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SEK 2,709,837


Update (16-09-14)

Now added in the reward-section. 6 books as pdf’s for $47 (400 SEK, €42, £35,5).


Do you wish to add another Players Guide, Weavers of Magic or Faith and/or Religion-book, Game Master Guide or Jorgi's Bestiary to the package? Just add to your pledge. For each additional book add another $14 (120 sek, €13, £11) to your pledge. One book, $14, two books $28 and  three books $42. Once the campaign has ended, we will send out a survey  and you'll let us know the book/s you’ve added. Extra shipping cost for each specific book is INCLUDED in this sum. NOTE: You still get the 6 physical books from the original campaign (Adventurer and above), this is only if you need extra books.




Shapeshifters, dimwalkers and blótkings, draw your sword, weave your magic, and call upon the mighty gods of thunder and death! Step into the truly unique fantasy world of Trudvang, based on the Norse and Celtic myths and sagas. Beowulf, the epic poetry Kalevala and the fantastic art of the Scandinavian artist John Bauer are our inspirations for building this game.


Trudvang Chronicles is an award-winning fantasy roleplaying game based on the mysterious and dark Nordic and Celtic sagas and myths. Enter a world of enchanted forests, trolls, dragons, spirits of nature, heroes and adventures. Trudvang is both grim and dark, epic and yet down to earth, with a melancholic tone of an ancient age when nature was a living creature and magic was wild and strong. Above all, Trudvang is a saga...


Our goal with this Kickstarter campaign is to bring an award-winning local legend to an international audience. First and foremost, we want to deliver the core rules and a hailed adventure - but also a number of stretch-goals filled with game-material, should we be successful.

In this Kickstarter campaign, we hope to fund four books - all you need to play the game, aside from dice!

Depending on which (if any) stretch-goals we manage to unlock, and the production time of the full package, we aim to deliver the game early in 2017.

300.000 SEK (what we're asking for) is approx: $ 35.000.

Game Master guide (Hardback)

Game Master Guide is the core rules for the Game Master to run the game, including the following chapters:

  • Overview of the world and the game
  • Combat
  • Damage
  • Fear
  • Campaign play
Game Master Guide
Game Master Guide

Players Guide (Hardback)

Players Guide is the book dedicated for the players including the following chapters:

  • Creating a character
  • Skills, Diciplinces and Specialities
  • Equipment
  • Improvement
  • Magic and spells
  • Priests and holy powers
Players Guide
Players Guide


Jorgi's Bestiary is the complete monster book for the game, including more than 50 unique monsters and illustrations, written by the fictive character Jorgi from Westmark.

"I know what you think, that giants are enormous human-like beings living in the great mountains or the icy plains. But hear this, ya wanderer and seeker of knowledge. Some say that giants were once gods and that they were chained to this world by a most high force. I know you’ve heard about the frost giants with their mighty horns and the great storm giants living in the mountains, but did you know about the Hrafr, the giant ravens or Fenrirs, the mighty wolves of the north? They are all giant-kin and part of the same tree. The fierce and grim barbarians in the far, far east believe that if they sacrifice enough to a raven it will grow into a Hrafr and the giant bird will serve them. There are just so many stories about the giants and if you hear them all you will have more knowledge than the wise elves."

Jorgi's Bestiary
Jorgi's Bestiary

Wildheart (Softback or Hardback)
The adventure Wildheart is the story and adventure of an enchanted forest that was once good, but got the taste of dragon blood and became dark and evil. Anyone can enter the forest, but no one leaves without paying a great tribute. It's an adventure about old forgotten places, mysterious encounters, trolls and lindwurms - not to mention the first encounter with the great frost giant Blodughadda! The Swedish version was hailed as "one of the best adventures of all time" shortly after its release.

Adventure: Wildheart
Adventure: Wildheart


Blodughadda - Frost giant
Blodughadda - Frost giant


The game is far from dungeon crawl, pink fireballs and endless adventures about glimmering treasures. It’s a game focused on the mysterious and hidden, nature as a spirit and supernatural force.

