Thank you all for your support on the SDE Forgotten King campaign and as always keep #sparklebursting!

The Final Friday Update!

Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Hello Explorers!

Today marks a something of bittersweet update. Indeed brave explorers, the day has come for the Final Friday Update!

What does this mean? Wave One and Wave Two have shipped. Replacement parts and missing items are in progress and will be finished soon, and even these are winding down quickly. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at if you have any questions about your items.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, was the first Kickstarter Soda Pop Miniatures has ever entirely self-run since separating from our former publisher. When we began the Kickstarter we were bright-eyed, fresh-faced, significantly smaller and bursting with enthusiasm. Lets take a look back at this massive first project to see what went right, what went wrong, what was learned, and what was awesome.

This is a long, long update, so grab a drink and sit back!

Keep it Contained — Sort of

When we started the Kickstarter we had watched as much larger companies had struggled under the weight of bloated Kickstarters. Our first goal was to set a hard limit on what we would do for the Kickstarter — no getting swept up in excitement and creating brand new stretch goals. (We had already learned that lesson!) We succeeded in that goal, however the goals we had decided on were still many, MANY models.

It took a long time to get everything we unlocked sculpted. An even longer time to get everything 3D printed and molds made. Ultimately, we even split the project between two factories to try to get everything complete more quickly!

The size of the project was bigger on rules development as well. Not only were we updating the classic rules and rulebook, but we were creating a whole new game mode, updating every single card we had ever produced for both modes, and building all new profiles for an incredible array of new models. At the time John was tackling all the art and sculpting creative direction. I was the only rules writer, and was also tag-teaming all customer service with Ross. To say I underestimated this task is a gross understatement. The undertaking was enormous and took much longer than anticipated. (Yes, I intentionally tried to use “under” words as often as possible in the last two sentences.)

We learned from this for our Ninja All-Star Kickstarter, which featured almost 100% complete sculpts, art, and rules before we even began the Kickstarter.

Shipping to the World

Our other big goal at the beginning was to be able to provide worldwide shipping options to help out our foreign backers, by both reducing shipping costs and minimizing or eliminating customs fees. This was an infrastructure that, newly separated from our publisher, we needed to build from the ground up and as quickly as possible.

In the office we have a joke that Amazon ruined shipping and customer service for any company that isn’t Amazon. Amazon’s infrastructure is incredible. They have the benefit of controlling every level of it. Amazon will even provide fulfillment for small companies. Indeed, many Kickstarters have made use of this service, and this was the first option we looked at. We quickly discovered that the number of options we provided to customers made Amazon fulfillment back-breakingly expensive. Amazon loves to ship one thing to lots of people. But the moment you need to ship 11,000 orders and 45,000 items in random configurations they charge you per item, not just per shipment. Ouch! 

For a company our size, with the order complexity we had, we needed to build our shipping infrastructure through paid third party fulfillment centers and distribution partners, willing to help (for pay of course). It is fantastic that such a thing is possible, but you cede a lot of control. You send them product and packing lists and then the rest in their hands. Which, because these are professional companies, the turnaround is generally exceptional. However, when mistakes are made on either end such as the fulfillment center not receiving appropriate quantities of product, labels with incorrect addresses (or postage), etc, it becomes a long game of emails and phone calls to get all the right pieces moving to resolve the issues. This is often exacerbated by time differences, and our Production and Warehouse Ninjas have missed many hours of sleep just so they could call a warehouse on the other side of the world.  

Ultimately, our shipping network worked well, even if it had some hiccups along the way. Wave One was shipped incredibly quickly, and was in people’s hands with a very swift turnaround time and minimal mix-ups. Wave Two, which technically was smaller, was also much more complex and took significantly longer. However, when you zoom out an look at the numbers Wave Two’s success percentage of correct and timely orders was very good.

Managing Expectations

Kickstarter is like Siegfried & Roy. When the tiger is behaving it’s a glorious and entertaining show. When something goes wrong, you’re poor Roy getting mauled.