Apart from the world and it’s design, one of the most unique features of the Trudvang setting is magic and religion, whereas magic is more shaman-like and down-to-earth, and each race, and even region, has it’s own religion and faith. Creation of men, elves dwarves and their myths, gods and beasts play an important layer to the play.

"It was said that shield-earl Jorfi had gathered the blade bearers from the south and from the harsh and windy coast villages came men with spear and armor of sealskin. There were berserkers who had used their swords and axes more than once. Lovi came with her daughters and they were shapeshifters and shield-maidens famous for their courage and fierce mind in battle. Jorfi needed them all, though a feud with shield earl Voldar had finally come to the moment where one of them must die. The grim men and women before him listen to every word he had to say. Soon they were to go to battle clashing swords and splitting skulls. Jorfi said that Stormi was on their side but that Voldar had a frost giant fighting for him. The wildboarers stood quiet in the back, their axes were heavier than others; hair long and darker than soot, and everyone knew that they were the key to win this battle, frost giant or not."

Undead Wraith
Undead Wraith

Trudvang is a vast continent with the fierce and grim Stormlands in the east, Mittland with its rich history and worship of the lindwurms in the center, and Westmark in the west, where the people worship the one god Gávé. Dwarves lives mostly in the great halls underneath the Jaarngand Mountains, just close to the fierce and grim wildfolks in the mountains above. Elves hide in the shadows far in the south and fight against time, which is their most hated enemy. Every day that passes is another day away from the gods. The elves remember the Endless Storm – the war with the dragons – in ancient times and when the gods left them to be stars in the sky.


Murgla - Helmet and chest protection in one
Murgla - Helmet and chest protection in one


The setting favors role-play and story telling and is weighted towards adventurers playing part of something bigger, rather than chasing experience points and treasures in dungeon crawl adventures.

The bestiary of the world is filled with traditional typical Scandinavian creatures such as the forest nymph, draugr, troll, helhorse, giants, lindwurm and gnomes, as well as unique beasts designed and created for Trudvang only, including the thornbeast and various kinds of undeads.

Weavers of Magic
Weavers of Magic


The game is a skill-based BRP-clone with archetypes such as Warrior, Thief, Bard, Shaman etc. and a set of Character Traits (Strength Charisma, Perception, etc.).

Skills are divided into “General skills”, “Disciplines” and “Specialities”. General skills are broad and general, Disciplines are more focused and Specialities are a very specific expertise. The character gets access to disciplines and specialities as he/she advances in the skill.

Example: Agility (Skill). Body Control (Discipline). Jumping, Climbing, Balancing (Speciality).

All skills are built upon a D20 system (roll below your Skill-level to success).

Combat mechanics center around actions and modifications for difficulty and Skill level. Rolls for damage is “open-ended”, meaning if you roll 10, you roll again.

In combat, every participant has what is referred to as “Combat Capacity”, which is measured in combat points. The character uses his/her Combat Points to perform different actions in a combat round such as attacking, parrying, or several other things that might affect the battle. The number of combat points a character has is equal to the skill value of the Fighting skill, but can also be raised with the help of certain disciplines and specialties. The combat capacity is DYNAMIC, which means that a player can decide from one initiative to another how many combat points he/she wants to use when attacking or parrying. The same rules apply to the people and creatures that the game master plays.

A similar principle is used for both Spells and Prayers. However, the number of points for priests is dependent on what god/s the priest worships and the rituals needed for acquiring the points. Blót (sacrifices) for Stormlanders, Pacs and Oaths for Mittlanders, and time spent in prayers for the Tenets of Nid (the Westmark religion). Dwarves forge runes into sacred items and elves use the mighty "star harps" to gaze to the stars to connect with the long lost gods.

This will be an updated version of the rules, released in our online RPG service 2014.


Trudvang Chronicles is an easy game to learn, but has the depth to attract the experienced gamer. The rich descriptions of the world and its inhabitants, and the setting is very much connected with the rule-system. 


Wildfolk warrior and Thornbeast
Wildfolk warrior and Thornbeast

"Tuva Sothi had been feeding the thornbeast since it was only a small bat. The dark and bitter thorn-root had helped her in many battles. It made Tuva unafraid, fierce and strong and had been the base food for many years. Feeding the bats with it made them grow into grotesque monsters serving its master. Together they had put fear in men and beast, dwarf and elves, and she loved it. The thornbeast was her best friend and companion in battle."

This is an existing game, we've got most of the artwork in place, most of the texts are written and the design is pretty much set. Should we succeed in this campaign the funds will be used for:

  • Additional translation
  • Additional artwork
  • Printing
  • Editing



Design has always been a trademark of RiotMinds. We’ve developed worlds such as Trudvang and Götterdämmerung with the absolutely best artists out there. Together we’ve created tons of inspiring settings and design that make the worlds unique. Our plan is to bring this design to life in books, for the first time to an international audience.

Art by Paul Bonner
Art by Paul Bonner


Full armoured dwarf
Full armoured dwarf


RiotMinds is working closely with renowned international artists for this setting, including: Paul Bonner, Alvaro Tapia, Per Sjögren, Niklas Brandt and many more.

We've released more than 20 products for the Swedish version of the game. This is just the start of a bigger project to bring it all to the international audience. We plan to release a number of sourcebooks about the different geographical regions (Stormlands, Mittland, Westmark), a book about the dwarves, elves but also the epic adventures Snowtale and Storm of Undeads. We also plan to produce a line of products direct-to-english.

More books, more art, more Trudvang!
More books, more art, more Trudvang!

"Norí had been running for days in the deep snow. He was wounded and left a trail of blood for his followers to track. Two long and dark arrows in the back reminded him of his fate. He was going to die, soon, but first he should meet the warriors from the northern clans. The ones following him. One last push thru the snow, past the icy lake and up to higher ground would at least give him some advantages in the coming battle. Norí was trained by the best sword masters in Mittland and he knew every technique, every skill to kill with his two swords. But before all this….. Norí stopped, sat down in the cold snow and unfolded the leather package the mighty elves once gave him, long ago. It was the one reason he had to die, it was a true treasure and he had to make sure it never, ever fell into the hands of the northern clans from Wildland. It was the One stone, it was Snowtale. "



Some of the Stretch Goals
Some of the Stretch Goals


 With some help from you all, we can make this campaign even more amazing.

Stretch goals as follows:

350.000 sek - Full Color map (Unlocked)
(Approx. $41.950 or €37.140)

We add a full color foldable map over Trudvang.

400.000 sek - Extra fuzz (Unlocked)
(Approx. $47.945 or €42.445)

We add the extra fuzz that makes the books even greater. Ribbon marker, embossed logo on cover and glossy paper.

450.000 sek - Monster pack (Unlocked)
(Approx. $53.925 or €47.750)

We add a load of new monsters in Jorgi´s. Approx 5-10.

500.000 sek - 1 extra book - Core Rules (Unlocked)
(Approx. $59.930 or €53.055)

We add more content, spells and prayers to the two chapters "Gods and Priests" and "Weavers of Magic" and put them in one extra book book.

550.000 sek - The Elven Horn (Unocked)
(Approx. $65.920 or €58.360)

We release the adventure "The Elven Horn" as a printable Pdf.

600.000 sek - 2 extra books - Core Rules (Unlocked)
(Approx. $71.915 or €63.665) 

We add even more content, spells and prayers and create TWO new books: "Gods and Priests" and "Weavers of magic".

650.000 sek - Character sheets (Unlocked)
(Approx. $77.000 or €69.000)

As a supplement to the character sheet in the core rules we produce designed 20pcs, 2-sided character sheets in color to use playing the game.

700.000 sek - Extended Wildheart (Unlocked)
(Approx. $83.900 or €74.275)

We extend the original adventure Wildheart with new content (approx 20 new pages).

750.000 sek - Game master screen (Unlocked)
(Approx. $88.845 or €79.575)

We produce a designed 4-color game master screen with all charts and info for the play.

800.000 sek - Slipcase (Unlocked)
 (Approx. $95.885 or €84.885)

We make a nice slipcase for the core rules to protect the books and look nice in the bookshelf.