Many people think of Kickstarter as though it is a simple preorder, except nothing could be further from the truth. When a company lists a normal non-Kickstarter, product for preorder it’s probably done, or mostly done and in manufacturing. The hurdles of development have been jumped and emergencies contained. The company has done all of the hard work behind the curtain and has a nice shiny 90% certain release date, so its time to let people start preordering and purchasing. That is not Kickstarter.

Most Kickstarters, even when they are from established companies, are new ideas that are still in the early stages of development, sometimes even conception. Not only that but the curtain is pulled back entirely. Backers demand information, and depending on the company’s communication policy, backers get to see every bump and bruise along the way.

People love getting information. In fact, the more information you give them, the more they want. This is good and bad. Good in that people are engaged and excited for your product and anxiously await all news. Bad is the old adage, “give them an inch and they take a mile.” This is especially true when something goes wrong. A bad news update will get you responses ranging from: second guessing everything you’ve done, to spammed demand for answers, to outright being called a liar, to helpful concern, to patient goodwill and helpfulness.

During development and production things change. Sometimes a deadline is missed. Sometimes you discover after everything has been packaged that the packaging is faulty and it needs to get redone. Sometimes a shipment that you were assured would arrive one month shows up three months later. Weekly updates, allows backers to see all these occurrences. It also makes it so that we were not always able to give firm information, because things were still in progress. Sometimes it even forced backers to watch as progress goes backwards, sideways, or, on happy occasions, speeds forward. It can be a wild ride, and sometimes it is just downright stressful.

Our policy from the beginning was complete transparency. We pledged to provide backers with weekly updates, whether they were good, bad, boring, or transcendent. We stuck to that pledge and never missed a single update. There were highs and there were lows, but we are happy to have shared it all with you.

Big and Awesome

This update is already getting super long, and frankly I could talk all night about Kickstarter’s ups and downs. Lets close by looking at some of the incredible accomplishments of this Kickstarter.

  • 6589 Backers who love the dungeons which are super. 
  • 30 Brand new Super Dungeon products created. 
  • 66 Models Sculpted 
  • 214,700 50mm Bases
  • 1,371,610 25mm Bases  
  • 278,400 Dice rolling stars. 
  • 82,800 Slimes unleashed upon the world! 
  • 58,819 Words Printed in 3 books and on over 350 cards (Not including duplicate card definitions.) 
  • 135 Backers who never completed the pledge manager. (Their orders are in now!) 
  • 44,122 Items packed into... 
  • 10,839 Shipments made to... 
  • 54 Countries 
  • Most Packages - United States Fewest Packages (Tie) - Slovakia, Latvia, Iceland, Hungary, Croatia, Guadeloupe, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Brunei Darussalam, United Arab Emirates. 
  • Most times a package had to be resent because a backer moved and didn’t update their address - 3 
  • 13,850 Customer Emails 
  • 3215 Private Messages 
  • 30,188 (and growing) General Comments 
  • 757 of which were all Nephastus, only to be crushed by the… 
  • 1981 made by the mighty Nekodachi 
  • 7 New Employees 
  • 75 Friday Updates 
  • 74 “Drunk” Fridays

Look at how awesome that is!

In Closing

Forgotten King has been an amazing experience for Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division, and most of all — Super Dungeon Explore. It’s hard to believe how far our bright little video game inspired board game has come in such a short time, and we have so much more we want to share with you!

We have Super Dungeon Tactics on its way — the video game inspired by the board game, inspired by video games! We still have entire realms that need to be explored, monsters to destroy, and Heroes to recruit. We have new game modes to change how you play, like revised PVP Arena, Horde, and —

That’s right, Super Dungeon is about to level up! Super Dungeon Legends has been a passion project of ours, and while providing you with advancement paths between games, it has grown far beyond that. Legends will provide you with all the tools you need to turn your games of Super Dungeon into an adventure roleplaying game! Adventures, campaigns, skills, shopping, crafting, schemes, and more all await you, when Super Dungeon Legends comes to Kickstarter this fall. We'll be providing you with updates about this new and exciting way to play Super Dungeon over the coming months!


So this is it. 

Lets finish with a hearty, “Thank you!” from both Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment makes building Super Dungeon Explore a true pleasure.

Until next time, may you always roll stars and—