Hey all backers! First of all, super-thanks for your great support in this campaign. We can’t say enough how happy we are to share this setting and game with you. In just a few days we ”ran out” of stretch goals thanks to a fantastic momentum and your support. Even though we do have material and further plans we want to avoid a logistic nightmare, both compiling all the material and to send it out. We’re already stretching the cost for shipping. Therefore, we will not include any more stretch-goals in this campaign…

HOWEVER! We introduce a set of EASTER EGGS along the way. Consider the EASTER EGGS as “icing on the cake”, something extra, a bonus for all the backers and a way for us to say THANK YOU for supporting us.

Egg #1. CRACKED!!! Tales from Trudvang

Greetings, brave adventurers. I trust that you are tired and weary. Your journey must have been a most arduous one. Come closer now, warm yourselves by the hearth and treat yourselves to some mead, I want to hear all about it. The world of Trudvang is a vast one. For thousands and thousands of miles its great landscape stretches on from the elven archipelago of Soj in the south to the blistering cold wasteland of Icy plains in the farthest north. It is the home of sagas, the deep forests and great adventure. For many a century thousands of brave heroes have come and gone as they together have sought to uncover the hidden places of this world and repel the dark forces that seek to claim them as their own. They have loved, lost, sacrificed and lived their lives by the sword from Wildheart to the Silferspiir mountains and beyond. Living lives of solitude in the vast wilderness it is to them that the denizens of Trudvang owe their lives.

The Tales from Trudvang are the stories they tell, the adventures they have endured and the sagas they have written. Tales from Trudvang is an anthology, stories told by the true heroes, compiled in a pdf OR embedded in the rules and setting in the core rules. By: Max Herngren Derpich, also the author of The Elven Horn. Approx: 20-30 pages.


We just cracked another great easter egg and we give you 6 composed Trudvang themes for your play. Composed and produced by Simon Kölle, a long time Trudvang-fan. Here you can see his full work.


3rd egg cracked and we let Paul Bonner out of the cage once more. We let him produce some additional-not-planned-for-Trudvang-exclusive art. Maybe a new cover, some interior art or simply a bunch of single figures.


We give you a set of very cool hirez desktop images to have as backgrounds on your computer, just to be able to check out every little detail. First and foremost the Bonner art, but also a compilation of Alvaro Tapia's art.


We give you a quick-start-adventure from David Malmström, a long time fan and member of the ”extended” RiotMinds family.

The quick start adventure will be a smaller adventure for the beginners with rules and examples integrated with the adventure so that you and your group can start playing without having to dig into every detail of the game once it’s released. The quick start adventure will be released in pdf format for download.


RiotMinds is a traditional game publisher since 16 years back. We have published numerous of gaming books for mainly two games: Trudvang Chronicles and Götterdämmerung.

Both games have been awarded with prestigious ratings and reviews. All books have been sold in Swedish and Trudvang Chronicles is available in Riotmind’s online RPG service in English.

The founders: Theodore Bergqvist and Magnus Malmberg have been working with fantasy and gaming properties for 20+ years. Between 2001 and 2004 Theodore Bergqvist was the CEO and Creative Director at Conan Properties Inc, working with renowned properties such as Conan, Solomon Kane and others. Theodore Bergqvist was also the main owner and CEO of Paradox Interactive, a Swedish strategy games developer and publisher producing and publishing major gaming franchises such as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and many more.

RiotMinds has published more than 20 books for it’s table top Role Playing Game: Chronicles of Trudvang, a Board Game, Götterdämmerung game, and numerous of other products of which many is sold out. RiotMinds have had two very successful Kickstarer campaigns: the Fabulous Art of Trudvang and Drakar och Demoner: Retro.

We think we know what we are doing and we know it will be good, and we ask for your help.

A few quotes from our backers in previous projects.

“This has been an awesome project! Thank you for the outstanding, remarkably beautiful book!”

” Got mine this morning- had a brief flick through at work. Looks amazing. So glad I backed this!”

” 10 outta 10!!”

” One of my favourite Kickstarter rewards ever.”

” Reward received, amazing work! Thank you guys, I hope this is only the first of a long series of masterpieces! Very glad to pledged your kickstarter”

Risks and challenges

Printing can take a bit longer than expected, and even though we aim at a fast delivery, there’s a risk it will take more time than planned.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    - Reward from Adventurer
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